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Game Thread Canadian Mafia II - Endgame

It seems a bit weird to me, Killjoy agreeing.
Can you quote that?

Pay attention. The PoE has been narrowed to three of four players being scum, and you're one of them. If you're not scum, then the scumteam must be (from my perspective) Killjoy, FG, and MS.


Vote: SMS
What makes you think I'm scum?
Jun 15, 2020
FoS: SMS and Killjoy.

Both are like "What makes you think I am scum, what's your case besides lurking or whatever".

I don't have a case. I also don't really need one. The triple claims from Min, Ex, and Viral pretty much have me convinced that by PROCESS OF ELIMINATION, I've more or less found the scum team. I think you're probably scum simply because there's only a small handful of you left that could be scum once the confirmed towns are taken out of the pool.

That said, not wanting to believe in blind claims, I am not opposed to lynching Ex or Viral to prove Min and the other of the two are innocent...

But I'd rather catch scum first.


Vote: Killjoy

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I don't have a case. I also don't really need one.
You kind of need to find some way to acertain your view of the gamestate if you actually want to play cautiously.

Wasn't it already established abilities come from the trivia mechanic so ability claims would be nai. Whether a player is using an ability in a pro-town manner should be the frame to reference here., that's not accounting gambits however.
Jun 15, 2020
am I missing something
Viral said he was the doctor right
killjoy was the one saying they were a watcher
Oh. Haha. My bad.

You're absolutely right. I obviously didn't read thoroughly enough. Here, let me put my glasses on.


I basically take back everything I said. This was an honest mistake.

Vote: Funnygurl


Jun 7, 2017
the present
Sexy Vote Count 3.2

Spiritual Mask Salesman
(1) - (Killjoy)
Funnygurl (1) - (Zinger)

Not Voting (6) - (Minish, Ex, Funnygurl, Sms, Viral, Mapel)

With 8 alive it takes 5 to reach majority otherwise day ends in about uh 51 ish hours

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
Viral Maze watched Ex and confirmed that Ex targeted Minish. Meaning, if Ex and Min are liars, Viral Maze must be as well.
I doc'd Ex. Didn't watch.

This isn’t necessarily true, Ex could still have gotten a cop role and checked Minish as mafia. Viral could be a town watcher and watch Ex check Minish, then scum Ex lies about the results
Doc'd Ex. Didn't watch.


Found it odd he tried to shade Zinger day 2, after the Storm lynch. His top 2 potential lynches when asked by Min where Storm and Zinger. When Zinger was L-1, he voted Storm before EOD. Leaned heavier on Storm, so it's not exactly AI on its own, but next day as I mentioned, tried to shade Zinger:
1) Storm
2) Zinger

I doubted Zinger a bit less once they calmed down the posts, but the fact that they’re going all in on Storm in retaliation seems a bit overly defensive to me, especially considering Storm has the majority of votes right now. They do make a good point with the second part of their post, however. Storm has been very suspicious throughout the day, and I feel it’d be more beneficial to clear them.
We still have Zinger to think about now that Storm was cleared

After that he seemed non-committal about Zinger. He'll poke at Zinger, but doesn't go look anywhere else, or poke anyone else. CWAC it feels like. Zinger alive and spamming is good for scum (distracts us) and he seemed to be testing the waters to see if we're going to myslynch Zinger at any point.

Seems to be CWAC as well. Mentions Storm and Zinger are too easy of wagons. (Townie points pointing out myslynches based on either flip?)
Seems to buddy up with Min when she says he didn't move N1. Not moving is NAI, and he takes at a town-tell. Generally shades most ppl voting for him, including Chevy and Ex:
Tinfoil hat: he said it in wolf chat.
Final thoughts, Ex going after me is pretty low effort from him and I kind of want yall pressure him in the future.

I mean I'd like to play and all but I probably don't actually have the time despite wanting to.

You can twist that into casting shade if you want but my activity is always nai.

Like what is your reasoning of suspecting me besides not being active?

Look at any of my scum games where I tried to be low key. I voted, I was not this inactive. I also don't lie about when I'm busy.
This really fails to prove what is already assumed. I don't think people think youre scummy because you're inactive. It's because there is generally no real 'townie' or AI play. PoE is real here.


This took way longer than I expected and my wife's home so my other ISOs will be tmrw.


@MapelSerup Who's your top 2 lynch prospects for today?


not actually Canadian
Feb 19, 2020
@MapelSerup Who's your top 2 lynch prospects for today?

