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Boss Fights - What Are You Hoping For?

Feb 1, 2012
Boss battles should be focused on puzzles and require you to use multiple items to be able to damage It. There could be a few exceptions though, such as final boss, Ganon could have more than 1 form, but at the last one It would be pleasing to not have puzzles and just regular sword fight, It kinda fits the final battle much better. I'm kinda hoping for another WW like final boss though, for some reason, It felt fun and rewarding fightning ganon with zelda helping me with the light arrows, It was sad how easy that fight was though, would've been better if Puppet Ganon was part of the battle instead of a boss battle before It.


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Jan 10, 2012
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I would like to see more humanoid boss fights. It just feels a little more believable that Link could defeat say Ghirahim over the likes of.. let's say Morpheel from TP. I loved Phantom Ganon and Ganondorf but more sword fighting suits me.


Jul 1, 2012
Considering most Boss fights occur at the end of that specific dungeon, I think that it's supposed to be the ultimate final test, as the boss will symbolise the theme of the dungeon whether it be a water temple, fire temple Ect. Also you will use the dungeon item to defeated the boss. This gives us a pretty good idea on how the boss fight will go, for me this defeats the objective of a good boss fight as the whole figuring out that to do is gone as you know that the dungeon item will prob be the main point of attack.

Skyward Sword went in the right direction as The boss fights were very diverse and not all boss fights required the sole use of the dungeon item.....For me the fun in boss fights is thinking how the hell do I defeate this giant beast, so one point I think is that bosses should be more like puzzles and there should definitely be more strategy involved. Another point would be that boss fights usually require little skill, it's most of the time find out what to do and repeat, to counter this I think that there should be multiple ways to hurt the boss, my last point would be to make boss fights less one dimensional and give the boss more attacks and variety of movement patterns in order to confuse the player.

Overall I think that Zelda's weak point is boss fights so there are multiple improvements to be made, SS was a step inthe right direction so I hope the next installment will improve on this :)


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May 26, 2010
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Hmm...I've done some more thinking and I'd love to start seeing superbosses inter the fray. Incredibly quick, hard-hitting and pretty much impossible-on-first-try type foes. To get a good idea of what I'm talking about, take a gander at this:

See how No Heart has so many different attacks up his sleeves that aren't easily countered? That is what I'm looking for! You could master the controls, but that doesn't mean you master the game or the tough foes that await you! Zelda U, make it happen! :yes:

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