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Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild No Spoilers Tips & Tricks Guide from Noob to 1337

Nov 5, 2014
New York
I wrote this guide to teach my sister how to play the game without spoiling the story for her and thought I would share it. There may be some minor spoilers but I've avoided any major story elements and the stuff I feel walks the line has been clearly marked.

Best Recipes: (Note: You can only have 1 food effect at a time, with the exception of bonus hearts and stamina. But things like attack, defense, stealth, ect will override each other based on your most recently consumed food. Boosts stack up to +3 between foods AND armor which is a 50% improvement. Also environmental resistances to freezing, heat, and fire only go to level 2 because those are the most extreme environments and level 3 does not exist.)
  • Stamina - 5x Endura Carrots (Full Restore + 2 bonus wheels)
  • Bonus Health - 5x Hearty Durian (+20 bonus hearts) (Big Hearty Radish will give you +25 bonus hearts but is far more difficult to obtain)
  • Health - 1x Hearty Durian/Big Hearty Radish/Hearty Radish/Big Hearty Truffle/Hearty Truffle (Full Heal) (Great for later in the game when you have a ton of hearts)
  • Attack - 3x Mighty Banana, 1x Mighty Thistle, 1x Dragon Horn (+3 for 30 minutes)
  • Roasted Food - Most kinds of meat or fruit can be roasted by dropping them into a fire (not a cooking pot), dropping them on the ground in a volcanic environment (any place hot enough to require Flamebreaker Armor), or hitting them once with a Fire based weapon. As a result they will be considered "roasted" which means they heal a little more and each type of roasted food only takes up a single cooked food slot. Doing this to meats and low level fruits is a great way to get extra health and save your cooked food slots for important stuff like attack boosts, stamina, and full heals. Fun fact: If you toss an egg in a hot spring it will become hardboiled.
  • Defense - 3x Ironshroom, 1x Armoranth, 1x Dragon Horn (+3 for 30 minutes) (The only time this is worth it is when you are doing the sword trial as you can take food boosts in with you. It is possible to carry nearly unlimited raw or roasted food so worrying about taking less damage when you have infinite healing is silly.)
  • Speed - 3x Fleet-Lotus Seeds, 1x Rushroom, 1x Dragon Horn (+3 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making because Sheikah armor gives you unlimited night speed 2 + stealth 3 and you can teleport, or glide, or use infinite run with Stamina food in emergencies, or use your horse to get places and movement speed replacing a 50% attack increase is a poor trade)
  • Stealth - 3x Silent Princess, 1x Blue Nightshade, 1x Dragon Horn (+3 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making because the Sheikah set gives you max stealth + faster movement at night and doesn't cancel out any other food effects you might want to use)
  • Cold Resistance - 3x Sunshroom, 1x Dragon Horn (+2 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making as 2 cold resistant armor items or 1 armor and 1 "Fire" weapon will grant the same protection and it will be permanent allowing you to have a better food effect buff)
  • Heat Resistance - 3x Chillshroom, 1x Dragon Horn (+2 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making as 2 heat resistant armor items or 1 armor and 1 "Frost" weapon will grant the same protection and it will be permanent allowing you to have a better food effect buff)
  • Fire Resistance - 2x Fire Lizards, 2x Bokoblin Guts, 1x Dragon Horn (+2 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making as 2 fire resistant armor items or 1 armor and 1 "Frost" weapon will grant the same protection and it will be permanent allowing you to have a better food effect buff. Also the Flamebreaker set which protects against fire has the effect of fire immunity making this even more useless.)
  • Shock Resistance - 3x Zapshroom, 1x Dragon Horn (+3 for 30 minutes) (Not worth making because you still take some damage when you are shocked and still get stunned causing you to drop your items. The Rubber set gives you full immunity to all shock damage and the stunning effect so this food isn't really useful at all. Also there is no place where you will be fighting electric monsters for 30 minutes in a row so it is a waste of your food boost buff.)
Combat: (Press "+" then "R" to go to the save screen and select "ability controls" to view combos.)
  • R = Throw weapon, if it hits and breaks it does double damage (Great way to get rid of weapons about to break). Boomerang weapons that return upon being thrown do 1.5x damage. If you throw an elemental weapon and it breaks it will do double damage the same as a non-elemental weapons and it will add elemental damage to the final total, see "Arrows" under the "Elemental Attacks" section.
  • ZR = aim bow
  • ZR while in the air/gliding = Bullet Time (slow motion that drains your stamina giving you tons of time to aim)
  • ZR + Left Dpad = arrow selection
  • ZR + Right Dpad = bow selection
  • ZL = Shield & Lockon
  • ZL + Right Dpad = weapon selection
  • ZL + Left Dpad = shield selection
  • Up Dpad = Sheikah slate selection
  • "B" = Put away current bow/weapon/shield
  • "X" = Jump
  • "Y" = Take out Melee Weapon/Melee Attack
  • Downward thrust - "Y" while gliding (Be careful of distance to avoid fall damage), does AoE damage to everything near you when you land.
  • Jump Slash - "Y" while in the air (works from jump), hits for double damage but leaves you vulnerable as you are easier to hit in the air and tend to get knocked down if hit.
  • "X" while in the air (not close to land) = glide
  • "X" while riding a horse = Jump Unmount, launches you into the air for easy Bullet Time.
  • Attack Assist - ZL + Jump Unmount, performs a wicked Jump Slash from horseback.
  • Down Dpad - Whistle, can call your horse/wolf to your side, and alerts enemies. Alerting enemies can be used to lure them over to you, which can lead them into a trap, like if you have a remote bomb placed next to an explosive barrel, a remote bomb on the side of a hill to damage and knock them down while they try to reach you, or are on a cliff/ledge where they can not reach you and you can bomb/shoot them from safety, or if you simply don't want to walk into a crowded/fortified enemy camp.
  • Backflip or Side Hop - ZL + Down, Left, or Right + "X"
  • Perfect Dodge - Backflip or Side Hop WHILE BEING ATTACKED
  • Flurry Rush - Perfect Dodge + spam "Y" when prompted (multiple attacks for massive damage)
  • Perfect Guard - ZL + "A" WHILE BEAING ATTACKED, reflects attack and stuns enemy. Note: Perfect guard at the exact moment a laser would hit will reflect it back towards the sender for massive damage (can be done with any shield and great way to defeat guardians in early game)(Also if you screw up your shield usually breaks).
  • SneakStrike - press inward on left analogue stick to crouch (stealth boosting clothing & potions & the enemy being asleep also help) if you get behind an enemy without them noticing press "Y" to execute for 800% damage!!! Elemental damage doesn't get factored in at all so you can switch to a regular weapon to conserve your elemental ones for sneakstrikes.
  • Critical hits - deal double damage. Range = headshot, melee = thrown breaking weapons. Note: Arrows fired on shots that break bows do no additional damage.
  • Charge and Maximum Charge Attacks - hold "Y" with a weapon out until you see a flash to execute, hold until you see a second flash for max charge attack. Single handed weapons get increased attack radius, tier 2 & 3 charges can potentially hit twice for full damage. Two handed weapons the spin attacks hit for regular damage but at a much faster rate and the final hit does double damage. Spears hit rapidly multiple times per charge tier.
  • Shield Surfing - While holding ZL, Press "X" to jump and then press "A". This will let you quickly slide down hills/mountains, but it degrades your shields and they will break (which can cause you to fall and take damage), but you can shield surf with any shield and save your good ones. Generally speaking you can glide down anything you can shield surf down and not degrade anything and be almost as fast but shield surfing is fun as hell and some challenges require you to be that little bit faster. You can also (after surfing down something to build up momentum) slide up a ramp, or just go off a cliff and if you start gliding your shield will stay under you so you can continue surfing when you land.
Elemental Attacks: (Note: Elemental damage is always added last to the damage equation, after every other multiplier, such as Barbarian Armor, Critical Hits, ect.)
