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Christmas Boots

Which video did you like more?

  • Jizz In My Tights

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  • Fairy In A Bottle

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  • Mario Kart WTF?

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  • LOZ Paffendorf Dance

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  • Christmas Boots

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  • None of them! They all sucked.

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Dec 11, 2009

I have finished my latest, and probably my greatest, video.
Here it is:
Christmas Boots:

This video is uses Link from Twilight Princess and Link from the Wind Waker. It is not suppose to make sense. Also has cameos from Mario and Luigi.

If you like this one then you can also view my other crappy animations XD

Jizz In My Tights (WARNING!! "Explicit" Lyrics):
This was my first animation. Its drawings are bad compared to how I drew the characters in LOZ Paffendorf Dance and in Christmas Boots. It was done with Lines and Curves on Microsoft Paint.

Fairy In A Bottle (Mild Language):
If you ask me, the drawings in here are worse in here than in Jizz In My Tights. This was the first video where I tried drawing the characters with the Paintbrush tool on Microsoft Paint. Also comes with horrible voice acting from me.

Mario Kart WTF? (Mild Language):
In all honesty, I'm a bigger fan of Mario than I am Zelda. Why is this on the post? Well, I thought about putting Link in it, but I decided not to.

LOZ Paffendorf Dance:
My best animation before Christmas Shoes, in my opinion. The only bad thing is that Saria's and Zelda's bubble isn't supposed to move.
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