This is VERY tentative, as we’re still early in the day, but this is going to go along with my post earlier. I’d like to be more sure than I currently am do to the dwindling town population.
1) SMS
Not because of inactivity specifically, but just because there’s no play either way as you said. I’m not ready to vote yet due to a lack of info, but I’m leaning here rn. I know you’re busy, but I’d like to see a bit more or at least get the sub in here quick.
2) Minish
For the reasons I stated in my previous post, Minish could possibly be working together with some others; and out of the people in that group, I feel like Minish’s reveal would give us the most information. I could see them both as town or scum, but it would tell us ExLight and probably Zingers alignment, and give us more information to judge Killjoy and Viral.

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Someone ask for FLAVOUR?? (spell it right you scrub or you're fired)
I’m gonna let Trist mess with flavor later cause I ain’t got time fo dat lol

Ya boi Chevy has died. He was a good Canadian boi


With 8 alive it takes 5 to reach majority, otherwise day ends in 60 (ish) hours like normal

Sms has asked to be replaced
What flavour would you like? I was hoping for Maple(el) but I guess I'll settle for Chevy, even though the taste of metal and engine oil isn't particularly great.

Anyhow, Chevy was just driving along in his Chevy, singing along to Sk8er Boi (you must be pretty full of yourself to sing along to your own song!) when (s)he suddenly found him(her)self hit from behind. (S)He had no idea what hit him(her), the poor thing. Chevy died instantly, causing the Chevy to spin out of control and narrowly avoid hitting a sacred beaver. Eventually Chevy just crashed into the side of one of dem Rocky Mountains, his(her) Chevy exploding upon impact. The Chevy was destroyed along with Chevy's body within it. Poor Chevy, and poor Chevy. Neither Chevy nor his Chevy deserved this.

Chevy was Avril Lavigne, who probably does not actually drive a Chevy.
Hey, how ya doin Chevy? Welcome to Canadian Mafia II!

Are you a fan of the early 2000s pop punk scene? Well I sure hope so, because you will be playing the role of someone who has become synonymous with that (as the “Pop Punk Queen), the great Avril Lavigne. Your first studio album Let Go, which included such hits as “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated”, is the best selling album of the 21st century by a Canadian artist, which is a pretty big deal. Your 2004 album Under My Skin reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States, and your hit 2007 single “Girlfriend” achieved the same feat. With your parents being French-born citizens, you have dual citizenship in Canada and France. In more recent years, you have become diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and actively work to increase its public awareness.


In this game, you are town aligned and must work together with the rest of the townies to bring down the mafia. In order to emerge victorious, you simply need to eliminate every member of the opposing team from the game.
And here's a list of living and dead players since my sexy assistant was too lazy to do it >:C

The Living: (8)
  • Morbid Minish
  • FlexLight
  • Viral Maze
  • Spiritual Mask Salesman
  • MapelSerup
  • Zingerpunk2077
  • funnygurl5555555555
  • Killjoy269
The Dead: (4)
  • Storm ([any word but lynched] Day 1)
  • Kirino (killed, probably by vengeful entrepreneurs, Night 1)
  • Ragnarokio (indirectly murdered by Santa Claus Day 2)
  • Chevywolf30 (killed in a Chevy Night 2)
It's OK Chevy, Keep Holding On buddy (in your Chevy)!


Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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It's unfortunate that Viral had a doctor shot and didn't roleblock mafia. Because then we would at least know who to lynch.

If we assume that the mafia kill didn't overlap, then Ex had to have been the NK. If Ex was the NK then he's town so his cop check on me can be trusted. And Viral is also town.

We know that Zinger did have a Bodyguard shot because of his NLP, and he visited me which makes sense. He could have been mafia and also had another ability that he used on me, but it wasn't the kill or roleblock at least so it's likely he just bodyguarded me.

What's interesting is that mafia just flat out has a roleblock ability, but no one's claimed being roleblocked. I was honestly kind of expecting to be last night but wasn't.

We know neither Mapel or SMS got the n1 kill. What's weird is that if Mapel is mafia, why did he claim to give Chevy the motivator shot n1 instead of giving it to a scumbud. Unless it was to look townier and they were hoping maybe Chevy wouldn't get a question right. Though if Mapel is scum would FG (Seanzie) also give Chevy a pineapple n1. Dunno if scum would double up to look better like that. Especially to Chevy.

If we believe that myself, Ex, Viral, and Zinger are all town and SMS or Mapel couldn't have made the n1 kill, then that just leaves either Killjoy or FG (Seanzie) as the killer.

SMS is kinda pinging me, because would checked out town SMS be so worried about just coming in to defend himself when he's getting heat or would scum SMS be told by his scumbuds he's getting heat and to at least try to defend himself?

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