  • Arrows - Fire and Ice arrows do 10 extra damage, Electric arrows add 20 (in addition to their effects), bomb arrows add 50, and if they miss but the explosion hits the explosion alone does 50 damage. Ancient Arrows kill everything in one shot and destroy the loot with the exception of Guardians which still drop loot but they need to be hit in the eye. A body shot will do 1/3rd damage (But can be boosted by the Ancient Armor set effect). In the rain bomb arrows will not explode on impact.
  • Opposites - It's super effective! Ice attacks ("Frost" weapons/ice arrows) will kill Fire-Breath Lizalfos/Meteo&Fire Wizzrobes in one hit. Fire attacks will do the same to ice monsters and ancient arrows will kill everything in one hit (Including Lynels) or do massive damage to Guardians (Unless you shoot them in the eye which is an instant kill). Note: Weaknesses do not apply while enemies are in stasis.
  • Fire - Sets the target and surroundings on fire, stuns, and can do burn damage. Setting surroundings on fire (Like wooden shields/weapons (which do extra damage while on fire) and Hinox wooden leg guards, all of which burn away to nothing) and creates an updraft for easy gliding. Also you can drop logs and set them on fire to sleep and change the time of day/the weather. Equipping a fire weapon will warm you up in cold environments and melt frozen things by standing next to them, no need to slash or make a fire or waste fire arrows. Using fire weapons on some foods will "roast" them so they heal more when consumed and stack while stored in your cooked item inventory.
  • Ice - Freezes an enemy solid so they can not move, this is the longest form of stun. Any attack that lands on an enemy that has been frozen will do 3x damage and shatter them. If an enemy is frozen near a cliff you can use a Korok leaf to blow them off it and the fall will shatter them. The Blizzard rod is especially powerful as it launches a wall of frost, or will freeze everything in 360 degrees around you with a charge attack. Equipping a frost weapon in a hot or firey environment will cool you down. Some raw foods when hit with frost weapons will freeze and the only thing that changes is when you eat them they will grant you heat resistance for 1 minute.
  • Electric - Stuns and causes all non-electric immune monsters to drop their bow/weapon and shield. Hitting a strong monster once with an electric attack means if you don't let them get to their weapon (by picking it up or knocking them away from it) that they can only attack with their bodies which drastically limits the damage they can do to you. If water is targeted or it is raining it will do 40 electric AoE damage to anything touching the water and apply the stun effect forcing them to drop their items. Electric attacks can be used to destroy Hinox metal leg guards. *Spoilers* for one of the Divine Beast rewards: Urbosa's Fury always does 150 damage, the stun effect and damage bypasses almost everything (including Ganon's shield), and the stun effect lasts longer than 20x the shock arrow effect.
  • Lightning - Thunderstorms can pass through any area but some areas get them much more frequently than others or even have them 24/7 as an environmental effect. If you notice yourself giving off sparks pull up your item select screen and check your weapon, bow, and shield equip screens. Any items that are shown giving off sparks will make lightning attracted to you, also standing near anything metal on the ground is a bad idea as lightning will be drawn to it. Generally speaking wood, Guardian, and Ancient weapons are safe to have equipped and will not attract lightning. Alternatively you could wear the full Rubber set and leave metal weapons equipped, the lightning will strike you but do no damage, those around you will not be so lucky. Also you can use Magnesis to move metal objects next to your enemies during thunderstorms.
  • Water - Other than the information provided in the Cryonis entry under the "Sheikah Runes" section all you really need to know about water is that if you run out of stamina while swimming you will be taken back to the last place you stood on solid ground prior to entering the water. Also if you knock an enemy that can not swim into water they will drown almost immediately, sadly not all drops (gems for example) float to the surface upon their death.
  • Rain - is easily the most annoying obstacle you will face in the game. Rain makes climbing a real pain. You can still climb for about 4 seconds and then jump to make slow but steady progress if you have the Climbing set equipped. Hopefully you are stocked up on the suggested stamina boosting food if you intend to climb in the rain as it is incredibly handy and easy to obtain. Also you can find someplace dry like a cave or any place that provides enough shelter from the rain to start a fire and take a nap to advance the time and change the weather. Very few areas have the environment fixed to be raining 24/7.
  • Desert - True to real life the desert is blisteringly hot during the day and freezing cold at night requiring you to cycle through protective clothing based on the time of day. Other than that the only special annoyance the desert offers is that sand slows your movement speed unless you equip your sand boots. And for some reason protective armor rated for volcanoes doesn't work in the desert, like just stopping the flames is enough and the inside of a volcano doesn't also have heat that you would need to deal with...
  • Tundra - A very consistent region, it is cold, to be fully protected you will need 2 protective items or 1 protective item and a fire based weapon equipped. Also to preserve your movement speed in snow you will need snow boots. And if you think going for a swim is a good idea, don't. You'll take constant damage as you freeze to death no matter what level of protection you have, even if you have an "unfreezable" effect.
  • Volcanic - The simplest of all the regions, simply wear at least 2 protective items designed for fire and you are all set. Also don't fall in the lava.
Sheikah Runes:
  • Remote Bomb - Come in spherical and cube types. The round ones are designed to roll downhill/continue the direction they were thrown in and roll towards enemies and the cube variant are designed to stay put which is good for blowing up things on an incline. When running away a good strategy is to pull out a bomb, drop it, count to 3, and detonate it. This should go off in the face of whatever is chasing you and knock them to the ground buying you time to escape. Bombs can also be dropped while you are gliding which can make clearing an enemy camp much easier. Also the two different types of bomb can each be out at the same time and have their own detonations which is key to solving some puzzles. Bombs are super important as they are unlimited, can be a ranged weapon, and deal damage. Can be upgraded to do more damage and come off cooldown faster. Some enemies will be wise to your tricks and attempt to kick bombs back at you so be careful not to detonate them when you are in their blast radius.
  • Magnesis - Lets you pick up metal objects such as hidden or out of reach treasure chests or doors/planks which you can use to form bridges over obstacles or complete electrical circuits. Can be used to lift metal objects high above an enemy and drop them for decent damage, or whipped around really fast to smack enemies.
  • Stasis - freezes objects in time and stores up all the momentum they gain from being hit while frozen, also if you purchase the upgrade freezes monsters as well! This is easily one of the most powerful abilities you can have. Many enemies are hard to hit or have weaknesses they will attempt to guard but this rune freezes them and leaves them wide open. It is a lot of fun to freeze a boulder and hit it a bunch of times and then climb onto the boulder so it takes you with it when it goes flying and you can ride that wave of destruction right into an enemy camp. You can also freeze an exploding barrel and it will go flying off and it won't explode until it lands. Stasis view is nice for exploring/searching for things because it highlights every object you can interact with from a good distance away so it can help you find what you are looking for or find the solution to puzzles that might have you stumped.
  • Cryonis - Creates a tower of ice out of vertical or horizontal water. Like all runes you can use this as much as you want so in addition to solving puzzles(Lifting gates with water under them/lifting rock shelves with water under them/creating platforms), keeping your raft in place, and creating cover for yourself to hide behind you can also create ice paths and travel all the way out to distant islands if you want without worrying about stamina. Only has three limitations: 1 - you must be standing to use it, so sadly you can't use it when you are already in water, 2 - You can only have up to 3 ice blocks at a time, if you try to create a 4th the oldest ice block will break, but you can destroy any existing ice blocks by activating the rune and clicking on them, and 3 - some treasure chests are so deep under water that you can not reach them with Magnesis from ontop of an ice block and must be on a raft as that is much lower.
  • Camera - Allows you to take pictures for quests and the Hyrule Compendium.
  • Amiibo - Select this to rune to scan in your amiibo.
