Can't Think of a Good Name for This but I Sometimes Make Stuff

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  1. Malia

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    Aaayyy sup guys (:

    So all I've really done is D&D-based art haha, but there's some neat stuff I can share because I've been trying some new stuff.

    I'm active on Slack with my D&D group, and you know how you can upload your own emoticons? I made pixel-based art of our chars as emoticons! Here:


    Close up:
    Campaign: Scourge of the Overworld! <3
    From the top, left to right:
    Li > Raoden > Arwyn
    Bidoof > DUNGEON MASTER > Valara
    Baggi > Saylo > Limwit > D.J

    Also more pixel arts but for another campaign I'm part of:

    Campaign: The Heroes that No One Deserves :D
    Left to right:
    Li > Illian > Ironfist > Weepy > Swifty

    We use these on all maps as our tokens on Roll20! ^___^

    Finally, I just recently got introduced to a new type of art I've never really done before. It's based on tarot card-type art, like it's stylised and storybook-looking.

    The top left was a request. Beside that, a gift I made for a friend of his D&D char.
    The bottom two is my char Li.

    That's it! So I've been dabbling in some different stuff like making pixel arts for tokens and emoticons, and making tarot cards in a different art style i'm still getting the hang of. It's been very interesting and even therapeutic at times.

    Das it for now!​
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    :pikalove: Amazing work as usual but I didn't expect anything else <3
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    Thanks Vanessa <3

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    Wow, I know I'm late to the party, but you're very talented and have a real eye for design. I'll keep coming back.
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    You're very welcome! And please do post more. I love your work <3