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Bosses Gigantic or Man-sized??

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As we all know, the bosses in the Zelda games are usually some kind of gigantic monster, except for Ganondorf. At least in all the ones I've played. Is a man-sized boss such taboo to the developers??? Seriously. I think a swordsman about Link's height would be a good boss. Given that he's really powerful. To help get my point across, take the Espada in the amine Bleach. (which is awesome, by the way. If you haven't seen it, go watch it.) The Espadas, or Vasto Lordes if you want to be more specific, are man-sized, and they're basically the strongest enemies. Besides Aizen, the main antagonist. I think the Zelda games should try to have an "Espada" or two as a boss once in a while. I think that would make for a good fight, and a good change of pace. What do you guys think?


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Nov 29, 2010
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There were a couple humanoid bosses in AoL with only one or two appearing in each game after. I have always assumed in order to keep the teen rating, Nintendo has link always fighting very inhuman monsters over very relatable people. Normally as long as the hero fights aliens, robots, or monsters, censors will let it pass. But when the hero fights another person, then things might slide into mature rated territory. As killing another person in a video game is considered serious business.

I have always liked the humanoid bosses more. They had the ability to become characters of their own and not just a large obstacle for Link to defeat in order to move on with the game. The giant monsters are just that, large animals that break things because that is what giant monsters do. But a character like Blind the thief or Horsehead could have a history and be more. They can have motivations of their own, plus as characters they could appear in a later title as a side character or a main villain some day. Vaati, Twinrova, and Shadow Link have made multiple appearances in many games with people still wishing for their return. I still hope to see Horsehead, Blind the Thief, Gooma, Carock, Agahnim or Jalhalla again. With some dialog and story added for them.


Jan 19, 2011
I hope that in Skyward sword, there are huge, massive bosses, like in Twilight princess. The only thing that I hope they correct is that a huge monster like the lakebed temple's boss (I forgot it's name) would have strength that matches it's size. A good example would be a little skiny guy isn't strong, but a huge 300 pound bodybuilder, is.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I really couldn't care less about the physical size of the enemies in the upcoming Zelda. What matters most to me is the challenge they provide to the player. I'd like to have bosses that make you think and experiment to find their weak spots (instead of simply using the dungeon item everytime 3 times and he's dead). I think the developers should randomly vary the physical size of the bosses, just as they see it fit. As long as the challenge is right and the design isn't too awful, I'll be satisfied.


Jun 14, 2010
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Well there is some man-sized bosses in Zelda most of them are in AoL if im not mistaken....

But as for different sizes, it wouldnt really matter, as long as it provides a challenge to the player. But of course varying (spelling?) sizes can have negatives and positives. For example if you have a man sized boss, you would be forced to use the sword which is okay but what about the item it would be almost useless. Having a big boss makes you just use the sword when he is knocked out and the dungeon item all the time.

So its a matter of how well you balnce it, and of course the design is important you cant have a boring big boss neither a too loaded mini boss
Jul 1, 2010
I would enjoy a massive boss, colossal in size to Link, but I will say, enemies his size have always been fun, whether it's dark Link or dark nuts. Zant was a fun boss, down to Link's size, as well as the boomerang baboon. More enemies like this would be a welcome inclusion in Skyward Sword, but I would also like a more challenging common enemy that shares Link's hight. The return of the Moblin, perhaps?


Feb 25, 2010
Most bosses are rweally big. This cayses a lot of problems. They become to slow, and they have more places for you to hit. But, I know that most of these bosses could hurt you alot if you get hit, but they are still to easy. Some link sized bosses, maeby even the return of dark link, could be good for the seris.


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Jul 27, 2010
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I don't care about the boss sizes either. I only really care about the threat they pose to me.

Also, I've found it ironic that some of the large bosses (like Morpheel in TP) are much easier than most smaller bosses (like Dark Link in AoL/OoT). Big bosses are supposed to be intimidating, yet they die in three hits!
Dec 12, 2010
Skyward Sword is all about swordplay. I would think they'd include a few sword-wielding, Link-sized opponents for players to have epic swordfights with. Maybe the developers could get rid of the "can't kill people" issue by having the game cut to a cutscene after the battle and show the enemies either redeem themselves or escape.


Aug 29, 2010
Actually, I wouldn't really care how big or small the bosses would be. All I really care is how challenging they will be. One good example of epic sized bosses but poor challenge is Twilight Princess, when I fought all of the bosses, I was like, "Woah, look at the size of that water serpent monster thing!!!", but when I was done, I was like, "...... that was it?". What I am trying to say is, I don't really care about the size, what I really want is an epic boss battle that can be true to it's epicness according to the given scenario, and I think we will be getting this, seeing that already for Skyward Sword we have a large boss, the Scorpion, and a normal boss, the Stalfos. Both are seem very challenging despite their size. So so far, we do have gigantic bosses, and man-sized bosses. All I want is the challenge, no matter the size!!!


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Aug 3, 2010
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Well, gigantic bosses are always epic because they are so massive. Things that don't like you and want to kill you that are 5000 times your size, are much scarier, because it is obvious from their size that they can do it. But in Zelda games, it is often easy to kill these gigantic bosses, not really making you scared of them anymore. But when you fight someone your same size, you don't know who will win. It depends on how good you, or that creature, is. I always liked an even battle better, but that is my personal opinion.

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Aug 20, 2008
I would love to see some more tough man-ish sized boss, myself. Like in Twilight Princess, while most of the major bosses were ginormous uber monsters that were easily killed. However, some of the enemies like the iron knuckle guys were fun to fight. I think Skyward Sword could have some pretty badass sword fights with said enemies if nintendo took the time to do it. If they can use the motion plus to it's full potential and enable some semi-realistic sword fighting, it could be pretty awesome quite frankly. A slightly more even ratio of ginormous baddies to mini ones would be good IMO, and I'm really hoping that Skyward utilizes the motion plus that was such a big deal to make for some epic gameplay.
Mar 8, 2010
I think bosses are supposed to be monsters who are large enough to be a threat to an entire town. I dont know if a man sized boss can do that. I think there needs to be scenes where you swordfight with someone your size. But I think a boss is supposed to strike fear into you like, oh my gosh! I can't defeat the giant monster. I think what is in more order is making the boss difficulty match its appearence. I want a boss where I die. Where I try, with fairies, cause they're there and I will use them, and die. I think the difficulty setting is going to give me that. Zelink...is pleased

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