  • Sheikah Sensor - is unlocked upon activating the Dueling Peaks Sheikah Tower and allows you to search for unactivated shrines. As if that wasn't valuable enough it can be upgraded to the Sheikah Sensor+ and it can be set to search for anything you have taken a picture of (which will automatically be saved in your Hyrule Compendium). I can not stress enough how important it is to take pictures of EVERYTHING you come across(including bugs on trees, little birds, fruits, mushrooms, monsters, treasure chests, ore deposits, and weapons), especially bosses/dungeon specific monsters and Lynel weapons as once beaten (or you get far enough in the game that the monsters level up) some things will never be seen again, also there are only 3 kite shields in the game. It is possible to buy pictures from the man in Hateno lab but half the fun is in exploring the game and finding them. With a strong Hyrule Compendium it is incredibly easy to find things again with a simple Google search to tell you the general area of what you are looking for. This will make questing and armor upgrades massively easier, and painless if you take the pictures as you go. Pro-tip: The game is absolutely littered with treasure chests so if you search for them as you go you will be absolutely flooded with rupees, weapons, arrows & special arrows, and other goodies like star fragments, dragon parts, and precious gems.
Map: (Bring up your map by pressing "-" and press "A" to Stamp the locations you like on your map, you can have up to 100 stamps placed at a time and 5 highlight pins that vanish when you reach them, the stamps will stay until deleted though) (You can use the cooking pot stamp to easily mark food entries as well as the Sword/Bow stamps to mark weapon drops or any marking system you prefer. My only suggestion is not using the same stamp for everything so you can easily figure out why that area was important.)
  • Endura Carrot - Kakariko Fairy, Tabantha Fairy, Akkala Fairy, Gerudo Fairy, Satori Mountain & Rutile Lake near Mogg Latan Shrine.
  • Hearty Durian - South of Faron Tower.
  • Mighty Banana - South of Faron Tower.
  • Mighty Thistle - Tabantha Fairy, NorthEast of Faron Tower and at the base of the Tower.
  • Ironshroom - Batrea Lake (NorthWest of Dueling Peaks Tower)
  • Armoranth - Akkala Fairy, Torin Wetland.
  • Blizzard Rod - Not a spawn, requires killing a Blizzrobe (can be done with a single fire arrow/hit with a fire weapon). Location: Tabantha Village Ruins directly SouthWest of Hebra Tower.
  • Great Thunderblade - The path through Cuho mountain, NorthWest of Tabantha Tower (There is also a Thunder Wizzrobe in the area you can kill for a Thunderstorm Rod if you prefer.)
  • Great Flameblade - On the Ancient Tree Stump, Directly West of Central Tower
  • Royal Claymore - Woodland tower, climb the skull on top of the tower.
  • Golden Bow - Bow designed to hit distant targets, great for aiming challenges. Location: Hidden cave in the first large rock tower directly NorthWest of Gerudo Tower, directly SouthEast of Sho Dantu Shrine. Cave also contains some other weapons as well as chests with bomb arrows and 300 rupees if it is your first visit. (Edge of Duality is slow for single attacks but charge attack is constant 360 degree circular swings, great for when you are surrounded by enemies if you have good stamina)
  • Golden Bow - Teleport to the Daqo Chisay Shrine, equip your Vai outfit, and enter Gerudo Town, head straight through the town and up the big steps into the palace, in the far right corner of this room is a Golden Bow.
  • Royal Bow - Teleport to Tu Ka'loh Shrine, climb to the top of the wall, and head to the NorthWest corner of the labyrinth.
  • Sledgehammer - SouthWest of the Myahm Agana Shrine in Hateno Village, directly outside of the house across the bridge. Excellent for breaking apart rare ore deposits so you don't waste good weapons or have to use bombs which can toss the ore and make it difficult/impossible to retrieve.
  • Cobble Crusher - Goron City
  • Cobble Crusher - Abandoned North Mine North of Goron City
  • Lynel Bows & Weapons - Defeating a Lynel, though daunting at first becomes so easy with proper strategy your bow will only degrade about 10 shots per kill and they can yield some amazing loot. They almost always drop 5-10 Elemental Arrows, a powerful melee weapon (A sword with very fast slashes, or a massive crusher with a 360 degree spin for a charge attack), a shield, and best of all a multi-shot bow. That is correct, the Lynel bows only use 1 arrow of whatever type you have selected for ammo but they fire multiple of it. Commonly the x3 bow will drop which fires 3 shots for the price of one but a little bit more rare is the x5 variant. If you absolutely, positively, need to nuke something nothing says buh-bye like firing 5 bomb arrows simultaneously into its face (and all for the cost of just 1 bomb arrow!). Fighting Ganon? Guess I'll hit him with 5 ancient arrows at once WITH Ancient Proficiency from the Ancient Armor Set STACKED with a +3 Attack boosting food = 350% Damage TIMES 5 (Unfortunately the only monsters that would need a hit like that are bosses and don't take full damage) For Lynel locations see: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-interactive-map/
  • Hinox/Stalnox - There are 40 of these total on the map, see: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-interactive-map/ and they are incredibly easy to loot without even fighting. Check the Hinox/Stalnox entry under "Monster Specific Fighting Tips" for the specifics on how to loot/take them down with ease.
  • Guardian and Ancient Weapons - These can be easily farmed by teleporting to any of the 20 test of strength shrines and killing the shrine guardian again(which respawns every blood moon). The stronger the test the better the weapons dropped when the shrine guardian is killed. Note: See the Ancient set entry under the Armor section for why these are amazing. The following shrines drop the Ancient Battle Axe++: Saas Ko'sah, Kema Kosassa, Chaas Qeta, Hia Miu, Mozo Shenno, Goma Asaagh, and Tena Ko'sah for a total of 7 Ancient Battle Axe++ every blood moon.
Hyrule Castle Part 1 - Teleport to the Saas Ko'sah shrine in Hyrule Castle Docks or fly in southward from above to enter the docks from the outside(The Shrine can be unlocked by lighting the brazier up the stairs). In the docks are Lizalfos so only enter if you can kill them, or have the Lizalfos Mask or Majora's Mask to make them non-aggressive. Here you will find the Great Flameblade. Head up the steps and use Magnesis to push the fake bookshelf out of the way to enter the library with more Lizalfos inside. Move the fake bookshelf to the south out of the way to discover the King's Study and the Royal Guard's Shield. Move the secret bookcase to the east out of the way to discover the Stone Smasher and some rare ore deposits. Return to the Library and climb the steps to the south above the King's Study and head North to reach some steps leading up the the top floor, in the first room outside of the Library will be the Great Frostblade. In the corridor will be 2 more Lizalfos on the way to what appears to be an armory. If you are attempting to sneak in and do not have Majora's Mask I suggest you kill the 2 Lizalfos outside as immediately upon entering the armory a Moblin will see you and if you take damage from one monster because you needed to switch from the Lizalfos to Moblin mask then it will break the illusion and everything will realize they should attack you. Inside the armory is another Royal Guard's Shield and a bow as well as a Royal Bow, Claymore, and Halberd. Walk up the steps to the upper floor and climb the wall to cross the broken steps. Take a left and go all the way down and bomb the last wall to reveal a secret room with the Royal Guard's Sword. Go back to the intersection and go down the only remaining path to enter the Dining Hall (which contains several Moblins). To the far left behind the grate for the fireplace is a Royal Guard's Spear you can remove with Magnesis. Exit the dining room and continue down the hall for a room with an eyeball and a Moblin in it, you need to kill the eye using an arrow, bomb, or some method so be careful not to alert the Moblin if you are using a mask to sneak in, or be ready to run. In the next room is another Moblin and eye and a Thunderblade. Outside is a Royal Bow and some Guardians you can't fool with disguises.

