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Be A Music Producer! (the Make Your Own Album Game)


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Dec 10, 2011
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Ever wanted to be a hotshot music producer? Well, here's your chance! Just follow these simple instructions and get creative with an album of your own!

Step 1. Go to Wikipedia and find a random article. The title of that article is now the name of your "band"

Step 2. Go to this link and school down to the last quote. The last few words is the title of your album.

Step 3. Go to deviantArt and download the last picture in the twelfth row down. That's your album cover.

Step 4. Photoshop!

Step 5. Post the thing here

Step 6.???

Step 7. Profit!

Here's what I got:
Sorry it isn't a bit larger, this is what the picture was.

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