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Game Thread Canadian Mafia II - Endgame

Jun 15, 2020
Zinger would be a policylynch at this point. So scummy he's scum/town isn't really an argument here, but just not contributing would be the reason. It's unknown if there's a vig power given today, or what happens if scum gets the vig power (double NK, or strongman factional NK?) so its tough to rely on a town vig to get rid of him. I would say if there is a townvig, Zinger's a good target.
Rude. I've produced more contributions than you have.


Vote: Viral Maze


Jan 19, 2018
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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
idk seems like something he'd do though

i don't hate you

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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Oct 2, 2016
I'm not sure if I'll be up for eod or not. So I'll put my vote in the place where I think we're most likely to get maj for a lynch.

Vote: Storm
Jul 7, 2021
Storm - Posts a lot, but didn't have many takes on the game. The "I'm the N1 kill" talk was a little weird, but seems to be pretty comfortable in thread. Mild townlean

Chevywolf30 - Very active and had a lot of game takes. Gave an early readslist, and while the timing of it was a little weird, still probably a good look. Really seemed to be trying to sort Storm and others and find the best choice for elim. Strong townlean.

ExLight - I don't really get how the whole "storm should get the power" thing is AI. Aside from that, they took a stance contrary to I think most people's re: Storm and Zinger, so that is probably a good look unless if Ex is exactly wolves with them. I also see that they asked me a question, which I'll answer in a minute. Townlean.

Zinger2099 - Seems to really like Jim Carrey. Very present but seems to just be randomly vote hopping and haven't really given any good content. I don't get the whole "jester" thing, but it doesn't really seem to help town in any way. Scumlean.

Killjoy262 - Probably the person I'm most conflicted on. They've probably given the most game-related content even though they aren't one of the higher posters. Some of the stuff looks really good and solvy, but I really don't understand what they were going for with the "ExLight wanted Storm to get a power so Storm could be the TK" thing, and I think Killjoy was pushing Storm about questions, was that resolved? In my experience, being in thread but missing a question is something town does more than wolves since wolves are hyperaware of what people are saying to them/about them. How experienced is Killjoy? I'm going to put them as neutral (not null, there is content there, but some makes me feel good and some makes me feel bad so idk).

Morbid Minish - Didn't do much most of the day, but had a post to Storm earlier that seemed a bit opportunistic. They posted a readslist and it looks good, but they also posted afterwards trying to say Storm wasn't policy, but aside from storm, their top vote choices were just low/no posters, which usually is a policy elim, so idk that felt weird to me. Light scumlean.

Ragnarokio - I don't really buy their take on the ExLight/Storm thing, but the fact that they thought of that suggests a towny solviness that I think would be hard for a wolf to fake. Strong Townlean.

Kirino - Talked a lot about how Zinger2099 might be a jester and NKing Zinger2099, which I don't get. Like, if Zinger is a jester, why would scum NK them? Other than that didn't do much. Null/light scumlean.

MapelSerup - This is their second game? They aren't a major presence and haven't given much content, but a few of their posts had some decent meat to them, which I think a wolf with such little experience would have a hard time faking. Townlean.

Spiritual Mask Salesman - Has done almost nothing. Null.

Viral Maze - Lowest poster, which isn't a good look, but had one post with some reads. Calling for Zinger to be vig'd is a reasonable way to deal with a weird slot. They said they'd post more and I'd like to see that. Null/light townlean for now.

So if I had to sort the group from towniest to scummiest, it would be something like:

Viral Maze
Spiritual Mask Salesman

Also, Vote Zinger2099

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