Hyrule Castle Part 2 - If you are up for a little risk taking or strong enough then from here if you quickly jump climb the tower to the right and run along the wall you will reach the First Gatehouse, if you walk in the door it will lock behind you and a Lynel will enter to fight you, this fight can be avoided by climbing up the wall instead or wearing a Lynel/Majora's Mask (But if anything else damages you remember it will remove your disguise effect) or you can kill it for some of those delicious Lynel bows. From the roof of the First Gatehouse you should see a tower that sticks out to the West of the center structure of Hyrule Castle. The best way to get to it without killing the Guardians would be to head to the roof of the Gatehouse, in the NorthWest corner there will be a Guardian Turret and a wall that becomes the foundation for a big stone paved walkway. Simply jump over the Guardian Turret onto the other side of the wall so it can't shoot at you and walk under the big stone walkway it supports. Climb the first pillar on your right (do this facing away from the direction you just came to avoid being targeted by Guardians) and you will be at Princess Zelda's room. Inside this room is another Moblin and another Royal Guard's Bow above the fireplace. From there you can follow the steps outside down and behind the back of a Guardian Turret, drop down to the right of it, and follow some more steps around to the right and you will enter a new part of Hyrule Castle. The first path to the right will have a Royal Broadsword and Shield and another eye you can shoot to make an exit if you want, but for now return to the path and go the remaining way. There will be a Lizalfos in the hall and your first right will take you to the Guard's Chamber with 2 Lizalfos near the entrance and a Moblin down below. If you climb around the broken steps you will find a Falcon Bow which fires faster than normal bows. There is a Royal Claymore held by the statue in the bottom floor with the Moblin, the Moblin also has a Royal Guard's Claymore you can shock it to steal, but be careful of having the 2 Lizalfos realize you are there if you snuck in with a mask. Also if this is your first time in this room there are chests with goodies in them under both sets of stairs. You can put a barrel on the scale to exit this room but for now return to the first room you entered and drop down the pit to find a Moblin holding a Royal Guard's Spear. Shock it once with your Thunderblade to get him to drop it then steal it from him and either kill him or just book it. From there head right, go past the gate you can't do anything with to the end of the crumbling hallway and blow up the bombable wall. Shoot the eye to unlock your cell. In the next room will be a Lizalfos and a Moblin so the only way to avoid fighting them is going to be to have Majora's Mask or to kill one/both of them before shooting the eye so they can not get in your cell and attack you back(Note even with Majora's Mask the Moblin in this room typically walk into the torches and damage themselves which dispels the illusion of your mask...). In the cell immediately across from you is the amazingly powerful Blizzard rod so be sure to pick that up. When facing the back wall of this cell, the cell to the right of you contains a Royal Bow. Hit the switch at the end of the hallway near the wall of malice to unlock the room to the left of the switch with the Moblin in it and blow up the wall to the right of the cell so you can shoot another eye which will open up a room with a Royal Guard's Claymore in it (alternatively you could climb over or walk through the malice to shoot the eye without dealing with the Moblin). At the end of this hallway is a gate you can lift with Cryonis or Magnesis to access a chest with a diamond in it.

Hyrule Castle Part 3 - If you have not obtained the Hylian shield yet (Or want to get a Great Thunderblade) go all the way to the end of this hallway (back the way you came, past the gate you couldn't lift or do anything with, but on the other side this time and take a right. This will lead to a fight with a Stalnox, see the Stalnox entry under "Monster Specific Fighting Tips" for how to beat them, they are not difficult. After it dies a chest with the Hylian shield will appear! Congratulations you have successfully looted the best respawning items from Hyrule castle and obtained the best shield in the game!

Armors: (See the Great Fairy section under General Tips for more on leveling up armor)
  • Barbarian - Each piece gives +1 attack strength,up to +3 attack for the complete set which is the maximum 50% increased attack power you can have at once. The set effect reduces the stamina cost for charge attacks meaning you can do a ton more damage and do that damage faster/using less stamina. For throwing breaking weapons(2x damage), Boomerangs(1.5x damage), shattering(3x damage), headshots(2x damage), sneak attacks(8x damage), using Guardian weapons on Guardians (1.3x damage), and using Ancient weapons on Guardians(1.5x damage) the damage buff for barbarian armor is applied after the final damage calculation. So if you throw a 60 damage weapon at an enemy while wearing the Barbarian set and the weapon breaks upon impact that 60 damage becomes 120 damage and the Barbarian set increases that final number by half so that attack would do 180 damage. The Ancient set does even better damage though so the only uses the Barbarian set really has are: To use while getting the Ancient set, to use while you use a different food buff so you can still have attack +3 while you also have cold/heat/fire resistance/run speed/stealth +3, or while you use a weapon that is not an Ancient or Guardian type to conserve uses (but those are easily farmed). Located in: Tu Ka'loh Shrine, Dila Maag Shrine, and Qaza Tokki Shrine.
  • Climber's - Climb speed up bonus and stamina reduction. You climb faster and use less stamina. Honestly this makes climbing so much easier it is an essential item. Located in: Ree Dahee Shrine, Chaas Qeta Shrine, and Tahno O'ah Shrine.
  • Desert Voe - Heat resistant armor purchased from the Gerudo Secret Club after completing the sidequest of the same name. The set effect adds shock resistance.
  • Flamebreaker - Protects against extreme heat, set effect is "Fireproof" which offers immunity to all but the most intense sources of heat (such as falling in lava).
  • Gerudo Vai - disguises you as a woman, needed to enter Gerudo Town at all stages of the game.
  • Ancient - Purchased from Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, you take less damage from guardians and it has the strongest defense out of any armor (84 at tier 4 and most max out at 60). The set effect is to do 80% more damage with Guardian and Ancient weapons! AND it stacks with an attack +3 boosting food buff for 50% additional damage! Not to mention against Guardians Guardian weapons do 30% extra damage and Ancient weapons do 50% extra damage! Totaling all that together that is 270% damage against every opponent (so if you are using an Ancient Battle Axe++ that does 60 damage it now does 162 damage per attack) and 350% damage (210 points of damage with an Ancient Battle Axe++) against Guardians per hit!!! And Ancient Battle Axes++ are easily farmed, see the Guardian and Ancient Weapon entry in the "Map" section.
  • Rubber - Provides shock resistance, and the set effect is "unshockable" which makes you completely resistant to electrical damage and you no longer even drop your items when shocked. This is excellent to get before trying to do the Gerudo Desert Boss. To obtain this armor you need to do the quest Thunder Magnet, as well as the Toh Yasha Shrine and Qukah Nata Shrine.
  • Snowquill - Cold resist with the set effect of being unfreezable, if you buy the dlc Zant's helm alone provides the unfreezable bonus which is awesome for fighting ice enemies but the cold resistance is still needed in many parts of the game unless you want to use food for that, but then you can't boost attack with your food which is more useful. Purchased from the Rito Village Armor Shop.
  • Stealth - Each set piece gives stealth +1 and the max bonus you can have is stealth +3 so you should not use stealth boosting food if you wear this armor as it will do nothing. Also the set effect is night speed up lvl 2 which means you move much faster at night and that is a very nice effect to have and can be used to outrun enemies, harvest materials faster by sleeping until night time, and to win race challenges much easier. Purchased from Kakariko Armor Shop.
  • Zora - Each piece gives swim speed +1 for a max of +3 meaning you move very fast in the water, and the set effect is swim dash stamina up which means you can dash in the water for less stamina than it takes to swim and quickly get to your destination. Also unlocks the ability to do a spin attack in the water and swim up waterfalls. Most rainy areas are horrible to climb in as the environment may be set to rain 24/7 or extremely often so swimming up waterfalls is a super efficient way to get to higher ground in rainy areas. The helm is found in chests in Toto Lake, the chest is given by the King of the Zora's for starting the divine beast quest, and the legs are a reward from the Lynel Safari quest.
  • Snow Boots and Sand Boots - These are given as rewards from the Eighth Heroine and Forgotten Sword Sidequests (you need to temporarily return the snow boots but at the end of the second quest you are given both). Despite not offering heat or cold resistance these are essential items in the sand or snow as they let you move without being slowed down by sinking in.
  • Majora's Mask - dlc item, combines the effects of Kilton's masks (Bokoblin, Moblin, Lizalfos, and Lynel) as well as the radiant armor set (makes it so Stal(bone) type enemies ignore you) so basically every enemy except for Keese, Yiga, Chus, Octoroks, Wizzrobes, and Guardians will ignore you.
  • Korok Mask - Dlc item, alerts you when a Korok seed is near.
