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OoT-N64 Can the Biggoron Sword Break?

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Mar 13, 2012
The knife can break, but that's a waste of money. Just do the quest and get the sword because it's invincible. There's a guide on the website.
May 13, 2012
I got fooled the first time too playing Ocarina of Time.

Basically theres two swords. The Bigorron Sword and the Giant's Knife.

The Giants Knife cost 200 rupess and pretty much breaks after a few hits.(Basically a troll weapon in the game)
The actual Bigorron sword thats used for things like boss speedruns or if you just want to make the game easier involves a pretty lengthy sidequest.


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Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
She may have had the sword you get from the big Goron in Goron City, which does break after 100 hits. the sword you get from Biggoron, (the big Goron at the summit of Death Mountain) after completing the trading sequence, does not break.

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May 13, 2012
My friend 's sistr was playing zelda and she said the Biggoron sword broke, but the Biggoron said it couldnt?

easy conclusion shes an idiot or glicthed the game

The Biggoron's sword is pretty much indestructable, and it is probably the most useful weapon against Ganon.

you cant kill ganon with it it kills ganondorf not ganon trust me i spent 5 hours fighting ganon because i didnt use the master sword
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Fish. Citizen of Foo
Sep 30, 2011
Knife can, sword can't. You can buy the knife but the sword is from the trading sequence.
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