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Game Thread Bok's Fantasy Book Mafia

Mar 12, 2021
Final Player List

The Living

  1. Rubik was Kvothe the Arcanist from the Kingkiller Chronicles
  2. Mellow Ezlo was Levi Ackerman, Humanities Strongest Cleanest Soldier from Attack on Titan
  3. Mikey the Moblin was Ishamael, The Betrayer of Hope from The Wheel of Time
  4. ExLight was Rashek, The Lord Ruler, from Mistborn
  5. Morbid Minish was Rand al'Thor, The Dragon Reborn, from The Wheel of Time
  6. Kirino was Bayaz, First of the Magi from The First Law
  7. Legacy of Smiles was Tyrion Lannister, The Hand of the King from A Song of Ice and Fire
The Dead
  1. Ragnarokio was Vin: The Mistborn (Lynched Day 1)
  2. SMS was Kaladin Stormblessed, The Windrunner (Killed Night 1)
  3. Chevywolf30 was Jorg Ancrath, The Prince of Thorns (Killed Night 1)
  4. Libk was Dazen Guile, The Prism (Lynched Day 2)
  5. The Sun Fan was Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher (Killed Night 2)
  6. Johnny Sooshi was Inquisitor Sand Dan Glokta (Lynched Day 3)
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Mar 12, 2021
Role pms and night actions are coming, but my cats are gonna kill me if I don't feed them now.



King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
I'm sorry for not trusting your read on kirino, minish.

I'd have voted ex or maybe even mikey, but I couldn't bring myself to vote kirino.

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
moe deserves to sleep with glass shards in his bed
he's so hard to deal with as scumbud gfodngdfklgm

The feeling is mutual but luckily we were able to move past it for the game

Like c'mon theres nothing more triggering when powerwolfing than a teammate being like "wow if I was town I'd be so suspicious of you right now xD"


Jun 19, 2010
Legacy was town MVP, yeah. I felt kind of bad to see him basically lose his mind this whole phase lol, especially with it being his first game here. Same with Minish because she actually got the scum team and put in a ton of effort.

It was also super exhausting being stuck to my computer this whole day in anticipation, and I probably never want to go through something like that again lol

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