Monster Specific Fighting tips: (Enemy classes are color coded in order of difficulty based on health/base damage/special conditions: Red, Blue, Black, Stal, Elemental Variants, and Silver. Silver versions are the toughest but drop gems when they are killed. For some reason Lynels are different and progress in the following order: Red, Blue, White, and Silver)
  • ChuChu - Extremely easy to kill and typically die in one shot, the problem is the elemental variants: Fire, Ice, and Electric. Each one pulses with environmental energy when it attacks or when it is killed meaning it is a bad idea to walk up and kill these things, however killing them from afar when they are still in an enemy camp, or next to an enemy using arrows or bombs can be hugely beneficial as that blast of energy may then hit other enemies freezing(causing them to take shatter damage for 3x your regular hit damage), burning, or stunning(forcing them to drop their items) them. Throwing bombs at Fire ChuChus may be difficult as the flames they generate create updrafts. You can still kill them in close range without taking damage by wearing items that make you fire, ice, or electric immune, or by waiting until after they pulse and hitting them while they recharge.
  • Keese - Simple monsters that only take one hit to kill, sadly unlike ChuChus they don't help you out in a fight and the environmental versions are annoying to melee unless you use items to grant you immunity to their type and because they fly around they are difficult to shoot. Your best bet is to throw a bomb when they get close to you and blow them up.
  • Octorok - These guys suck as they have freakishly good aim and some variants hide underground until they are ready to shoot but will reveal themselves if you take out the bush they wear on their head. An easy way to kill them is to throw a bomb next to them then detonate it when they jump out to shoot at you. I suggest killing these guys on sight because they are annoying some drop fish but mostly because they also drop balloons which are a never ending source of amusement. Some disguise themselves as buried treasure chests so it is always a good idea to use Magnesis from a few steps away when you see a buried treasure chest, if it isn't magnetic it's an Octorok. The Rock Octoroks inhale before shooting at you so if you throw a bomb in their direction while they inhale they will swallow it making them super easy to kill. For a cool trick involving Rock Octoroks see the "General Tips" section.
  • Bokoblin on Horseback - These guys can be a surprising pain to deal with as they either move around quickly and range you from afar making them difficult to catch and retailiate or use long sweeping melee attacks that knock you down and stun you. The best way to deal with them is to shoot them once to knock them off their horse or throw a bomb at them and detonate it as they get close which will throw them from their horse. Then you can just kill them like regular Bokoblins.
  • Lizalfos - Other than having a tail attack and spit ranged attack they can even use from the water not much is special about these except for the environmental variants. The fire and ice versions are easy to kill with a single hit of their opposite elements but electricity has no opposite. While you can (and should) wear the Rubber set to protect yourself from them so their abilities do not matter you can also hit their glowing electric horn with an arrow which will release all their charged up electrical energy and damage + stun themselves and anyone next to them.
  • Wizzrobes - The fire and ice variants are of course easy to kill with their elemental opposites in a single hit but as with the Lizalfos the electric versions have no opposites, but unlike the Lizalfos they have no physical attacks meaning if you wear armor that grants you electrical immunity they actually can't damage you at all and you can ignore them until last as the electric attacks they launch will likely seriously screw up any other attacking enemies in the area. Simply hit them with an arrow when they stop jumping around to knock them down then wail on them a few times with your sword. Also Stasis makes them completely vulnerable. These are great to kill as their elemental staves are very powerful, especially the Blizzard Rod and Thunderstorm Rod.
  • Yiga - Not tough, just annoying with the frequency they appear and how they teleport around during a fight. Freeze a bowman with Stasis and hit him once with most weapons and they are dead (they definitely have less than 90 health) and the Blademasters have a bit more health but can still easily be killed before Stasis wears off. If you don't have Stasis+ yet then just jump in the air when their sword slash cracks the ground toward you and ride the thermal up and get them with a downward thrust. The Windcleaver blade only does 40 damage and breaks easily but the Duplex bow shoots two arrows at once and only uses 1 so that's a pretty good effect for a bow that you get every 20 steps you take.
  • Hinox/Stalnox - For starters if all you want is the items there are 30 Hinox and 10 Stalnox total on the map and it is possible to land on them and loot the items before they wake up, or hit them in the eye once to stun them and grab the items when they fall down. Even Stalnox which have some of the items embedded in their bodies and only spawn at night can sometimes have their weapons removed with Magnesis during the day when they are just a pile of bones. Hinox are slow to wake up and if you sneak up next to them and use the Ancient set combo to do a charge attack the Red Hinox will die without even getting to attack and the by the time the Black Hinox stands up it will have taken over half its life bar. This does not work on Stalnox as they are up and wandering around at night. They can rip up trees and throw them at you, as well as rocks, or their own ribs in the case of Stalnox, and will punch/swipe at you. If you get too close they also have a body slam attack they will do that does AoE damage. As their health gets lower they will start raising a hand to guard protect their eyes but with Stasis they are wide open and you can easily shoot them anyways. Hinox can have wooden leg guards which can be burned away or steel leg guards which can be targeted with electric attacks. At low health the Stalnox's eye will pop out and you just need to hit it until it dies. Typically Hinox will have 2 good melee weapons and a bow and Stalnox will have at least 1 elemental weapon. Overall they are very easy targets you don't even have to fight to loot and they have some tasty loot.
  • Molduga - extremely easy bosses to kill, shame there are only 4 on the map. Simply stand on a rock or any raised platform and throw a bomb. You may have to set a few off or get closer to attract their attention. When you do just leave a bomb out and they will swallow it/dive near it. Just set the bomb off when the explosion will his the Molduga and it will become stunned. Wail on it until it begins to stir, then return to safety and repeat the process. They die fairly easy and drop a lot of fruits as well as treasure chests with some good weapons inside them. If you have Revali's Gale you can wait for them to be be about to swallow you then jump into the air and easily stun them with a downward slash instead of using a bomb.
  • Talus - Has 4 attacks: Punch, throwing its entire arm at you, falling forward, and shaking you off. There are 40 on the map and they come in 3 versions: Plain, Frost, and Igneo. Simply hit the Frost or Igneo Talus with their elemental opposites to turn them plain temporarily or use Fire/Frost proof armor effects and ignore that completely. You can throw bombs at them to blow up their arms if you want but it isn't required or needed. The easiest way to kill them is to back up so they can't hit you with their long ranged attacks and use magnesis to slap their mineral deposit with a metallic weapon until they die. Alternatively you can pause them with Stasis or run under them (the space between their legs and arm) to get behind them then climb on their back and go to town on their stone. Some Talus are jerks and have the stone on their lower backs so you can only hit it with arrows. They are especially weak to bomb arrows, multishot bows, and weapons designed to break rocks like the Sledgehammer and Stone Smasher. The iron sledgehammer does 5x damage against them. Killing them is a great way to get precious gems which can be sold for pretty good cash and they tend to be found near other precious ore deposits.
  • Guardians - There are a million ways to kill these guys. A brand new 3 heart account can beat them with only a pot lid in their inventory to use perfect blocks to reflect their lasers back at them. While they might seem intimidating at first they really have some exploitable weaknesses. If perfect block isn't your thing they can also be killed instantly with a single Ancient arrow to the eye, even if you miss the eye as long as you hit their body it still does 33% of their health (which can be boosted with the Ancient set effect) so if you don't feel like aiming you can just use a Lynel box x3 and an Ancient arrow to one hit them. Unlike every other monster they require you to aim your Ancient arrows to one hit kill them and still drop loot. Guardian and Ancient weapons cut through them like butter, in the single second the Stasis rune freezes them it is possible to damage them so badly they do a 360 degree flip. They can be annoying turning themselves rightside up and scurrying away from you making them difficult to hit while they charge their lasers so if you are meleeing them it is highly advised you take out at least a few of their legs (which also grants you more parts) and the legs will break in a single hit with a good weapon. Also remember that the combo with the Ancient set effect deals 350% damage so a 1,500 health guardian would die in just under 7 hits.
