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Castle Koroks

May 3, 2019
Hey everyone. I'm now finishing up my collection of Korok seeds (the only ones left are at Hyrule Castle) but I'm having a terrible time of doing it using the video provided on zeldadungeon.net; I'm sorry to say because said video is neglectful of the fact that Hyrule Castle's map is terrible to follow in terms of navigation so whether I'm trying to follow the directions in written format or from the video - I'm out of luck because in the video all of the traveling from one seed to the next is skipped which has gotten me incredibly lost. I want to get all this work done BEFORE a blood moon (I invested a lot into ancient arrows before coming here to take care of guardians in the area while I went Korok hunting and I only want to have to do that once more when I'm hunting the Calamity).

So I guess what I'm asking are a few things.

First, does anyone know any 100% FAQs that'd walkthrough the castle AND include the Korok seed locations? All I can find are FAQs that are shortcuts straight to Ganon or otherwise make no effort on taking care of the Koroks to help show me how to get through the castle while at the same time showng me where they are. I'm not even concerned n knowing how to solve their puzzles. At this point in the game I can figure that out when I arrive.

Second, and I guess immediately - the Korok that's really driving me up the wall currently (though I'm sure right now others will is the problem) is #8. It's described as "underneath the First Gate House within the Guard's Chamber." The written instructions inform me that there's a waterfall just south which LEADS to the Guard's Chamber but while I can find the waterfall...I never see any sort of entrance as obvious as this text is making it look anywhere around after I swim it.

It's incredibly frustrating to be given instructions that are make the process look this simple and yet every (several) attempt I've made at searching has failed I'm beyond frustrated.

It does NOT help that the map of this region is unreadable. So yes. I really need reference, please to someone who's done a video guide on it that fully shows every seed while they explore the region if you can offer it. I just haven't been able to find such a video myself.


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I kinda have to agree on this, the Front page is rather bad at explaining things they seem to think a map is an excellant thing to use but one as janky as Hyrule Castles doesn't work well directionally.


This map seems to be the best but even then theres not really any advice.

If you approach the castle from the south you can see the waterfall, nearby it (may have to move up or down) will be an entrance into the lower levels of Hyrule castle, it's a curved section of corridot into a straight which if you hook a left follow the corridor then hook another left, on your 3 left partway down is a bombable wall with a Acorn in the air, shoot it for the Korok.

The ingame map can also show you where the entrances are and how close you are to them

Even there explaining it that way i'm still not sure if i am right because i based it off the map, Front page needs to give either pictographic evidence or a vid for it really.

I've embedded the video at the Korok you are seeking.

That video should be good for the explaination as they are showing map reference and directional help for it.

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