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Character Models Influencing Timeline Theories.


Apr 19, 2009
NOTE: I will not be including SS as part of this debate as I don't count it yet as it isn't released.
NOTE2: I've been a little out of touch for a while so if I make some batant mistake, cut me some slack, I'm just going on what I and the majority of other members considered to be true at the time I was last active on this site.

Anyway... Minish Cap is considered by a large number of people to be the first tittle in the timeline (again not including SS) and I believe that this was even confirmed (by Anouma or someone similar). It is also thought by a majority of fans that there is a split timeline after OoT (again, pretty certain someone confirmed this.) However, some people disagree that MC is the first tittle and that is what I am hoping to prove with this thread.

My theory is that the start of the timeline MUST begin: MC-(FSA)-OoT

The reasoning behind this is simple, excluding OoT and MM, MC and OoT have THE most of the same characters, examples include Anju the cuccoo lady, the Carpenters, Biggoron, Malon, Talon ETC. Also, the postman who in my opinion reminds me of the running man in Hyrule field. On top of all, as far as I can remember these are also the only two games to include the treasure chest mini-game and MC also has the Cuccoo mini-game which is very similar to finding Angela's Cuccoo's in OoT.

Last time I mentioned this it was dismissed as Nintendo recycling character models, but if that were so they would not have given them the same names. When dealing with something with as little evidence as the timeline, every piece of evidence is vital and to me this is very suggestive that MC and OoT are set VERY close together.

Therefore I would say there are several possibilities:
1) MC Link went off to do FSA and shortly after OoT Link came along.
Hence: MC-FSA-OoT...

2) MC Link proceeded to FSA and Simultaneously OoT Link did his stuff.
Hence: MC

(I will edit if I think of any more possibilites)
Feb 23, 2011
I don't know either. I do think various similarities like common characters and stuff could serve as a "connector of games" in some cases, though.


Site Staff
Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Nintendo Power: We see many familiar characters in this game [MC] (even the kid with the dripping nose from The Wind Waker!). Did you refer to any particular Zelda game for development of this game?

Hidemaro Fujibayashi: In a kind of reverse way. We created the world of the Minish Cap first, then chose characters to fit this world.

First he created MC's world, which would include story/timeline. Then he looked at characters from other games that would fit in this world, including "the kid with the dripping nose from The Wind Waker." He did not use these characters to create the story.

Also, FSA tells the legend of some previous hero when recapping MC. Quite a bit of time passes between these two games, and they each have their own Link.
Jan 9, 2011
Ganon appears in FSA, but his rising is described in Oot, also, Link's mother and father in Oot died in a war were hyrule was united, but in MC and FSA, the land is one, and I believe that that is more important than characters appearing in both games

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