  • Lynel - Can be killed without degrading your melee weapon at all and only using a few arrows! Even the Silver version die in under a minute with only about 10 shots from your bow! Simply use Stasis on them to freeze them in place for 1.5 seconds, then shoot them in the neck (where their beard meets their chin) with a Lynel bow x3 where their beard is to land a critical hit. (On the first attack if they are still taking their weapon out you can wait for Stasis to end before shooting them in the neck as their head won't move for about 3 seconds when drawing their weapon) This fires 3 arrows spread out at once and will almost 100% of the time hit their vitals and count as a critical hit which will stun them while in Stasis. Run up to them while they are stunned, wait for them to start getting up again and shake their head 3 times, then shoot them in the neck again. By doing this when you are directly in front of them and under their head it is almost impossible to fail to hit their vitals. This will knock them to their knees and give you the option to "mount" them which isn't present after criting them in Stasis. If you mount them you are guaranteed 5 hits which is 810 damage if you use the Ancient set Ancient Battle Axe++ Attack +3 combo, and to sweeten the deal hits made while mounted do not degrade your weapon! So all you lose while getting insanely fast and easy kills is a few shots off your Lynel bow and about 10 regular arrows on the hardest version of Lynels, and they drop Lynel bows and arrows so you will literally never run out of supplies farming Lynels with this method! With Spear Lynels they attack faster so wait until your Stasis bar is halfway recharged before mounting them to prevent them from having a chance to attack you. Also at half health they will roar and surround themselves with fire so give them space when that happens. You can also kill them instantly with an Ancient Arrow but it will also destroy their loot. If you are looking for a challenge/just to have fun you can fight them using Perfect Dodge for easy Flurry Rushes.
General Tips:
  • Respawns - All monsters killed and items not in chests respawn every blood moon. Blood moons occur every 3 hours or if the game has over 90% of its ram full to clear memory.
  • Minecarts - Have a bomb holder in the front so you can stand in the back and put a bomb in the front to propel the cart forward without degrading your weapons.
  • Great Fairies - There are 4 total and they are located in Kakariko Village(Dueling Peaks), Piper Ridge(Tabantha), Lake Akkala(Akkala), and the Great Gerudo Skeleton(Gerudo Desert). They cost 100, 500, 1,000, and 10,000 rupees to unlock and the order you unlock them in does not matter as the first, second, third, and forth Fairies will always be numbered in their unlock order. Unlocking Fairies is incredibly important as each Fairy you unlock grants you a new tier of armor upgrade you are able to have performed(up to tier 4). Each Fairy will be able to perform all tiers of upgrade as well so you can just go to whichever is closest to you (The Kakariko fairy is about 10 steps from a shrine) and show them your armor. Not every armor set can be upgraded but they will typically require a few common/uncommon and 1 rare ingredient to upgrade each item. This is where having a good Hyrule Compendium and upgraded Sheikah Sensor comes in extremely handy as you can find most things with a simple Google search and by following directions. When a set of armor (helm, chest, and legs) are all upgraded to tier 2 or above wearing the complete set of armor will give you a "set effect", see the armor section for which sets of armor are the most amazing. I would say unlocking at least 2 of the Fairies is essential because 600 rupees is nothing compared to how amazing set effects can be and early upgrades usually require fairly easy to get materials.
  • Sheikah Towers and Map Icons - Activating a Sheikah Tower makes the map available for that region, and provides a teleport to a high up location making it fairly easy to glide to most places quickly, also as shown in the tutorial you can discover a lot of things you might want to check out later by looking at your surroundings from high above. Those are hugely important advantages to have but Villages and Horse Stables still need to be visited to unlock their map icons so you can easily find them. Most Stables have hint books or npcs that can be really helpful or offer sidequests, not to mention are required for boarding and registering horses so I strongly suggest you stop by all 15 stables. You definitely should make an effort to visit all 8 villages as they contain armor shops, side and main quests important to the game, and a whole lot more.
  • Shrines & Hearts/Stamina - Firstly you should go out of your way to at least activate every shrine you come across as even if you don't beat that shrine it unlocks the ability to teleport to it later which is invaluable when it comes to moving around the simply massive map. Every 4 shrines you beat will provide you the ability to extend your total heart containers (Up to 30) or your stamina wheel (up to 3 wheels). You can easily boost both your stamina and heart contains above their maximum though as shown in the recipes section, but as you can boost your defense so high with armor upgrades and foods and as a result take very little damage it is much better to improve your stamina wheel first as you use stamina constantly. Having two full stamina wheels will make moving around considerably easier with only rain or extremely tall obstacles require you to consume any stamina boosting food. Also if you want to swap them, say to meet a certain heart requirement to complete a sidequest then there is a demonic statue in Hateno Village that swap your containers for 20 rupees a shot. So swapping 10 and then swapping back again would only cost you 400 rupees total.
  • Star Farming - Travel to Shee Vaneer Shrine on top of the Dueling Peaks mountain and look directly to the East at Hateno Tower. Stars fall almost every Night (9 out of 10 or so) and always fall in the area you are looking at so this makes them super easy to get to. Start a fire using a Flameblade on some logs (bomb/cut any tree down then bomb/cut it again to get logs) and sleep until it is night. Star fragments will fall between 9pm and 3am. Optional: Wear the full Stealth Armor set from Kakariko Village for the set bonus which allows you to move much faster at night. Pro-tip: Press the right analogue stick in and pin a marker where the star landed then teleport to Hateno Tower to quickly and easily collect your star.
  • Fairies - Spawn at Great Fairy Fountains. Will not appear if you have more than 2 Fairies already caught and they appear in groups of 4. You can have up to 11 Fairies caught at a time by catching 3 at a fountain, going to another fountain and opening up your inventory and selecting to hold a Fairy, this will cause 4 more to spawn at that area giving you 7 Fairies, then you go to a third fountain and hold 5 Fairies allowing 4 more to spawn and once you catch them you will have 11 Fairies stored! To catch them simply approach while crouching and they will never notice you unless you stand up. Fairies can be used to cook and heal more hearts but that is a waste as a single cooked hearty ingredient of any kind fully restores all hearts and adds some bonus hearts (more hearty ingredients = more bonus hearts, up to 30 total hearts). The most amazing use of fairies is to simply carry 11 around with you because if your hearts ever reach 0 they will automatically restore 5 of your hearts. So having 11 of them means having 11 spare lives in case you don't watch your hearts and run out, or lose them all in one go.
  • Koroks - There are 900 of these jerks hidden everywhere. The reward for collecting all 900 is poop, literal poop, do not be like me and collect all 900 of them. They are super valuable (to a point) though because you can use them to purchase extra weapon slots but only need to find 441 Korok seeds to unlock all weapon, shield, and bow slot upgrades. Using the Korok Mask from the dlc and the Korok Seed map provided by: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-interactive-map/ can make finding them much easier. Types of Korok puzzles include:
    • Offerings - Match the fruit/whatever in the offering baskets/item found in the area
    • Pattern - if 3 fruit trees are growing next to each other pick the fruit on the one that stands out to make them match
    • Pinwheel - shoot the balloons/acorns that pop up when you stand next to it
    • Balloon/Acorn - if you see an acorn in a tree or hanging from something shoot it
    • Fairy lights - if you see strange lights running around interact with them, can also be at the top of tall objects and only visible as you climb near the top
    • Mysterious flower - touch the trail of yellow flowers until a white one appears
    • Platform - if you stand on a platform with a Korok leaf icon on it, it will trigger a race event
    • Cube puzzle - Look for 2 metal block designs near each other, a block will be nearby you can use Magnesis on to make the designs match
    • Rocks - Look for rocks all by themselves in places that stick out, like on the side of cliffs, or top of hills/mountains, or hidden under metal objects/other rocks/burnable leaves/bombable walls and pick them up
    • Rock patterns - look for rock designs that are missing a rock/s, nearby will be rocks to pick up and use to complete the design
    • Bowling - At the bottom of hills there are sometimes perfect boulder sized holes or goal posts, roll boulders into these holes, they can miss and be pushed in, you don't have to get a hole in 1
    • Ice - In cold areas melting ice blocks can reveal frozen Koroks
    • Rock throw - in various waterways, usually near bridges, there will be circles of rocks with rocks you can pick up near them. Throw those rocks into the circles. Cryonis can help.
