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Cabbage vs Lettuce

Which is better?

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Azure Sage

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Which do you like better? Cabbage or lettuce? I've always liked lettuce better. It goes good on sandwiches and burgers and salads, while on the other hand cabbage is... cabbage.

So what are your thoughts?


Doktor Assisted Homicide
Oct 30, 2010
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Lettuce. It gives stuff a nice crunch.
Not on my cheeseburgers, though. I prefer those soft and juicy with melted cheese.


Fuzzy Pickles
Mar 27, 2015
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WELL ... comparing cabbage to lettuce is like comparing apples to oranges! Each brings something different to the table.

For example, crowd favorites kimchi and sauerkraut are both cabbage dishes that simply would not work with lettuce. On the other hand, no one wants a floppy leaf of cabbage on their sammich, and cabbage would make a terrible substitute for lettuce in, say, a Caesar salad.

In fact, lettuce and cabbage aren't even in the same family of plant, so though they look familiar, they are very different.

But to answer the question, I think I prefer lettuce. I use it more often, and to me, cabbage seems more of a specialty that you use when making certain dishes, while lettuce seems to be more for everyday sorts of dishes.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Lettuce, it helps add a nice crunch to a sandwich, it soaks up the flavor of whatever you combine it with (so if you add something sweet it will taste sweet) and doesn't have the off-flavor that cabbage tends to have...

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