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General Art Calculator Doodles~ x3

Er, so... in Algebra class lately, all we've been doing is working on a review packet for the final exam that I refuse to do [not a necessarily a wise decision on my part, but whatever]. But, Gallium--that's my teacher's elemental nickname--told us we couldn't sleep instead of working, so I've been keeping myself entertained with the drawing tools on my graphing calculator.

I've drawn a few things, though most of them get messed up since there is no undo button on the drawing tools. I'm just drawing on a graph, so... fun. I've done cursive script, too... but that's not really as impressive as this picture of Toon Link I finished today. I spent three class periods working on it--yesterday's math and lunch periods, and today's math period. It got a little messy at the bottom because the coordinates were in the way, but please take a look:
Not too shabby, right? I have to think of something else to draw tomorrow. ;p

--If you're interested and you have a graphing calculator, all you have to do is press 2ndPRGM, 2ndMATH--or scroll down and select PEN at the bottom of the list. Pressing the ENTER key will toggle whether or not your pen is in use and you use the arrow keys to move around. To save your pictures, go to 2ndPRGM, right arrow [►] twice, and select STOREPIC. Then you type a single-digit number--that's to my knowledge at least--and press ENTER. And you use RECALLPIC to pull up that picture whenever you like. =)
That's hilarious -- very impressive, too. Just out of curiosity, did Gallium ever catch you working on this?

Well, not really. He told us no "hippie devices", which is his term for electronic devices like phones and mp3 players (the only reason I'd have my phone out in class is to get on ZD and a few other sites). But he doesn't include calculators in that mix, so... nerm. I ended up showing Gallium at the end of the period and he thought it was pretty neat. He wasn't mad at me or anything, if that's what you're asking. =P


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Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Wow... I must now get a graphing calculator, just so I can draw stuff with the use of MATH.

Only problem is... the price range of Texas Instruments graphing calculators hovers around the $90-100 range.


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Apr 5, 2012
Haha that is awesome :D
I think I'll try something like that. I don't actually have a graphics calculator yet but we are using the class sets at the moment.
At the end of every lesson the teacher looks at each calculator to reset.
I think I might leave him some artwork to look at xD
*in algebra class today*
Me: What should I draw today? *gasp* I know! I'll draw Gallium!
Gallium: I don't want you doing that all period again today.
Me: =( *does it anyway*

I love Gallium. He's hilarious. (Between you and me, he walked on his hands to demonstrate the vertical line test.) But, anyways... I drew a sailboat today. I kind of messed up the sails especially, because I already drew the back of the boat, and couldn't overlap the sails--since I can't erase. But, I tried to improvise on one side and make a gradient on the sail, but I killed it. The other sail, I just made über short.
And this was a sloppy and rushed snowman I drew probably a week ago, but I forgot that I saved it:
I have a feeling that after finals, I won't be doing these as much, but they're still pretty entertaining. x)
Feb 23, 2011
Neato. It's been ages since I've used a graphing calculator, and the only time I've ever used one is at school. They are far too expensive. lol

Anyway, your illustrations are pretty cool. Great precision, especially on a graphing calculator. ( lol ) I'd wager that anything I draw on it would turn out terrible, but whatevs...
This thread will probably get forgotten over summer, since I highly doubt I'd be playing with a graphing calculator then. xD But, finished one of Skyward Sword Zelda. Er, it doesn't look like her too much, but the first one I did looked more like her. Sadly, the first one, when I went to go to STOREPIC, my fingers moved faster than my brain waves, and I ended up selecting CLEARDRAW. I was so devastated. Anyways... I finally figured out how to disable the coordinate labels and axes, so... it makes a nicer canvas blank.
As a bonus, here is some pretty cursive of my element. I drew one like this for Gallium once, but it's gone now--I made him some origami frogs today. :>
Eeep-- double post. Guize, y u no reply. Now I feel sad. =(

Anyways... I was wearing my nyan cat shirt today. And I was thinking really hard about what I should draw today. So I ended up coming up with the genius idea to draw a sprite since the pixels are so dilated on graphing calculators! [I should totes do Ganon from A Link to the Past <3]

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Jun 15, 2010
United States
Don't be too hard on your Zelda drawing; it sort of looks like her. :P I'm really diggin' these. The nyan cat drawing is pretty spot-on, so I'd be interested in seeing other spritely images. A Ganon sprite could be legendary, yeah.

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