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Big Brother 2.0

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Here's to hoping that I'm not too late to sign up!

Name: Sean Lowlithe

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'4" and 120 lbs. http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/attach...n-up-girl1.jpg

Personality: Determined. Set on a mission, doesn't like to be put off track. Can have a laugh once in a while. Will occasionally break down due to stress. Has weaknesses.

Background: Was taken in by the government for an experiment to add special effects to sight. The experiment wasn't taken too seriously, the president disapproving. The scientists threw her out when they saw that there was a side effect - the whites of her eyes gradually turned black, turning the pigment in her irises from brown to yellow. Little did they know that their experiment ended up working, but Sean would not let them know that. She quickly took actions for revenge, and since then, she's been slowly but surely planning a rebellion undercover.

Weapons/Equipment: Sight allows her to see incredible distances and incredible details. Gloves that have suctions that allow her to crawl anywhere she needs to. M107 Sniper Rifle.

Faction: Non-Government

5 Years Since: Continued her life as a college student, keeping a low profile. Finished college in the city and went on to become a biochemist for the health branch of the government. Starting her plan to infiltrate the government single-handedly.


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Hey, I'd like to put in my character from before, but with changes.

Name: Daniel Payne
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short brown hair, a strong jawline, and a fair build. 6 feet 2' and wears poor class clothesA thick beard
Personality: Liar. Deceiving. Uses others for his own gain. Wants only for himself, and cares for no one.
Background: Raised on his own in the streets, with no family, no friends, no compassion. He disappeared for ten years, and returned mysteriously with a job as the head of The Department of Deception, a secret branch in charge of removing opponents of The Governments plans silently without anyone knowing. After the Two Day Showdown Daniel was terminated by The Government and is seeking refuge in Europe
Weapons/Equipment:A small handgun kept in his pocket.
Faction: Alone, but working for a secret organization a crossed Europe and Asia.

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