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Zelda Art Authors of Our Own Fates (A Multi-POV Re-telling of ALttP)


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Jun 2, 2009
Southern USA
Hello, ZD. This is knowlee here with a Legend of Zelda fanfiction. It's been a while since I dabbled in the Zelda fanfiction world (which would be back in '09 :sweat: ) and since I'm a huge fan of the Zelda game, A Link to the Past, I've always wanted to write fanfiction about it.

I had come up with some oneshots regarding characters that appear in the game and wanted to write those, but at the same time I didn't know how I would present them. Then I came up with the idea of retelling ALttP but using oneshots to do so. Each chapter (or oneshot) would tell a part of the game, but with a slight twist in that it each chapter would be told through one character's point of view. During these chapters it will also delve into the story of said character and give some back story regarding them. Some of these back stories will have be made with creative liberty since most of the characters in the game don't have any to really go on. But ultimately though each chapter will show what they do to help Link on his quest. This is why I chose the title of the story to be "Authors of Our Own Fates" since each chapter is told from the 'author's' POV (if that makes any sense lol ).

I hope you guys understood what I was trying to say and I hope that you guys do enjoy this. Please let me know what you think about it. :)

Also lastly, for each chapter or "oneshot" I will give the title, character(s) that appear, and a brief summary. Here's the first one:

Chapter: Whispers in the Dark
Character: Link
Summary: ALttP. "Help me… Please help me… I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Zelda. The wizard, Agahnim, has done… something to the other missing girls. Now I only remain… Agahnim has seized the castle and is now trying to open the seven wise men's seal. I am in the dungeon of the castle. Please help me…"

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

(I will be putting the story in spoiler tags to help shorten the post. Please click on the tag to see the story.)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Prologue: Whispers in the Dark

By: knowlee

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as the heavens poured rain down onto the land of Hyrule. It was in the middle of the night and most of the citizens of this vast country were fast asleep in their beds. Most were dreaming wonderful dreams while some were having horrible nightmares. To some these nightmares seemed to be a prelude to something catastrophic that was about to take place. With what had been occurring in Hyrule as of late it appeared as if this were the case. The thunderstorms that were covering Hyrule currently also seemed to emphasize this belief.

For one individual though, he wasn’t sure whether the vision he was having in his sleep was that of a dream or…a nightmare. All he knew for certain was that a strange voice suddenly cut through his fitful sleep and began to plead to him.

‘Help me… Please help me…’

Help? Help who?

‘I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Zelda.’

Zelda? Wait… You mean Princess Zelda? But why would someone put Princess Zelda in the dungeon?

‘The wizard, Agahnim, has done…something to the other missing girls.’

Agahnim? Missing girls? What’s going on here? What does that have to do with Princess Zelda?

‘Now only I remain…’

He was silent as he felt himself grown more confused at each word the voice was saying to him.

‘Agahnim has seized control of the castle and is now trying to open the seven wise men’s seal. … …’

Agahnim has taken over Hyrule? When did that happen? And what is the seven wise men’s seal?

‘I am in the dungeon of the castle.’

He could tell that the owner of the voice who was speaking needed help, but at the same time he felt himself doubting that what he was hearing was even real. It more than likely was just a dream that he was having.

‘Please help me…’

But…what if it was real?

Once the voice drifted away, the young man felt himself rouse out of his sleep. He knew that he was still a little tired, but something told him that he needed to be awake right now. He slowly opened his eyes and used his hands to wipe away the rest of the sleep that was in his eyes.

Suddenly he heard the sound of a match striking against a surface and turned towards the direction the sound came from. He saw his uncle sitting at their table, staring down at something.

Before he could ask him why he was up for his uncle spoke, “Link, I’m going out for a while. I’ll be back by morning. Don’t leave the house.”

With that said, Link’s uncle stood up from the chair he had been sitting in and started walking towards the door. Link was taken aback by the sternness in his voice since it wasn’t a usually tone that he used. Then Link noticed that he was carrying the family sword and shield.

‘Why would he be carrying those for? What’s going on?’ Link desperately wanted to ask him these questions, but his uncle left the house before he had the chance.

Throwing the blankets off of him, he stood up next to his bed. There was no way that he could go back to sleep now. Especially not with the dream he just had as well as knowing that his uncle had left carrying a sword and shield to who knows where. He sighed. He really wanted to know what was going on.

