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Breath of the Wild Best Side-Quest in Breath of the Wild?


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What is your favorite side-Quest in Breath of the Wild?

There are over 70 side quests in BotW, ranging from getting a treasure chest out of a river to building a whole town with a wonderful community. But which one is best?

I personally love the few ‘Koko’s kitchen’ sidequests. I know, it isn’t as grand as building a whole community, but it’s one of the first side quests I ever completed, and it’s really wholesome. Learning about how Koko lost her mother and is trying to be the best big sister she can to her younger sibling Cottla and cook her food is very touching.

Tarrey Town side-quest is also one of my favorites. Building a whole community and seeing a heart-warming wedding at the end made it feel so worth it. <3

What is your favorite side quest?
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Jan 11, 2021
  1. From the Ground Up-tarrey town
  2. EX Trial of the Sword-dlc master sword
  3. A Gift from the Monks-forgotten temple 120 shrines
  4. Hylian Homeowner-hateno house
  5. The Korok Trials-korok wood shrine quests
  6. Leviathan Bones-eldin, gerudo, hebra
  7. The Thunder Helm-4 gerudo quests
  8. Zora Stone Monuments-10 zora monuments
  9. Robbie’s Research-find robbie
  10. The Gift of Nightshade-tuft mountain love story
  11. The Statue’s Bargain-hateno evil statue
  12. The Secret Club’s Secret-gerudo secret club
  13. A Shady Customer-kilton
  14. The Eighth Heroine-gerudo canyon north
  15. The Forgotten Sword-gerudo mountains peak
  16. Hunt for the Giant Horse-giant horse taobab
  17. The Royal White Stallion-zelda horse near satori
  18. Stalhorse: Pictured-stalhorse hebra
  19. The Weapon Connoisseur-weapon fetch
  20. The Priceless Maracas-hestu
  21. The Road to Respect-igneo talus
  22. Face the Frost Talus-frost talus
  23. Medicinal Molduga-molduga
  24. Special Delivery-zora love story
  25. A Gift for the Great-guy crushing on fairy
  26. Good-Sized Horse-gerudo sell horse
  27. The Giant of Ralis Pond-hinox
  28. The Royal Guard’s Gear-royal guard piece
  29. Slated for Upgrades-purah upgrade
  30. The Tools of the Trade-gerudo jewel store
  31. Legendary Rabbit Trials-blupee
  32. The Mystery Polluter-hydromelon eater
  33. The Thunder Magnet-stable axe
  34. Hobbies of the Rich-tarrey town two guardians
  35. The Hero’s Cache-kass treasure
  36. Misko, the Great Bandit-D. peaks riddle treasure
  37. Death Mountain Secret-goron riddle treasure
  38. Sunken Treasure-lurelin riddle treasure
  39. Riddles of Hyrule-korok riddle fetch
  40. A Royal Recipe-castle recipes cooked
  41. A Wife Washed Away-zora to lake hylia
  42. My Hero-Link obsessed lady & need master sword
  43. Lynel Safari- lynel photo
  44. Missing in Action-gerudo cliff rescue
  45. The Search for Barta-gerudo skeleton
  46. Wild Horses-horse minigame
  47. Diving is Beauty-zora diving
  48. Balloon Fight-octo balloon puzzle
  49. Arrow’s of Burning Heat-kakariko minigame
  50. The Jewel Trade-goron gem trade
  51. Flown the Coop-cucco fetch
  52. The Horseback Hoodlums-horse bandits clear
  53. A Gift for My Beloved-hateno love fetch
  54. Little Sister’s Big Request-akkala bug fetch
  55. A Freezing Rod-korok ice rod
  56. By Firefly’s Light-firefly fetch
  57. A Parent’s Love-food fetch
  58. What’s for Dinner-food fetch
  59. Curry for What Ails You-food fetch
  60. A Rare Find-meat fetch
  61. An Ice Guy-food fetch
  62. Playtime with Cottla-cute hide-and-seek
  63. The Spark of Romance-flint fetch
  64. The Apple of My Eye-apple fetch
  65. Take Back the Sea-camp clear
  66. The Sheep Rustlers-camp clear
  67. Find Kheel-setup for shrine quest
  68. Riverbed Reward-bad treasure
  69. Rushroom Rush-rushroom fetch
  70. Luminous Stone Gathering-stone fetch
  71. Fireproof Lizard Roundup-lizard fetch
  72. Frog Catching-frog fetch
  73. Koko’s Specialty-food fetch
  74. Koko Cuisine-food fetch
  75. Cooking with Koko-food fetch
  76. Koko’s Kitchen-food fetch
  77. Sunshroom Sensing-intro to compendium

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Aug 31, 2014
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personally love the few ‘Koko’s kitchen’ sidequests. I know, it isn’t as grand as building a whole community, but it’s one of the first side quests I ever completed, and it’s really wholesome. Learning about how Koko lost her mother and is trying to be the best big sister she can to her younger sibling Cottla and cook her food is very touching.
This is just the only good sidequest in the entire game, period

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I enjoyed the sidequests overall. Most of them are pretty simple, but some come with interesting character stories or world lore. The Gerudo Desert quest to get the sand boots and snow boots is really funny because you're basically catfishing the poor guy for armor. I like the Kakairko ones too because they build up into a shrine quest that centers around Paya and Dorian, and that was really cool. Tarrey Town is a no-brainer.


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Feb 19, 2020
I mean, of course From the Ground Up. But there are a lot of other great ones, like the Sand/Snow boots, Loone's guardian pic, Koko's kitchen, finding the Giant Horse, and the kid you have to bring certain weapons. Shoutout to Naydra for technically being a shrine quest but being so cool and different from the other two springs that I think it deserves a mention here.

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Mar 23, 2013
I enjoy the message of the From the Ground Up, but I don't actually think it's good. The quest isn't very interesting to engage with and largely comes down to chopping/bombing a bunch of trees so you can collect a bunch of wood. That being said, I would agree that it's the best side quest.


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Dec 26, 2017
The whole island sidequest. one of the best parts of the game in general. Not only is it a reference to one of the best Zelda games, it was also a lot of fun to do.
Feb 7, 2021
The Stahlhorse side quest remains one of my faves because upon discovering that there was a Stahlhorse, I tamed one and rode it to the nearest stable. It wasn't part of the side quest itself, but the NPC reactions when I tried to stable the Stahlhorse rank among the funniest in the game.
Feb 7, 2021
I like the Karikaro shrine quest, I like the fact that poor Paya is head over in heels in love with Link and he doesn’t realise!
I will have to try stabling the Stahlhorse sounds good!
You should definitely also talk to people while riding the Stahlhorse.

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Dec 2, 2012
Tarry Town is a given.

Trial of the Sword is technically a sidequest and is my favourite part of the game.

I love the little wholesome sidequests like Cooking with Koko and the hide and seek game, they really bring some life into an otherwise dark world.

The cucco hunt game in Kakariko is also a nice little throwback to OoT.
Oct 6, 2016
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''From the Ground Up'' goes without saying. Creating a town feels fantastic, and you get some great rewards, too.

''The Korok Trials'' was a great one, as well. And if you want to get into the shrine quests, there's too many to name.


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From the Ground Up

Overall though, the side quests of Breath of the Wild are certainly not deep enough, or rewarding enough. Given the scope of the game, I was disappointed that the overwhelming majority were so simple, with lackluster rewards.

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