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BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread

Feb 9, 2019
I'm at the point where I can beat the sword and spear wielding Lynels without taking damage. I still need powerups/health items for the ones with the Lynel Crusher weapons. I must admit that I used Ancient Arrows during the Trial of the Sword. Agree.. 10/10


Braava Braava
ZD Legend
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
I want poes in the game because they are cute
Poes would've worked so damn well in BOTW, have the backstory of "the restless dead have been corrupted and yearn for vengeance of any still living" and have them spawn in either heavily maliced areas or floating around the guardian field near the twin peaks stable. They could just serve as an alert system for enemies or have them flat attack.

As for getitng back on track here i feel like Molduga's need more love. It takes a fair bit of skill to kill one while seal surfing and not die to them........


ZD Champion
Oct 12, 2019
planet earth
i like when i can have some fun with them using a mask. Also, Lynles. One thing: 105 damage lynel crusher.

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