‘Help me… I am in the dungeon of the castle.’

Link’s eyes widened as he quickly searched around for the source of the voice only to find no one there. Okay, now he was worried. He wasn’t going crazy now was he? Then he remembered hearing that voice somewhere before. He gasped as he realized that it was the same voice from his dream. So then it wasn’t a dream, it was real!

Maybe that was the reason why his uncle left. He probably heard the voice too. That would also explain the reason why he had the family’s weapons in his possession. He knew that he would need them if he was going to the castle, especially if what he heard was true that a man called Agahnim was now in charge. Now he was even more worried.

‘I know there is a hidden path from outside of the castle to the garden inside.’

A small part of him was telling him that he should probably let his uncle take care of it, but he had a feeling that he needed to follow after him. Link quickly made his decision.

He walked over to the chest that was sitting near the table and opened it. Inside he saw two things that he needed to take with him if he was about to go to the castle after his uncle: a lantern and a cloak. He took the cloak and wrapped it around him. He grabbed the lantern and walked over to the table. He picked up the candlestick out of its holder, all while being careful to make sure he didn’t burn himself on the hot wax and as well as watching the flame to ensure that it didn’t go out, he placed it inside the lantern. As an afterthought, he grabbed the matches that his uncle had used to light the candle and placed it one of his tunic’s pockets. He had a feeling that he would probably need them again later.

He closed the glass door on the lantern to make sure the candle was protected from the elements and turned towards the door. Placing his hand on the doorknob, he turned it and stepped outside.


Link could barely see in front of him. The rain was falling so fast and heavy that he knew that it was going to make traveling quite difficult. ‘How the heck is Uncle even going to get to the castle in this rain?’ He put the lantern out in front of him to help light his path as he slowly made his way towards the inclined dirt path that would lead him down onto the main pathway.
He walked past the small bushes that sat in front of his house and turned to the left. After taking a few more steps, he could see with the little bit of light that he had to see that he had finally reached the small incline. Taking his left hand he placed it on the dirt wall and used it to find his way down to the lower ground.

Once he reached the lower ground he continued to use the dirt wall as an indicator to help him figure out where he was going. He knew that once the dirt wall took a turn to the left that he was to continue following it until he saw the trees. Then he would walk by the trees until he could see the castle’s bridge to the north.

As Link continued to use his left hand to guide him and the other to hold the lantern in front of him, he noticed some soldiers that were standing guard. Each of them was guarding pathways that lead to other locations in Hyrule. He found himself thinking that it was kind of odd that they were guarding those places. He couldn’t think of there being any reason for them to do so. Then Link remembered what Princess Zelda told him about Agahnim.

Link took another quick glance over at the guards and surmised that they were probably doing that on his orders. This made him curious as to what the man was planning. He only knew so little from what the princess told him. He knew that she’d more than likely explain it more in detail once he found his uncle and after they both helped her get to safety.

A streak of lightning lit up the sky and allowed him to see where he was. He had finally reached the part of the dirt wall that turned left. He continued to follow it in that direction. The thunder rumbled above him and the lightning continued to flicker. Finally he reached the end of the dirt wall and when the lightning flashed again it allowed him to see the trees up ahead to the left. He ran towards them.

As he neared the end of the small forest of trees, Link saw a small sign sticking into the ground in front of him. Once he got near it he placed the lantern up close to it and could see that it was a sign that had been signed by the king. It read, ‘I will give 100 Rupees to the man who finds the descendants of the wise men.’

The princess’ words ran through Link’s mind as he read the words ‘wise men’. He surmised that the man who found them was more than likely Agahnim himself. That would explain how he could have taken over the castle. It would have given him a perfect chance to usurp the throne. At the thought of this, it made Link more determined to find his uncle and save Princess Zelda.

Determined, Link pressed on towards the castle. Soon he came to the bridge that led to the castle gates. He had the feeling that the soldiers weren’t just going to let him through the castle that way. He remembered another part of the princess’ words. ‘I know there is a hidden path from outside of the castle to the garden inside.’ So there was a path somewhere.

He took the lantern he held and decided to blow out the flame in order to increase his chances of being able to sneak past the guards without getting caught. He attached the lantern’s hook onto one of his belt loops and started to slowly inch his way across the bridge.

