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BotW 2 Content in AoC?

Azure Sage

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AoC had a bonus for BotW save data, and I think it's likely BotW 2 will have one for either game. But what if AoC gets a bonus for having BotW 2 save data? Kinda going backwards here, but I think they could do something neat and it would also give the game a little more longevity.

Personally I would really like to see outfits for Link and Zelda that allow you to play them in their appearances in BotW 2. I'd especially love to see that on Zelda. Would kill to run around leveling armies with her in that nice short haired look. Another thing they could do, though it would absolutely would not be a save data bonus, is using Link's new Sheikah arm as a weapon type for him. I'd totally buy that as like a separate DLC pack or something.

Would you guys like to see BotW 2 content appear in AoC? Save data bonus or other DLC?

Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
BOTW2 inspired DLC would be interesting, I could see them adding another story where a shorter version of what happens in the new game.

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