    • Lillypad circle - Dive into a the circle, you can use Cryonis from right next to it
    • Ball in a cup - if you see a metal ball on a chain, or chained to another metal ball put them in any obvious depression that looks like it can hold them
    • Targets - you may see things like crests or shields on walls that have arrows sticking out of them, shoot them once
    • Obviously intentional layouts - if you see a series of horse jumps or targets in a row try jumping over them or shooting them
  • Master Sword - *Spoilers for how to get it to follow* Located in the Lost Woods (directly above Hyrule Castle) after figuring out how to enter them (follow the torches until they end, from that point have your torch out and follow the direction the wind blows the flames so that the embers are always behind you). Once inside you can activate a shrine to easily teleport to it in the future and you can find the Master Sword guarded by an old friend. You will need 13 hearts (non boosted, so 10 heart containers added) to pull out the Master Sword. The Master Sword does 30 damage or 60 when in the presence of Guardians or Malice, and if you purchased the dlc you can complete the easy, medium, and hard trials of the sword to raise the damage it does normally by 10 until it is always in its awakened state and always does 60 damage. The main reason the Master Sword is amazing is because unlike every other weapon in the game that Master Sword does not break. After many hits it will need to recharge for 10 minutes before it can be used again but if used wisely it can prevent you from ever having to degrade your good weapons. Also at max health if you press "R" it has the iconic sword beam which does 10 damage in its normal state or 20 damage in its awakened state and wearing any of the amiibo tunics or the Tunic of the Wild will cause it to do 15 or 30 damage instead. (Not that you should wear any of those tunics)
  • Horses - have 4 stats: Strength(How well/calm the horse is during battle, weak horses may get spooked), Speed(how fast the horse is), Stamina(how long the horse can run, aka how many spurs it has), and Temperament(how well the horse will follow your commands). Spotted horses tend to have lower stats and solid color ones tend to be the best. Riding your horse for a couple minutes and pressing "L" whenever you notice it not moving how you tell it will pat the horse making it more affectionate towards you. After about 10-15 minutes you should have a 100% bond (you can check this at a stable when boarding/withdrawing your horse) and it will be obedient from then onward. You can also feed horses an Endura Carrot and they will gain 3 temporary stamina spurs.
  • Saddles and Bridles - There are a total of 6 unlockable in game, 1 from the dlc, 1 from amiibo, 1 from Kilton's shop, 1 from the Royal White Stallion sidequest, and 2 from minigames. They are purely cosmetic with the exception of the Ancient Saddle and Bridle from the dlc which makes it so your horse teleports to your location whenever you whistle for it but sadly does not work with Epona or Ganondorf's horses as they have saddles and bridles which can not be changed.
  • Link's, Ganondorf's, and Zelda's Horses as well as other mounts - Epona can be found via the Super Smash Bros Link Amiibo and she will have strength 4, speed 4, and stamina 4, with a gentle temperament. Zelda's horse can be found via completing the sidequest "Royal White Stallion" at Outskirt Stable, her stats are strength 4, speed 3, stamina 5 and a wild temperament. Ganondorf's horse can be found by completing the sidequest "Hunt for the Giant Horse" at the Mounted Archery Camp in Faron Grasslands. His stats are strength 5, speed 2, unlimited stamina, and wild temperament. Also able to be mounted and ridden are: Deer, Bears, Stalhorse, and the Lord of the Mountain(can be caught on top of Satori Mountain on nights when it gives off a blue aura, best method is to sneak up behind or glide above and drop down on to mount, requires at least 2 full stamina wheels to calm). Also the Master Cycle Zero is available to those that complete dlc batch 2.
  • Horse God Shrine - Can be found SouthEast of Lake Tower/South of Highland Stable, at Malanya Spring which is just after the "Lake of the Horse God" and "Horse God Bridge" in case that wasn't a subtle enough hint. The Horse Fairy Malanya can be revived for 1,000 rupees and will revive dead horses for you. She may request an Endura Carrot for her troubles but those are easily farmed and certainly a fair trade for the life of a horse(with good stats).
  • Traders - Traders will sell rarer items when it is raining, also you can instantly restock their inventories after buying them out by teleporting to a shrine on the opposite side of the map and sleeping until night twice (so over 24 hours pass) and the returning to their store.
  • Rusty Weapons - The Rock Octoroks that inhale before launching stuff at you will suck in rusty weapons/shields if they are near them when inhaling and spit out the restored version of those weapons which may turn out to be fairly decent weapons. Note: Be careful not to throw the rusted weapons into the Octorok as that will kill it.
  • Hylian Shield - Most shields have a durability rating of 10-50 but this shield has a durability rating of 800 meaning it will last 16 times longer than the best shields you would normally see in the game. It also has a parry rating of 90 which is equally amazing. It is obtained by killing the Stalnox in Hyrule Castle Prison. If you lose it after this you can buy it back from Terry Town after completing the quest "From the Ground Up" for 3,000 rupees.
  • Octorok balloons - When killed and my god should you kill these aimbot using sons a- they drop balloons. By going into your inventory and selecting them with the "hold" option you can attach them (up to 5 at a time!) to things like rafts, metal doors, boulders, explosive barrels, remote bombs, and much more to temporarily lift them up into the air. Combined with the Korok Leaf you can use the wind to push them in a specific direction.
  • Dogs - There are 14 dogs at ranches/stables in the game and if you feed them 4 apples (toss them on the ground and the dogs will eat them automatically) they will take you to 14 secret treasure chests that can only be revealed with the aid of a dog. Note: Some areas have a tan and a black dog in the same location, I have only ever had the black dog take me to a chest. The locations are: Hateno Village, Lurelin Village, Lakeside Stable, Highland Stable, Kara Kara Bazaar, Gerudo Canyon Stable, Outskirt Stable, Wetland Stable, Serenne Stable, Snowfield Stable, Woodland Stable, South Akkala Stable, East Akkala Stable, and Tarrey Town(after completing "From the Ground Up").
  • Dragon Farming - There are 3 Dragons in the game; Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra and they drop horns(horn), fangs(mouth), claws(feet), and scales(body) based on where they are shot. Shooting them requires a good long range bow like the Golden, Twilight, Ancient, or Phrenic bows. Praying at the Springs of Power, Wisdom, and Courage makes the dragons have a predictable spawn time (5am) and pattern. Naydra requires a special secret boss fight to unlock where you shoot the eyeballs of malice growing on him and then he starts flying around and you must shoot the remaining eyes while in the air to purify him. Dinraal is best farmed by standing South of the Eldin Great Skeleton up the mountain a little ways. Naydra is best farmed by standing a little bit south of the East Gate on Lanayru Road (which leads to Lanayru Mountain). For details on Farosh see the Rupee Farming entry directly below this.
  • Rupee Farming - By going to the Riola Spring and climbing the hills to the North of it you will find a cave with some Electric Keese in it. Face the spring and look for a dip in the floor which seems to be perfectly campfire sized. Place some logs on the ground and light them on fire, then drop a torch on the logs, the fire will light the torch and after you sleep until morning which puts the fire out the lit torch will automatically re-lite the logs. So just sleep until morning, then jump into the air the second the wind gust happens signaling Farosh is spawning and enter bullet time to shoot him in the horn as he materializes. You can then land and sleep almost immediately (after the horn falling animation has started but before it hits the ground) to the next morning and leap up the second the gust happens to repeat this process for incredibly rapid horn farming. Depending on how skilled you are 2-3 hours of this will more than pay for anything you could ever want to buy in the game. Also Dragon Horns are a key ingredient in almost every one of the best recipes in the game. Alternatively slightly NorthEast of Hebra Tower is the Snow Bowling minigame and strikes are 300 rupees each and the ball has a very predictable path so it is possible to find the ideal spot to throw the ball and get a strike or a spare (100 rupees) almost every single time and average about 25k rupees and hour there is Dragon hunting is not your thing. Lastly after you beat the Goron Divine Beast an npc named "Ramella" will be wandering around Goron City and she will buy precious gems off you at very high prices. As they don't serve any purpose in the game (except to buy and upgrade pointless jewelery that are incredibly more expensive versions of helms already in the game but without set effects) selling them here for epic loot is pretty much the best thing you can do with them.