Using the heavy rain as an extra cloak, he prayed to the deities above to hold off on the lightning for a bit that way he could pass by. As he got closer to the gates he noticed that there was a path leading to the left and to the right once the bridge ended. He felt frustrated as he realized that the princess didn’t really specify which path he should take. He pushed back that frustration and decided that he would pick a path and hope that it was the right one.

He debated with himself for a few seconds before ultimately deciding on to go down the right path. He started to make his way to his chosen pathway all while praying that he’d make it. He couldn’t think of another time where his nerves never felt more ragged. He kept his eyes on the guard that was standing in front of the gates to ensure that he hadn’t been spotted.

There was only a last little stretch of distance left before he made it to the path. He realized that he would have to take a chance and run for it when he saw an opening. Link knew that if he continued to slowly move forward that he would only allow himself to get caught. He continued to pray, hoping that something would happen to distract the guard.

His prayers were answered. A small noise from the left path caught the attention of the guard. The guard turned his head towards the sound and moved from his position to walk over to the left path to see what it was. Link took his chance.

He quickly sprinted around the end of the bridge and down the right pathway. He continued to run until he rounded the corner of the castle’s outer wall. He stopped for a few minutes to catch his breath and to listen and make sure that no one was following him.

After not hearing anything for about 30 seconds, he decided that he was in the clear. He looked around to see if there were any clues that would help him see if he had indeed chosen the right path. The lightning flashed again and directly in front of him, on the ground, he saw a stone pathway. Link turned his head to the right to see that it rounded the corner back to where the guard was posted at. He turned his head to the left to see that it continued on. Something told him that this was the path that the princess had been hinting at.

Link stepped on the stone pathway and continued following it all while looking around him to make sure that there were no guards nearby to see him. The path continued on for a little while longer until finally it came to a stop at a small bush that was sitting a few feet away from a tree. The bush had stone decorations surrounding it which gave Link an indication that it was something important.

He pushed the limbs of the bush aside to see that there was a hole underneath it. Once more the princess’ words ran through his head again. He felt his nerves start to get the best of him again, but he knew that this hole was the secret entrance that would guide him inside the castle and to his uncle and the princess. He had to do it. Link took a deep breath to steel his nerves and slipped down into the hole, plunging himself into darkness.
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Jun 2, 2009
Southern USA
Good start, but if you wanted to be original, you couldve made it from the point of view of the uncle, or Zelda. Because I'm sure there are many retellings of this scene from Link's point of view.
What I'm going for is that for each chapter it will be told in a person's point of view that makes sense. For instance, I think the first chapter makes more sense for Link's POV to be the one told since that is the official start of the game and plus Link does need his POV told (he is a character in the game) and I felt that this scene would be perfect for that. The next chapter though I'm planning on being from his Uncle's POV starting from the point where Link finds him in the game because that's when I feel that his POV is needed. It will have him telling his background story as he is sitting on the stone floor in the secret passage and dying. The chapter would then end when Link finds him and he passes on his weapons to him.

What I think I could do is make this chapter that I posted with Link's POV be a prologue chapter and make it as in introduction to the story and then have the first chapter be with the Uncle's POV chapter that I'm currently working on. That would make this look more intriguing.

But to sum it up, I'm basically writing this as how Link is supposed to go in the game. It opens up with him hearing the mysterious voice, traveling to the castle, finding his uncle dying, encountering the soldiers inside, fighting the Ball and Chain guy, saving Princess Zelda and traveling through the sewers, reaching the Sanctuary, traveling to Kakariko Village for information regarding the location of Sahrashla, etc, etc. When going through those parts, each character that Link encounters will tell that part of the story that would normally have Link doing that.

But yeah, I'm going to shut up now cause I feel that I'm already saying what I said in my previous post at this point. XD

Anyway, if you have any more questions or comments please let me know. :)


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Jun 2, 2009
Southern USA
Here's Chapter 1 for Authors of Our Own Fates!

Was hoping to get this out a lot earlier, but of course I didn't. :<

Also a small author's note here: as you guys may have noticed that I gave Link's Uncle a name that doesn't appear in the actual game itself. I did that on purpose. A Link to the Past is one of those games that didn't really give you names for the characters that showed up in there, just generic descriptions of them that told of their role they played. Only the really significant characters had a name (ie: Link, Princess Zelda, Ganon, Sahrashla, etc.).

