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Ocarina of Time Bunny Hood Guy


I am The Kindlyone
Aug 30, 2010
Lake Hylia with the scarecrow dudes
when you sell the bunny hood to the guy in the middle of Hyrule field he runs off at the speed of sound

why doesnt link run really fast when he wears it

(i know he does in majoras mask but why not in ocarina of time)


The Mask Salesman
Apr 18, 2010
Happy Mask Shop
That's a good question, and one I've thought of myself. My best guess is that the Bunny Hood doesn't actually have anything magical about it. I think putting on the Bunny Hood just made the running man excited to have it, so he started to sprint. Before he gets the Bunny Hood, he's just barely jogging, so it's not like he was running and then the mask made him faster.

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