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Beginner's Mafia 6 Signups

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Nov 26, 2008
Alright, finally a new Beginner's Mafia! I'll be your mod, and the game will be run pretty much according to what's listed here. If you do not know what Mafia is or need to acquaint yourself with the basics, please read the original Mafia signup thread detailing the game and the rules, and the Mafia Beginner's Guide. Actually, you should really consider both to be borderline mandatory reads; you're here to learn after all. :)

Signups will be open until we have 10 players, although I'll also accept signups for replacements and mentors, so keep posting if you're interested.

Since this is the first round of Beginner's Mafia with the new setup, that means it's going to be a pretty straightforward, small game with basic roles, and the roles will be revealed ahead of time. The game setup will be:

  • 10 players, 3 of which will be Mafia, and 7 will be Townies
  • The Townies will have one each of the following special roles: Doctor, Cop
  • Doctor can protect the same person more than once in a row, but cannot protect themselves.
  • The Mafia will have a Godfather, who will be invincible to investigation.

Be sure to read the threads I've provided. Before the game starts I'll be checking up on your basic understanding. ;)


There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011


i want to join

let me in pease

and mabey someday i can get in to the big mafia
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