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Best Opening to a Zelda Game

Apr 7, 2012
Duck Land
Majora's Mask or A Link to the Past, they were short and kept you on edge.
In my opinion, Skyward Sword's just dragged on foreevvverr.
It felt so long before I actually got to the first dungeon.


Don Gero's Apprentice
Apr 5, 2012
Mountain Village
My favorite follows the current trend which is Majora's Mask. It throws you right into the action and really has a fun explanation for how the game starts, even if he explanation seems a little shallow. Scarecrow child goes crazy in the woods and becomes possessed demon child who steals your horse, curses you, and brings the moon crashing to Earth. Nice way to start a game, but hey, how much more of a motivation do you need?
Dec 19, 2011
Moreno Valley, CA
i loved Skyward Sword's opening. that was the best with Zelda's singing and Link being woke up by that huge Loftwing XD the funniest thing i had ever seen in a Zelda game. I loved Zelda's singing, it was the most amazing thuing that ever happened in a zelda game, well for me at least. IT BLEW MY MIND!!! XD


The White Knight Alien
Mar 22, 2012
A Distant Nebula
I loved how Link is called to adventure from the moment he wakes up in A Link to the Past. This kind of video game is what all types of video games should be like. I vote no more holding your hand, and just let Link kick some butt!
Apr 5, 2012
Honestly I think Skyward Sword is the best. but Twilight Princess was really good as well. :p


The Creepy Uncle
Feb 10, 2012
Swaggin Roost Island
For me it was Majora's Mask. When you are first wondering through the creepy woods and out of nowhere you get ambushed by two fairies and Skull Kid. The game got straight to the point without giving you a tutorial. You were forced to figure out where you were suppose to go with very little help other than Talt telling you to visit the Great Fairy Fountain.


Link to the Past had the best opening. So dramatic, so epic. I love the thunder storm. It almost immediately throws you into the action with the first dungeon tossed your way right away. Also, the Hyrule castle theme is awesome.
The best opening to a Zelda game was Ocarina of Time's in my humble opinion. Link's dream involving Ganondorf and Zelda fleeing Hyrule Castle set the stage very quickly as well as dramatically. That sense of tense excitement was further augmented by the eerie theme music of the Great Deku Tree. And then the cutest and arguably most technologically revolutionary opening of the game-Navi soaring through the forest to meet Link and embark on an epic journey. Majora's Mask comes in a close second with its more sophisticated start and additional technological quirks over its predecessor. Nevertheless, I choose Ocarina of Time over its sequel for establishing the bold new precedent in exciting, edge of your seat openings not only for the Zelda franchise or Action-Adventure genre but the gaming industry in general.

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