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Chuck Norris Jokes

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
Chuck Norris collapsed once. The result of that was the Big Bang.
The Sun is actually Chuck Norris' bath.
Chuck Norris doesn't sleep; he absorbs energy from people as they walk by.
The World ends when Chuck Norris has met his match. Unfortunately, he looked into the Mirror today.
Chuck Norris' nails are 90% of the master sword. The hilt is his hands cut off. Cutting things off Chuck Norris' body is only a mere tickle to him.

Omega Fury

I ain't mad bro!
Sep 20, 2011
Buckeye State
Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.


Run, Before he finds you

Or try a different person


Oct 4, 2010
1. Chuck norris doesn't get cold. cold gets chuck norris.
2. Chuck Norris has a bullet- proof beard.
3. every hair in chuck norris' beard is a mini Bruce Lee
4. Chuck Norris had his own TV show. every TV in Japan exploded on the first episode.
5. If all of Chuck Norris' powers were included in a cell phone game, it would melt your phone.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
There's a 24-hour Nyan Cat video on YouTube. Chuck Norris watches it twice a day.
The hardest piano song in the world is called Circus Galop. You can find the video here. Chuck Norris plays it with his four limbs tied behind his back.
The video game Doom is the true story of the time Chuck Norris loaned the devil $5 and he forgot to pay it back.
If you have $1 and Chuck Norris has $1, Chuck Norris has more money than you.
Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.

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