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Birth By Sleep: Best Command Decks?

Dec 19, 2011
Where the forest meets the sea
What are some useful commands for each character?

If you can, try to just post what command deck you were using when you finished the game with each character.

So far on Ventus' story I've found a nice combo with the commands magnega, and faith. You just cast magnega so all surrounding enemies are pushed above you. Then cast Faith which summons eight beams of light that revolve around Ven like a vertical cylinder and then push outward. While building up speed before pushing out they hit all the enemies trapped above in the magnega spell multiple times. This typically results in a deadly 1 hit KO attack. I use this most of the time.

However, most of the good attacks I found for Terra were pretty basic and straightforward, just mash X and toss in a Chaos Blade, Ars Solumn, or Zantsuken every now and again.

I can't wait to start Aquas story but I'm not much of a magic user. I think Ventus was my kind of character in this game. Which is ironic because he's based off of Sora who has been my favorite protagonist since game one
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