  • Arrow Farming - The fastest method of getting 999 regular, fire, ice, shock and bomb arrows is to simply buy them from Tarrey Town after completing "From the Ground Up" for 76,475 rupees. Using the Traveler's Medallion from the dlc to immediately teleport back to the arrow salesman it will take only 16 minutes to buy 999 of all 5 arrows. (Note you can buy Bomb arrows from Gerudo Town instead and save 4,750 rupees if you don't mind it taking almost twice as long.) With the best Rupee farming method you earn ~70k Rupees in an hour so combining that method with this method means that max arrows from scratch takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The Story - Basically as this is an open world game the only story presented in the game is done so via the quest "Captured Memories" so completing this is important if you want to know what is going on. There are also a few other important bits of story hidden away, namely: Kass - by asking him to play the song of the ancient hero, The King's Journal in the King's Study, Zelda's 2 Diaries in her Room and Study, and the Journals in both Ancient Tech Labs.
  • True Ending - There are two endings to the game, to unlock the full ending you need to free all 4 Divine Beasts and finish all the main quests (which includes finding every memory).
  • Kilton Medals - After beating the game talking to Kilton will reveal an optional monster hunt. Killing each of the 4 Molduga, 40 Talus, and 40 Hinox/Stalnox spawns at least once will result in Kilton giving out 3 medals, 1 for each species.
  • Amiibo - All armor sets are exactly the same and don't do anything better than the existing sets of armor in game and only add a minor buff to the Master Sword's beam attack. Sheik's Mask is just a Stealth hood except if you wear it you don't get the run speed +2 set effect so while it may look cool it is actually detrimental to use. Epona is arguably the best horse in game although some people prefer Ganondorf's horse for his unlimited stamina (despite having only 2 star run speed) and combat abilities + size, however both Epona and Ganondorf's horses can't have their saddles/bridles changed so that gives Zelda's horse a bit of an edge as it can wear the Ancient Saddle/Bridle and teleport to you when you whistle. The weapons can only be dropped after you have completed at least 1 Divine Beast (With the exception of the Sea-Breeze Boomerang which is just a 20 damage wooden boomerang) and are all breakable. The Twilight bow is amazing with an attack power of 30 and durability of 100, it generates its own light arrows and they fly perfectly straight forever. The Hero's shield has the second highest durability rating in the game (90) which is less than 1/8th the Hylian Shield's rating of 800, but still 33% more points than the third best shield's (Daybreaker) rating of 60. Other than that there is nothing special or even particularly good about the amiibo weapons. The Champion Helms are a bit more interesting as they act as Ancient Helms which mean they have Guardian Resist, and if you wear them with the chest and legs will offer the set effect of 80% extra damage when using Guardian and Ancient weapons, but in addition they will all show the hp of enemies like the Champion's Tunic, and offer Fire Resist +1 (Rudania), Swim Speed +1 (Ruta), Cold Resist +1 (Medoh), and Shock Resist +1 (Naboris) of which only Fire and Cold Resist are worth using as you still get stunned and drop your items with shock resist making the Rubber set so much better and the Zora set is the epitome of swimming bonuses(Also you can't use weapons in the water anyways).
    • Link (Super Smash Bros) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of Twilight, Epona
    • Zelda (Super Smash Bros) - Twilight Bow
    • Sheik (Super Smash Bros) - Sheik's Mask
    • Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros) - Sword of the Six Sages
    • Toon Link (Super Smash Bros) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of the Wind, Sea-Breeze Boomerang
    • Link (Legend of Zelda) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of the Hero, "Sword"
    • Link (Ocarina of Time) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of Time, Biggoron's Sword
    • Toon Link (The Wind Waker) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of the Wind, Sea-Breeze Boomerang
    • Toon Zelda (The Wind Waker) - Hero's Shield
    • Wolf Link (Twilight Princess HD) - Summons Wolf Link once per day to your aid with as many hearts as when you saved in the Cave of Shadows. If he vanishes and does not run out of hearts he can be summoned until he is out of health. Wolf Link is super aggressive and will ruin sneak attacks, pick unnecessary fights, and eat just about anything to heal himself including ingredients you may want unless you use the stay command a lot. However when you use the Sheikah sensor to locate objectives he will lead you to them which makes him incredibly useful if you are having a hard time finding something. He will vanish if you enter a town/stable and teleport behind you if you drastically outrun him.
    • Link (Archer) (BotW) - n/a
    • Link (Rider) (BotW) - Traveler's Bridle and Saddle
    • Zelda (BotW) - n/a
    • Guardian (Botw) - n/a
    • Bokoblin (BotW) - n/a
    • Link (Majora's Mask) - Fierce Deity Mask, Armor, Boots, and Sword
    • Link (Twilight Princess) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of Twilight, Epona
    • Link (Skyward Sword) - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of the Sky, Goddess Sword
    • Daruk (BotW) - Vah Rudania Divine Helm
    • Mipha (BotW) - Vah Ruta Divine Helm
    • Revali (BotW) - Vah Medoh Divine Helm
    • Urbosa (BotW) - Vah Naboris Divine Helm
Credit: Huge credit goes to Random Respawn's youtube channel for covering a lot of the recipes/combat tips/item farming locations, as well as "Drunken_Idiot" at Gamefaqs for his extremely detailed combat guide, and of course Zelda Dungeon for their amazing interactive map. I made this guide as a Christmas present for my sister to teach her how not to suck at the game without spoiling it for her and think it came out pretty good so I decided to post it. I guess that means she gets some credit too.
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Soy un Perdedor
Dec 29, 2017
I like this. I can't believe you had time to type all of that out though. Lol
I have a question though, and it's probably silly...

Where in the game can I find more than 2 Endura Carrots at a time? I really need to know. Lol


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
@Rebecca Winkler this locations: Hyrule Ridge, Faron Grasslands, near malyana spring. Near Mogg Latan shrine on Satori Mountain and near many great fairy shrines.

@Wolfie just want to add to yer arrows bit, in addition to rain putting out fire and bomb arrows it boosts shock arrows immensely (Area of Effect damage) and in volcanic regions normal arrows will light on fire and bomb arrows explode immediately


Soy un Perdedor
Dec 29, 2017
Oh my gosh. (Excuse me for a minute, I'm excited) I love learning new things...
I can't believe no one ever told me that if you give an Endura Carrot to your Horse it will give it more Stamina Spurs!
That may be common sense, idk, but I think it's awesome!
I was just trying to be nice and reward my Horse bc it had been through and survived a real mess with me. And 1 Endura Carrot gave it 3 extra Spurs. I really wish I had known that back when I first started the game lol. (But I was more selfish with my stamina stuff then so I probably wouldn't have done it..)
Give an Endura Carrot to your Horse. ..
That's my tip lol :)
Nov 5, 2014
New York
Updated guide with new Telos and Molduga strategies, new info on Wolf Link that actually makes him useful, and corrected false information about blood moon spawns.
Nov 5, 2014
New York
Added an entry to the general tips section. I just figured out that the funny looking nose at the front of minecarts is to roll your round bombs into so you can stand in the back and launch them forward with explosions and not degrade your weapons at all. I never figured that out until just this moment... derp.
Apr 20, 2019
Woww It's a great work bro
I appreciate your hard work. It's a really awesome post.
This really hard task to do that all thing.
Nov 5, 2014
New York
So someone just thought of a cool new way to fish (better than just throwing remote bombs and detonating them to kill the fish so you can just swim and pick up the corpses) and that is to use a raft or cryonis to get a little bit out to sea and then whistle. When fish are startled they swim away from you so any fish between your location and the shore will swim onto the shore in a panic. Instant fish.

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