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Cartoon Network's Level Up.

Mar 2, 2012
Do you guys like Level Up? Honestly, I don't. I mean I appreciate the effort in making a show about gamers, for gamers. But I really hate the way they portray the gamers. The characters are kind of nerdy-like people. I guess they tried to make up for this by adding a girl, but with the many female gamers out there, I don't think it's really justified. They look so dumb with what they wear when they fight. And I really hate how the story revolves around one MMORPG. Most gamers including myself like to play a whole library of games (WITH the occasional MMORPG). The least they could do was make the story revolve around console games instead of a computer game. I dislike how story about high schoolers fighting monsters from the video game world. Couldn't they have made it more realistic instead by saying that they were pro-gamers who participate in tournaments and such? That in my opinion would have been better. But that's just me. What about you?


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May 26, 2010
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The series wasn't made for gamers, it was made for a specific niche of gamers. That's why the title is Level Up and why it revolves around MMORPGs! Anyway, I myself dislike the show because I find the acting to be terrible, the plot to be ridiculous, and the characters to be lolfests of the lowest level (they aren't entertaining). The most liked character in my opinion is Lyle, for reasons I shalt not say.

I don't like Angie. She is a major badword. When I think of female gamers (I know, in the opening Dante says he stresses not much of a gamer but still), I do NOT think of her personality whatsoever.

Wyatt has that stereotypical nerd attitude, which is cool in a way, but the acting throws it off. Dante is cool, I guess. I like Lyle. Don't like Angie or Max or th erest of the cast for that matter.


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Jul 23, 2011
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Although you guys are right that it could have been better with your suggestions, I still like the show! The show is actually pretty cool if continue to watch it. I really enjoy every new episode because of the new monsters, items , and storyline. Call me an idiot if you want, but I enjoy watching Level Up!

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