But I'm not choosing these names out of the blue either. I'm giving them names that symbolize other characters that have appeared in the other Zelda games that I feel closely resemble the character I'm describing. Hence I chose 'Smith' for Link's Uncle due to the familial and guardian-like relationship that he has with Link just like the character 'Smith' from Minish Cap.

I'll follow this formula as the story progresses and from this you guys might see little Easter Eggs from other games in forms of their names as well as during certain descriptions in each chapter.

Anyway, here it is! Please give me constructive criticism! :)


Chapter: Death’s Embrace
Character: Link’s Uncle (aka Smith in this version)
Summary: ALttP. He felt the blade dig deep inside of his gut. Death was near, he knew it. He hated to know that it was going to end this way, but he would never forgive himself if he never answered the call of the princess to help her. His one regret was leaving his nephew behind…

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

(Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story!)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 1: Death’s Embrace

By: knowlee


Smith placed his hand over the deep wound in his stomach in an effort to stop the bleeding. He leaned his head against the wall behind him as he struggled to catch his breath. He had hoped that he would have gotten a lot farther than he had before getting this wound. How he got here was another story entirely.

He had been sleeping soundly in the house that both he and his nephew, Link, shared. He had woken up during the middle of the night to get himself a drink of water from the pail they had set out in the main room. As he went to go do this though, he heard a strange voice.

‘Help me… Please help me…’

His first reaction was that of him being still asleep and that his mind was just playing tricks on him. But as the minutes passed and he allowed his mind to catch up with his awake body, he then realized that the voice was actually there and that he wasn’t imaging it.

At first he though the voice was that of the goddesses because he knew that it had been said that the reason why they possessed pointed ears was for hearing their voices. But somehow that didn’t seem like was what he was hearing.

He could still hear the voice pleading for help, and then once the voice identified itself as the princess of Hyrule, he knew that he had to help her. He quickly changed out of his sleepwear and changed into his regular garments. He then grabbed a match and lit a candle that way he could see the next things he needed to grab: the sword and shield that he used from his time as a soldier. He had hoped to never use these things again, but from what he could tell from the princess’ voice, he had no choice.

He hadn’t meant to wake his nephew during those moments but apparently he wasn’t as sneaky has he thought he was. He wasn’t sure if Link had heard the princess’ voice too, but at the same time he hoped that he didn’t. He didn’t want Link to get dragged into this mess. He instead told his nephew to stay in the house and to not leave. He then quickly grabbed a cloak and exited the small house.

Once outside he was assaulted by the heavy rain, but it didn’t deter him from pressing towards his destination. Following the princess’ description as well as recalling from the memories he had about the castle, he found a hidden path and with a little bit of luck he was able to get past the guards without getting caught.

Once he entered the secret entrance though, he ran into trouble…

He found himself immediately attacked by two soldiers that were patrolling the entrance. He was able to quickly dispatch them, but not before one of them gave him a deep blow and caused him to be in the current predicament he was in now.

This was certainly not how he pictured himself dying. What he had in mind was passing away quietly in his sleep after living his life exactly the way he wanted. But if it was one thing he learned throughout his many years in this world, was that life didn’t always work out the way you expected or wanted it to.

When he was young, he had made the decision to dedicate his life to the sword and swore his fealty to the Royal Family of Hyrule. He never married as he never saw himself as being one of those kinds of men who desired such. He instead wished to live his life alone without being bound to anyone or anything besides his job as a soldier.

Alas, fate had other things in store for him. During a routine patrol in Kakariko Village one night he found himself attacked by a young thief who was attempting to steal some bottles from one of the local merchant’s stand. The wound he sustained caused him to have to retire early than he wanted to from his duties. Not long after that, he also found himself having to take care of his young nephew after the terrible deaths of his brother and his wife.

He, being just a bachelor, had no idea what he was supposed to do to take care of the young child. Through some trial and error (as well as receiving some guidance from some of his soldier friends who were parents themselves) he did figure out his way and slowly become a surrogate father to the boy. His relationship grew with him so much that he even considered him to be his own son.

