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General Zelda Bosses- Which is Better Okami or Zelda?


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Feb 12, 2013
The Sacred Realm
Which game/series has better bosses: The Legend of Zelda or Okami/den? This question has bugged me since I beat Twilight Princess and Okamiden. I want to know which game's boss fights are better and which boss fight you liked more. My answer is Zelda, reason: Blizetta fight Twilight Princess
Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
I agree with Darkest Link. Maybe it was because I played the Wii version, but the combat in the game was really frustrating and not engaging at all, IMO. I had a lot of trouble with the brush as well, I would draw something and it would come out as something different.

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For sure, combat is not Okami's main selling point by any stretch of the imagination. But I didn't really have any problems with the control scheme and I still had loads of fun fighting the bosses (one in particular - take a random guess...)

Still, in general Zelda is better in the boss battles category. Mostly because it's had 26 years to build up its repertoire, but also because they tend to be rather challenging. Okami's boss battles aren't that challenging in and of themselves, even though they're still enjoyable in their own right.

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