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Capcom or Grezzo?


The Unknown
Jun 18, 2011
So guys, I've been trying to make threads more frequently, but let me get to the point here. :P

So, Grezzo has been pretty popular with Zelda lately. Ocarina of Time, and then Four Swords. Well, Grezzos got its hands full of remakes. There's no surprise if they're also in part of making a totally new Zelda game. Anyways, what the heck happened to Capcom? I heard that Nintendo decided to not cooperate with them anymore. IMO, though, Capcom did a really great job on Minish Cap. That game helped in reeling me in to the Zelda franchise. So, enough of me talking, do you guys think that Nintendo will collaborate with Capcom or will they just stick with Grezzo?

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I would say Capcom, as they actually developed their own game rather than remaking one.

Also, you forgot Flagship (the developer of the Oracle games), even though they're somewhat of a branch-off to Capcom.


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
Capcom seems to be going under. They used to be great partners like Rare and Nintendo. I think Grezzo is the new Capcom for Zelda games made by another company but overseen by Nintendo. Grezzo is most likely going to make MM 3D, possibly ALttP 3D, and probably take part in the new Zelda 3DS.

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