The boy grew up to be a fine young man and it was his hope one day that he would see him grow up to be a soldier, get married and have a family. He breathed in deeply to show his regret and to try and stem the pain. It looks like that dream wasn’t going to come to fruition now. He could only hope that the lad had heeded his words and hadn’t attempted to follow him. He didn’t want Link to see the last of his family die before him.

Suddenly he heard a loud splash resound from the shallow water pool on his left. Did something fall through the hole? An animal perhaps?

He peered over to his left to see if he could tell what it was that had fallen. It was quite difficult though seeing as the area surrounding him was too dark for his eyes to see. Suddenly he heard the sound of a match being struck and then there was a faint glow coming from the direction of the water. Then he heard the sound of a voice he was hoping not to hear in this area.


Once the young man had gotten closer, Smith could see from the faint light of the lantern he held that Link had a look of great fear on his face. He couldn’t blame him since he was in the condition he was in.

“Unnh… Link, I didn’t want you involved in this… I told you not the leave the house…”

“I wouldn’t have Uncle, but I felt like I needed to be here.” Link replied to him. Then the young lad noticed his wound and the look of fear on his face changed to one of pure terror. “You’re hurt, Uncle! We need to get you home and get this wound treated!”

Smith quickly shook his head. He came here for a reason and that was to protect the princess. He then knew that Link must’ve heard her voice as well since he had deliberately disobeyed him and that he told him that he felt he needed to come. He sighed as he realized that Link would have to take his place and save the princess instead of him. He was in no condition to do so. He also felt that he was running out of time.

With his remaining strength he had he removed the shield from his right arm and handed it to Link. The boy looked confused by his action, but before he could question him he grabbed his sword’s hilt and handed it to him as well.

“Take my sword and shield and listen. You can focus the power in the blade. …Then release it using the secret technique handed down by our people…”

He knew Link would understand what he meant by that. It was a secret technique that was passed down through the line of the Knights of Hyrule. By using one’s energy they could channel it into their sword and unleash it by spinning around rapidly. It was also a costly technique to, as it could kill someone if they expended their energy too much.

“Uncle, why are you telling me this? You’re… you’re not dying are you? Uncle?” Link asked as he hesitantly grabbed the weapons.

He didn’t know how it had happened, but suddenly he felt at peace. He knew that Link could protect the princess and that he would succeed at doing so. His only regret was that he wouldn’t be around to see it… As he looked at his nephew, he saw the darkness creeping in at the edges of his sight and it wasn’t due to the darkness surrounding them. Death was coming soon.

“Link, you can do it! Save the Princess… Zelda is your… … …”

The last thing that Smith heard was his nephew desperately calling out his name.
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Jun 2, 2009
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Wow another chapter up already! Dang, I'm on a roll! (Heh, heh, not really...)

But yeah, I know I said last chapter that I would put myself at a goal of having one of these out at least once a month, and here I am putting one out about a week after the last one, but I felt motivated to write and put another one up sooner than that. I'm still putting this goal over me though that way just in case I fall under that 'I don't want to write' spell, I will at least know that I need to put one up. That way it'll be more of a realistic thing for me.

Still that doesn't mean that instances like this won't occur. They will, but they will probably be rare, considering I am who I am. XD

Anyway, enough with my rambling, please enjoy the story! Oh, and if you guys can tell who this character is you get a bonus point! He's a character that does appear in the game, but he's so out of the way that no one probably bothers to talk to him. Instead everyone's focused on saving the Princess and getting out of the castle that the poor guy gets ignored. (It's sad...)

Chapter: For King and Country
Character: Hylian Soldier
Summary: ALttP. They fought for their beloved kingdom of Hyrule. They would die for any of the Royal Family if it was deemed necessary. Yes, they were loyal knights. Suddenly one day one knight noticed that all of his fellow knights began to act strange and instead of feeling loyalty to Hyrule and the Royal Family, they instead wanted to follow Agahnim. What sorcery was this?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

(Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story!)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 2: For King and Country

By: knowlee


The rain pelted his armor, making tiny 'pinging' sounds as they were committing their assault upon him and the land. It had been quite a while, he mused, since Hyrule had some heavy rain like this. It was a good thing that the storm clouds had come, seeing as they had been in a drought recently and desperately needed it.

Although he could sense that the storm clouds had another meaning to them than just parching the scorched earth.

The soldier quickly stifled a sneeze. He sighed. At this rate, he would catch a cold while out here. He was surprised that he didn't have one already.

