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Book and Movie Quotes.

Oracle: Don't worry about the vase.

Neo: What vase.


Oracle: That vase.

Neo: I'm sorry.

Oracle: I said, don't worry about it. What's really going to bake your Noodle later on is 'would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?'

(yes. It was an ugly vase.)


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Aug 16, 2019
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Child: Gomennasai! How can I atone for my sin.
Ban: Atone for you sin? Whatchya talkin about?
Child:You know!.....your wound!?!?
wound vanishes
Ban:Let me tell you something. A real sin Is something you can never atone for
-Seven Deadly Sins

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Aug 27, 2011
"Never underestimate a droid." Leia from The Last Jedi

"You lightspeed-skipped the Falcon?!"
"You dropped a tree on BB-8?!" - Rey and Poe

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Charlie Croker (after witnessing a breach of a locked vehicle gone horribly wrong): Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!- The Italian Job

M. Gustave: Keep your hands off my Lobby Boy!- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Marge Gunderson and Other Characters throughout the movie: Oh Yah, Yah, Oh You betcha'- Fargo

Walter Sobchak: OVER THE LINE !!!- The Big Lebowski


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Apr 4, 2012
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Belgarath: "No, it's actually very simple, but it's always the most difficult to explain that which is simple."
Garion: "That can't be possible" Garion replied irritably.
Belgarath: "It can't?" He said and looked amused at him. "Then I'll ask you a simple question. What's two plus two?"
Garion: "Four" Garion responded quickly.
Belgarath: "Why?"
Garion groped for words a little while.
Garion: "It just is that way" he answered lamely
Belgarath: "But why?"
Garion: "There is no why. It just is."
Belgarath: "Everything has a reason, Garion"
Garion: "Fine. Why is two plus two four then?"
Belgarath: "I don't know" he admitted. "I thought maybe you did"

From the third book of the Belgariad, Magician's Gambit by David Eddings. I always loved this little exchange ^^


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Dalinar Kholin said:
The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one. It's the next one. Always the next one.

Kaldin Stormlessed said:
“Ten spears go to battle," he whispered, "and nine shatter. Did the war forge the one that remained? No, Amaran. All the war did was identify the spear that would not break.”

Kaldin Stormlessed said:
"Honor is dead. But I'll see what I can do.
- Words of Radiance

Field Marshal Tamas said:
"I would die for my country, but I'd rather kill for it."
- The Autumn Republic

Roshone said:
"Storms boy, what did you do? Hit a lighteyes?"
Kaldin Stormlessed said:
"Yes." Then punched him.
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Mr. Dewey Largo : Miss Simpson, do you find something funny about the word "tromboner"?

Lisa Simpson : No, sir. I was laughing at something outside.

Sherri : She was looking at Nelson!

Class : Lisa likes Nelson!

Milhouse : She does not!

Class : Milhouse likes Lisa!

Janey : He does not!

Class : Janey likes Milhouse!

Uter : She does not!

Class : Uter likes Milhouse.

Mr. Dewey Largo : Nobody likes Milhouse!

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