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BOTW's Weather Science

Discussion in 'Zelda Theory' started by TattooArtist, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. TattooArtist

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    Aug 2, 2016
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    Of course, the variety of different weathers appear all throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, from the hot and dry Gerudo to the bitter and snowy Hebra - as well as green land AND a volcano...yeah it might take you a good couple of minutes to walk from Eldin to Akkala but they are so much closer than you think, its riduculous how such drastically different climates so near by to each other don't result in Hyrule turning into some sort of climate disaster, I'm convinced the hot air from the volcano is enough to set at least half of Akkala to flames - but most games are set to be realistic - so why doesn't the volcano melt the snow in Hebra when they are probably a few mile away from each other? And surely with this mix of climates it's bound to cause other natural disasters such as hurricanes. But to support the fact that each area is close to one another and to know for sure how catastrophic the weather should be, we need to know how big Hyrule is in Breath of the Wild since land area is important when it comes to weather. And using Youtuber MatPat's (or The Game Theorist's considering he said himself he has the "most accurate answer to date" AND I believe myself its a respectable measurement) answer of 70.97km2 of land area but if you include the oceans and outline islands its 82.57km2 meaning Hyrule is pretty small compared to actual Kingdoms, this means that things like tornadoes or hurricanes aren't really a huge problem because there isn't enough land mass to create the cells to make these kinds of weather patterns but this DOES mean the weather in Hyrule will most likely be chaotic and to understand why we need to understand air pressure. Obviously wind exists because the earth is unevenly heated by the sun since the earth rotates, and since hot air expands that will create a low air pressure but can revert between low and high pressure - when this happens it can result in cyclones which supports Hyrule is pretty safe because Hyrule is so small - but these exchanges between low and high pressure does occur in Hyrule called local weathers, which change depending on what time of day it is and how the temperatures change between day and night.

    But considering that Hyrule is small meaning each of the areas are probably much closer to one another than we thought - I wonder why these drastic climates don't mix with one another, what do you think?