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Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.



My best temple would have to be..... Shadow Temple I dunno I'm attracted to creepy and scary stuff lol.

My worst temple is Forest temple :P. It took me forever to beat those two skeletons >:C (the one's that you beat one and then you have to beat the other one before the first one regenerates :/).
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
My worst temple is Forest temple . It took me forever to beat those two skeletons >:C (the one's that you beat one and then you have to beat the other one before the first one regenerates :/).

Ugh, I remember that. Is it just me, or did the Forest Temple have more Stalfos than any other dungeon in OoT? Not only do you have the two guarding the key near the main room, but you have all of those guarding the Fairy Bow as well. With their amount of hearts I had at that part in the game (Which would be 6, no extra heart pieces :P), I found it to be one of the more difficult parts of the game.
Apr 5, 2008
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I have no idea why, but I just love the Spirit Temple I guess it's hard enough where I have to try to figure out what to do, most dungeon's I know because either it's obvious, or I remember from previous play throughs.

The Water Temple has to be the worst. It's so hard that it's unbearable to beat. Normally, hard is good for my tastes, but if it's hard enough where I have to spend days looking through the entire dungeon to figure out what to do, then that's just too hard.

P.S. In my current playthrough, I'm stuck in the Water Temple, so that may have influenced my post.


My best temple was the Spirit Temple,loved the music and the ancient theme.:)

My worst temple was the water temple......the horror!D:


Best Temple?
Water Temple or Spirit Temple, definitely.
Forest Temple or Shadow Temple are the worst.
The Skulltas in the Forest Temple drove me out of my mind, and the Shadow Temple nearly made me piss my pants.


I'd say the worst has to be The Fire Temple. Not that it's too hard. It's TOO EASY! The best has to be the Spirit Temple. I loved how they used time travel. The reason i didn't list the water temple is because i beat it when i was six years old. Easy as crap.


Favorites- Water Temple. Spirit Temple. Forest Temple, Shadow Temple

Worst- Fire Temple

I always seem to find the fire theme dungeons boring. Dragon Roost Cavern and the Goron Mines were both kinda boring too. The only fire themed dungeon i liked was Dodongo's Cavern.


I've always disliked the Water Temple, the whole Dungeon is just a freakin' puzzle, Lol. I haven't played OOT for a few years, but with the rising of the water levels and stuff, it made it very confusing; from what I recall there were a few keys that were tough to find; you could be stuck on the temple for a week trying to find a single key; confusing dungeon at least for me.

I didn't really have a favorite temple; if I had to choose maybe the one where you had to turn into a kid for part of it (Pretty sure it's the Spirit.)


I'd say my favorite would be the Forest Temple because finding the four witches was so fun!

And my worst, I'd say water because it is boring and I just don't like it.


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Aug 20, 2009
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I absolutely adore the Shadow Temple and the Fire Temple. I have a weak spot for Fire and Darkness. x3

Worst Temple? Well Water Temple, when i was young i got stuck in this riddle. ;x Also i dislike to press start every time for changing your boots... argh.
But i find out about a hidden key below, but it's still a boring Temple..


I liked shadow temple because of all the illusions and the wierdness of the boss. I ahted the water temple cause it confused me >.<


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Aug 18, 2009
Me my favorite one is the Spirit Temple and my least favorite is the Forest Temple. I don't know why, it's just a ''feeling'' :huh: that I get when I'm doing it.


the best temples i ever played were forest, shadow and light, the forest gardens relax me alot, the shadow ferry is really fun and light because of the chamber of sages

best worst
1forest 1water
2shadow 2fire
3light 3spirit
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I'm back!!
Water Temple (1):
An outstanding temple, I understand everyone in here hates backtracks and puzzles, but i love them. I loved EVERYTHING, yep, even the vortex thing... XP. It includes, in my opinion, the best mini-boss. Overall, a SUPER ULTRA MEGA GREAT temple, I never get tired of it.

Forest Temple (3, tied with the Spirit Temple):
A nice dungeon. i don't understand why everyone says it has eerie music... I like it's music. It's a great temple to start with, and who doesn't love the bow? I love fighting with Phantom Ganon, even if, in my opinion, is the hardest boss in the whole game.

Spirt Temple (3, tied with the Forest Temple):
A nice dungeon, with nice music. Not to puzzling (except for the statues and button thing). I liked the idea that you need to go through the temple as a kid and an adult,
I mean, who don't like it? I also like when Kotamek and kouke lstart fighting about their age... They're cool to fight, and so the Iron Knuckle.

Fire Temple (4):
A pretty straightforward, yet fun temple. sometimes, it tricked me (when I played through it for the first time)... It's so fun to free the gorons... The temple feels like a tower, which I hate, though... Overall, a nice temple, but not to much...

Shadow Temple (5):
Creepy, but not as creepy as Beneath The Well. Pretty straightforward, and a piece of cake (the only hard thing is going all the way to the boss door if you lost the battle with Bongo Bongo). Some cool music, but it makes a creepy atmosphere... it also makes you feel you're lonely, very lonely, in a place habitated with ghosts, or with something that will pop out of no where...

Dodongo's Cavern (6):
Cool dungeon. It's the first place where you can see a bunch of annoying enemies. Its sound always creep me... It includes a super cool weapon (the bombs) and an extremely easy, yet fun boss. It also includes a very easy yet fun mini-boss (the Stalfos).

Inside the Deku Tree (7):
Inside the Deku tree is a great dungeon to start with. Easy, but includes one of our first weapons, the Fairy Slinghshot (also one of the coolest ones). I love the music... It also has a great mini-boss to start with: the three deku things.

Beneath The Well (8):
In my opinion, the creepiest place of OOT, yep, creepiest than the Shadow Temple. I'ts cool, but short... and doesn't beat the other dungeons.

Ganon's Castle (9):
Not so bad for a mini-dungeon. It has many rooms to be a mini-dungeon, it also has a chest... to bad you don't use the Golden Gloves when you fight Ganondorf, or Ganon :(

Ice Cavern (10):
Is it necessary to tell why? It's kinda boring, though the ice flames thing is cool, and so the ice monsters, even if they're so annoying. The blue squares thing is my favorite thing in the whole mini-dungeon, it's soo cool. Ice Cavern is to close to beating Ganon's Castle...

Inside Jabu Jabu's belly (11):
The worst dungeon in the game for me... First off, the sound of the heart beating creeps me, so I always play through Jabu Jabu's Belly without the music. Second off, this dungeon kinda spams monsters, also you need to carry the mega annopying princess: Ruto. I can easily beat this dungeon in 15-20 minutes, as it's a piece pof cake after you get the boomerang (except for the mini-boss). Barinade is cool to fight with, but i wish it could be in another dungeon.

EDIT: added why they're in that order.
EDIT 2: added all of the dungeons (including mini-dungeons... yep, it incluses Ganon castle!) and make the "why the dungeon is in that place" description longer... it seems I like to make long posts! XD. Also I deleted what I wrote before...
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Best Temple?
Water Temple or Spirit Temple, definitely.
Forest Temple or Shadow Temple are the worst.
The Skulltas in the Forest Temple drove me out of my mind, and the Shadow Temple nearly made me piss my pants.

First person ive seen enjoy the water temple :O

are you talking about the skutallas hanging from the ceiling or the skutallas hanging on the vines, I think the one on the vines can be annoying from time to time, always have to clear them before you climb up; and if you miss one and get too close you're screwed lol.

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