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Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

Oct 18, 2019
I get it...I mean I like it but I get why someone wouldn't.

The game is majorly padded out with climbing. Remove the constant climbing and the game would probably be 10 hours long. It's super repetitive
Dec 12, 2019
BotW is two steps forward and twenty steps back for the series.

Did we want an open world? Yes.
Did we want dozens of repeating identical franchise shrines in place of actual dungeons and caves? No.
Did we want a land with piles of worthless junk lying around that all fall to pieces under a stiff breeze? No.
Did we want dozens of repetitious inconsequential fetch quests? No.
Did we want 900 pointless collectables hidden under every leaf and rock? No.
Did we want to keep a meaningful central story in our Zelda adventure? Yes.
Did we want an insufferably written, atrociously voice acted narrative that's even so inconsequential to the writers they sidelined it as optional content? No.
Did we want to keep challenging and compelling dungeons? Yes.
Did we want four "main" dungeons (that are really as optional as everything in BotW) that all look and play the same? No
Did we want to keep impressive and challenging bosses? Yes.
Did we want four identical bosses that all play the same and are each just slightly differently shaped vaguely menacing clouds? No.
Did we want mechanical innovation in the series? Yes.
Did we want a weather simulation that really just does little more than arbitrarily disable your ability to climb when it rains? No.
Did we want a cooking system that's 95% redundant because most of the recipes are useless and you really only need it to have unlimited access to full heath restoratives that completely breaks the game as soon as you can fully heal anything less than a 1-shot kill at any time.

It's almost as if, for once, ninty was listening. "What's that?" ninty muses from deep within the fog of their dementia, "Our fans want a less restrictive open world Zelda?" .... "okay...."

So that's what we got. Unfortunately, what we got came at the expense of everything else good about the series... and nothing else! They completely gutted it of everything Zelda. All we're left with is this big open often times needlessly frustrating, most of the time dull uninteresting and unchallenging expanse of empty space and mountains of worthless junk and pointless filler.
just adding :
Did we want constantly breaking weapons ?

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