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C H 8 O S E I A H T

Sep 6, 2017
From what I’ve gathered so far, from getting caught up on the thread. Is that I have strong Town reads on Zings, A’lana, DW. And Soft scum reads on Min, Rag, Raven, and Ex.
care to elaborate? Specifically on Min, Zing, DW, and Ex?
Jun 15, 2020
Despite what I said about agreeing that Rag more often lurks as scum, I don't want to Lynch Rag Day 1. I only said that for posterity to show Hapi wasn't making **** up when she said that.

Most of y'all are strangers to me but Rag is a longtime friend, so for that reason alone I don't want to see her lynched Day 1.
I'm fine with the Mongoose wagon I guess. I'm not sure it's the best push we could go for given that, while I don't have a ton of experience with him, this feels about where he's been at in the past I think? That said, that's still probably pretty NAI so at the very least I think that it's a decent move to put pressure on him.

Vote: Raven
dead hosts can vote???
so cool............
the rules only forbid people from claiming role name and character name from my understanding, comments on how it works are likely fine

although it seems to be a biiiiit too early to be hinting at stuff like that, imo
most people haven't even shown up on thread yet and we're still in RVS
literally noone:

honestly what even is the point of role claiming, it's chaos mafia
it's not like we'll get much info from these unless it's a hard info like a cop


plus it's expected we have multiple roles/conditions to mess stuff up like buck (is this what that was called min) and drunk
what in heavens is drillmaster
erh drillsmith
*juggles oranges to entertain people*
minish truly came clutch with the random bee cult lmao
You're voting me because you agree with me?
What do you feel like he was doing then? lol
do you still have your no-lie policy in mafia games zinger?
I should be over the butterflieeeeeeees
but I'm into youu I'm into youu
and baby even on our worst niiiiights
I'm into youu I'm into youu

bless paramore
I think they made a comeback recently
Hippo, I'm unsure if we met before? do you go by another alias in another community?
Minnocent even
Airplanes was such a big hit they released a part II with Eminem lmao

B.o.B. was a p nice rapper but then he just came out as a flat earther and it was just like yikessss
would you believe me it I told you I'm just in the mood yo goof around a bit?
im more of a donald duck ass
yea I think chaos mafia are a bit more likely to have improvised stuff so as long the players involved are fine with it storm is likely to accept something from it but always good to have it to be discussed with the host first
the argument people make advocating for a D1 lynch is that the odds aren't the same as if something was just randomly picked, it can have good odds in lynching non-town if it's productive enough

and it gives information in the form of interactions for people to better coordinate power roles through the night + a starting point for discussion on N2
Vote: @Ragnarokio

Please say something I miss u
what does that mean please ellaborate
I can vow for that not always being the norm but I'll still be willing to lynch inactives regardless of their meta.
huh considering how this flavor hints at the candyman I wonder if this game's hints at something like krampus or grinch existing as a hostile indept
I wouldn't mind hopping into mongoose to make a counter wagon for rag, I think caps make a decent point when they call mongoose out over them criticizing rag being inactive but then vanishing on their own

Wanted to gather these up to see if maybe I wanted to pull my vote off Ex and there's. Very little here. He has like the second or third most posts in the game but about two of them feel like they're actually trying to figure stuff out so. I'm gonna stick with that.

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