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Beginners' Mafia 5-Ocarina of Time-Game Thread

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Feb 25, 2010
Well, here is the gamethread. Rules are in the spoiler for review.
Mafia is composed of two teams and a Moderator and Co-Mod. The Moderator sets up the game, and randomly assigns each player to a team. The players are told what team they are on (Townsfolk or Mafia) in private in a PM. If you are a Townie, you will not know the role of any other player. All you will know is that YOU are a townie, thats it. If you are assigned as Mafia, then you will know who is else is Mafia, and then by process of elimination, you will know who is Townie.

The point of the game is to lynch/kill people until one team (Townie or Mafia) is left standing. Because the Mafia know who else is Mafia, and the Townies don't know who else is Townie, the Mafia start off outnumbered by the Townies usually around 3:1 or 4:1. The Townies must use logic, voting patterns of others, and other small tells to figure out who is Mafia and who is Townie. The Mafia, however, must plant seeds of doubt and confusion and get the Townsfolk to lynch each other.

How to Play
You sign up and then once the game is full you will be PMed by the Game Mod assigning you a team, either Townie or Mafia. If you are Townie, you will not know the identity of anyone else SO TRUST NO ONE. If you are assigned as Mafia, you will know the other Mafia members and you must work together to get the Townies to turn on each other because they OUTNUMBER YOU.

The game starts off in the day. During this Day period, everyone discusses who they believe is a Mafia member (also called scum). Mafia will post too, and pretend they are Townies and try to get the other Townies to turn on each other and confuse them. Every member, Townie or Mafia, has a vote for lynching each Day. Post who you want to vote for in the format:
Vote: Player X
If you wish to unvote at anytime, do so by:
Unvote: Player X
You may vote and unvote at ANY TIME during the DAY period. Only during the Day, remember that. Once a majority vote is reach, that player will be lynched NO MATTER WHAT. So if a majority is reached and you decide to unvote for that person, its too late. Player X will be lynched and his identity, Townie or Mafia will be revealed. A player will also be lynched at the end of the week period that constitutes the Day time based on whoever has the most votes, if a majority is not reached.

Once the Day period (after the lynching) is over it becomes the Night. Night won't last long, a day or two at most. During the Night there will be NO ACTIVE DISCUSSIONS. Everyone goes to 'sleep'. This is when the nightkills happen.

Day will come again, and the identity of the dead Townie will be revealed. Killed in the night by the Mafia. Now the situation gets more dire as Townies will die every night due to the Mafia's ability to night kill, so lynching Mafia becomes more and more important as the game progresses.

This continues until either the Townies remain, or the Mafia stand triumphant.

- DO NOT PM EACH OTHER ABOUT YOUR ROLES. Mystery and assumptions are the point of this game, so if all the Townies band together through PMs you will ruin this game. Play with integrity. Lying is fine though. Mafia members may lie that they are Townie. Deception is a major aspect of this game.
- DO NOT POST INFORMATION FROM OUTSIDE THE GAME. This means any information, revealing or otherwise, that comes from screenshots of the active user list, IM conversations, or anything. If you post such information, you will be ModKilled.
- You may only post in the Day period.
- Vote and unvote in the format: Vote: Player X; Unvote: Player X
- DO NOT REVEAL ANY INFORMATION AFTER YOU HAVE DIED. If you are a Mafia member and you die, do not reveal to anyone who else is Mafia because that information may end up in the hands of the Townies.
- DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. I hope I don't have to repeat it again. This is a cardinal rule. Editing your posts is a no no. If you have something more to say, or need to edit a section of your post then MAKE ANOTHER POST saying what you need to say. If you are caught editing, you will be ModKilled.

Basic Commonly Used Abbreviations/Words
AtE: Appeal to Emotion
BWCS: Best Worst Case Scenario
EBWOP or EBWODP: Edit By Way Of (Double) Post
IoA: Information over Analysis
IwA: Information with Analysis
IGMEOY: I've Got My Eye On You
ISTR: I Seem To Remember
FoS: Finger of Suspicion (When you are not sure enough to vote, use the vote format for this, ie. FoS: Player X)
RVS: Random Voting Stage (usually occurs during the beginning where people vote at random)
Scum: Mafia or anyone else bad (Serial Killer)
Some Info from: http://www.mafiascum.net/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

1. Gonzo
2. Dr3w21
3. Go_Dark_Link
4. Zenox
5. Komali
6. Josh
7. Kazumi
8. Hero of Link
9. Medli
10. MightyGhirahim
11. Celeboy
12. Hachi
13. Elfen
14. Keyari
15. Linkdude74
16. Boborsonsmith
17. Guy
18. Big Octo


1. Justeazy
2. Green Goron

We are still taking replacements. VM or PM me, don't post here.

The town was gathered in front of Ganon's tower. Last night, the group inside had gone across the land, murdering many. Very few people Survived, and all came here. Suddenly, a red light burst from the tower, and all were unconscious. They heard a Owl coming towards them, And they turned there heads. "Hello there. I am Keapora Geabora, and I am here to help. You may have noticed that there is now more of you then there was before" Everyone does a head count.
"And that you all look the same" Again, everyone looks at each other.
"I do beleive this is the result of there spell. The men and monsters of hyrule of come, and they want to kill you. There are you kind people, who make up the majority of us, who want everyone else gone, and there is a group of you who will easily overpower everyone else once the count is half and half. There is one other person who wants you all dead. Before you begin fighting, know this: I have a solution, and although it is bad, may be our only chance. Once per day we will vote on someone to kill. Then we shall leave to our homes, and repeat the next day.You all agree? Very well."

Day 1 begin!
May 25, 2008
In my house
So we have confirmed town, mafia, third-party and SK. All seems to be in usual order.

Vote: Big Octo

First post is always suspicious.

And yes, RVS is necessary.


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
Vote: MightyGirahim because Girahim is evil! o_O
@JediZora, you should have put "Do you want to hear all of that again?" at the end.


Feb 25, 2010
Oh, I forgot, its 10 votes for majority lynch. Day ends the 20th, and I will modkill all of you if you speed lynch
Vote Tally:
Big Octo: 3 (Josh, Zenox, Mightyghiahim)
Hero of Link: 1 (Big octo)
Mightyghriahim: 1 (celeboy)


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 28, 2011
Good start jedi! :yes:

Hello All!
Mentor Justeazy here.

I'm mostly here for all of those who have played only a game or two, or haven't played any game at all. If you need any help with any of the details or technical aspects of playing, rules questions, explainations, etc., I'm the man to turn to. I'm here to give you help when you need it so you can play the game without any problems.
I am not here to help you win the game or help you get better. That all takes practice, determination, and luck, and can't be earned through me.

Basically, I'm here so, while jedizora and/or SoL are working on important things like day/night scenes, vote tallies, etc., you can bug me with anything else. If it's a rules violation or something else important to the integrity of the game, please PM jedizora immediately. Otherwise, that's what I'm here for.

Good luck everyone! :)


The game is on!
Okay! It has finally begun. :D So, I have no suspicions yet. Although, I don't think I'll vote at all this first day anyway. Let's just see how things turn out.


Call Me Robbi :D
May 31, 2010
Some where familiar
Vote: Komali


:Laughs like an evil manic, lightining booming around me as it turns pitch dark:


:Runs away like a little girl:

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