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Game Thread Bok's Fantasy Book Mafia

Mar 23, 2021
Hello everyone!

I have read absolutely nothing so far (because I didn't want to give myself an unfair advantage before I got my role), is there anything I should take note of?


Jun 19, 2010
I don’t think I agree that scum would necessarily be more likely to avoid jumping on either wagon. Most of the playerbase was on one, so no individual would’ve received too much scrutiny simply for being among them. If anything, not being on them might made one more conspicuous. It’s certainly possible that at least one scum did, but I don’t know if that’s primarily what I’d focus on. Besides, I’m not sure why scum Ex would admit that he would’ve voted for Chevy the next day; as an after-the-fact excuse for inaction, probably. But then why not just vote Chevy the previous day, so as to make excuses unnecessary?

I do think it’s odd that Ex didn’t vote for Chevy, and if he really thought Chevy was the better wagon, he should’ve done so regardless of whether he thought it would catch up to Rag. But I feel inclined to accept his version of events simply because his actions seem dubious as scum. Besides which, the way Ex has been getting emotional/panicking in response to Min’s accusations reminds me moreso of his town play.

As for Tristan’s suspicion that Ex is sheeping him, I think I remember Ex voicing some of his reads, at least, before Tristan did, but I’d have to go back and check.
because Tristan is a notorious busser.
He’s not the only one, lol. For the record, this is why I think it’s possible that you and Tristan could still be scum together, despite going at each other. Not that I think it’s the case, but I wouldn’t dismiss it as Moe has.


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So hello! Anything in particular that's going on that I should know about before I start reading?
Make sure to read the rules

claimings of any kind are banned with risk of modkill, even softclaims are super limited so make sure to ask the host whether or not is fine in case you’re not sure

and don’t like phase change posts, that modkills you too

as for the game itself just give me a sec to make a tl;dr


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Ok, so D1 was basically:
- RVS;
- Low activity from Pen and Mido (subbed out for SunFan and you this phase), and Rubik (was celebrating birthday);
- Chevy goes all-in in thread attacking Moe and Tristan. People get a bit iffy on that. Chevy flipflops a bunch on whether or not his pressure on Moe was legit. Rag has some interactions with him about some somewhat meta stuff (erh not meta as in like his previous Mafia games but more like meta as in like game philosophy). SMS defending Rag, Minish makes her points against Rag, SMS ISOes and votes Rag, Chevy sheeps, resulting wagon momentum split on Rag and Chevy with Rag having a major lead. Last second SMS changes him mind again and wagon ties.

D2 is still ongoing but seems to have a bit of a discussion around Tristan
Some players seem to be heavily townreading him and some seem to be heavily scumreading him
and I wanted some discussion about the players that left their votes on their RVS votes for most of the D1 phase (Libk, Rubik, Pen) but that didn't get much development

some players dropped readslists if you want to check them out maybe
Feb 3, 2019
A line went down on my street about 15 mins ago; called 911 and the fire dept had to cut it as it was blocking traffic. Will be without internet for 24 hours. I still plan on playing; my activity will be hit a bit by this though.

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