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Princess Abigail

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Jun 26, 2020
Oh...I was right. That's awesome.

Thank you storm this was really the most fun I've had in mafia in a while <3

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
So the explanation...

I was actually mafia bartender. I was lynchproof/nk/drink proof. Except I was also a ghost because I was the Candy man. Alana and Seanzie were Ghostbusters who were town that had to get rid of mafia, as well as the ghosts in the game. So they were the only ones who could "kill" me. Hapi targeted me the night I died and I received a cosmetics kit and got to choose a color. I chose green. Seanzie also targeted me that night, using the proton pack on me and capturing me effectively "killing" me. And I killed him that night. But since I chose green with the cosmetics kit I flipped green. That's why my green was a different color because I wasn't super specific. Lol.

Anyways, Storm was a 4th Mafia who only acted after all the other Mafia was dead. He killed DW the night he died. But Rag was a ghost left in the game and all ghostbusters were dead so she couldn't die afaik.

In dead chat I jokingly told Storm he should say Candyman 3 times and bring me back to the thread. And he said that the game couldn't last forever. And I said, fine at least unleash bees on them in thread. They do nothing but they might make them paranoid. Sooo, Storm actually brought me back to life the madlad. I wasn't expecting it. I told dead chat I would just post in gifs if they wanted. Seanzie said maybe I should post but I can only tell the truth.

And then I said, new idea. We create a new faction called Bee Cult. I'm the leader and everyone in dead chat are bees and part of the cult. If I can get them to lynch the IC cop who killed two mafia only using info that's in thread, then everyone wins. So that's why I was dead set on lynching Caps and saying that it would end the game.

I'm not sure if this part mattered or not? Storm went into night without ending it there so I said that Numbers bee stung Rag and converted her to bee cult, Ex bee stung Hapi and converted her to bee cult, and Alana bee stung DW and converted him to bee cult.

So in the end everyone was Bee Cult and Bee Cult won so everyone won. :)

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