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can I move an app from one device to another using an sd card?

Apr 16, 2021
my old amazon kindle fire is kinda dying, and the 1 app i use on it (autodesk sketchbook) was taken off the amazon app store. I still have it on my SD card in my kindle, if I bought a new one would I still be able to move it on through the sd card? or buy it on a different site and transport it somehow?
thanks guys
Dunno if this would be the case with Kindles, but when I got my new phone, I was able to sync a full backup of my old phone to my new one. It had all my app data, so I got all my old apps--including ones no longer on the app store. Though most are no longer supported on the new iOS version and the phone won't let me launch them. But if the SD card stores similar data as my backup, then, there's a chance that the app would be carried over? But I cannot guarantee it'll let you launch it.
Nov 29, 2021
Technically yes it's possible to get the app off using a SD card or ADB, but you're better off finding a reputable place to download the latest APK file and installing it outside the app store (or following guides to install google play on a Kindle, i just got one on black Friday discount and it's pretty easy). The Amazon app store might also have record of the app in your account so it might let you download it from your library even if it's been delisted, but it's likely to be an old version.

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