With a grumble under his breath, he stared out past the moat surrounding the castle towards the southern lands of Hyrule from his position atop the high ledge of the outside castle walls near the entrance. As he looked out, his thoughts returned to the darkening realization of the double meaning behind the storm.

As of late he had noticed that something strange was occurring in the castle; especially to that of the Hylian Soldiers. His eyes narrowed as he thought of the man whom he believed to be behind the madness: Agahnim.

Agahnim was a strange man. He came from a distant land to Hyrule at a time where she was in dire trouble. Many things had begun to besiege the land all at once: droughts, like the one he mentioned earlier, pestilence, and a rise in crime among others. The King had his suspicions as to what the reasoning behind the sudden onslaught was from, but apparently that wasn't the case.

So to try and stop the trials, His Highness sent out word about a reward he would give to the person who was able to do so. That was when he arrived.

He seemed innocent enough at first, the soldier remembered. But then he began to notice that some of his fellow soldiers started to act rather odd. They began to get seriously devoted to their tasks, not that they weren't supposed to be since it was their job, to the point where he realized that they were skipping meals and bathroom breaks entirely. Nor were they returning home to their families and loved ones.

At first he thought he was just working too hard and that it was all in his head. But those doubts were soon put to rest when he realized that the affliction that the other soldiers had was spreading and he could even recount a time where he saw that Agahnim was directing the soldiers himself instead of the King or the Princess.

That was also another thing that he noticed. He had not spoken or heard from the Royal Family for a while now. Sure, he understood that the royals were busy and didn't have time to speak to all of their employees, but it was odd to note that no one had spoken to them in weeks.

And those were just a few of the occurrences he noticed. There were also things that he noticed going on in the wizard's personal chambers that were questionable. He would see maidens enter those chambers with a few guards beside her as escorts and as far as he could tell they never came back out.

Now he wouldn't question the fact that the wizard was a man and did have his needs, but what did arouse his suspicions was the fact that on those nights that he knew a maiden had been escorted to him was that he saw strange bright lights that would appear from his windows. He wasn't quite sure of what to make of it, but he had a sneaky suspicion that magic was playing a role.

Suddenly in the corner of his eye he thought he saw a lad in green sneaking around in the inner courtyard of the castle. He quickly turned to look down upon the garden, but he didn't see anything. Thinking it was just a trick of his eye as well as the thickness of the rain, he decided to dismiss it. Plus it seemed like the guards walking around the entrance to the innards of the castle didn't see anything either. He took this opportunity to return back to his thoughts.

He knew that Agahnim was behind the latest events that had begun to plague Hyrule, but he knew that he, a lowly soldier, wouldn't be able to stop him if he tried. But it wasn't just that he was worried about. He knew that if he even attempted to attack Agahnim that he would have to face his own friends and comrades since they were under the wizard's spell. But even after that depressing thought, another one came to him suddenly. 'After Agahnim took over, everyone began to act strangely. I suppose it's only a matter of time before I'm affected, too.'

He felt himself shudder. It saddened him to think that, he too, would become like most of his comrades. He sighed and in an attempt to calm his nerves looked up at the sky towards the thundering storm clouds just as a lightning bolt streaked by.

Maybe, it wouldn't be so bad, he thought. At least he hoped it wouldn't be.

It was then that he heard the sound of a door creaking during a brief lull in the thunder. He turned around quickly and once again saw a green clad boy, this time poking his head through the doorway. As soon as he was there though, the boy quickly vanished back inside through the same doors he had looked out of.

After the initial shock wore off, the soldier began to prepare to warn the others of the intruder within the castle. What he heard next made him stop in his tracks.

'Help me… I am in the dungeon of the castle.'

What the-? What was that voice?! The soldier looked around him for the source but could find none. The voice sounded like he had heard it before, but where? Suddenly realization hit him as he remembered who the owner of the voice was.

Princess Zelda. But why was she in the castle dungeon? She didn't have a reason to be there…

The solider looked up at the tower of the castle where Agahnim's chambers lay. This must've been his doing. That would explain why he hadn't heard from the Royal Family in a while. He had hidden them away.

He looked back towards the double doors that the boy had appeared in. He had debated on following him and warning the others, but ultimately he decided against it. If he had heard the princess' voice, there was no doubt in his mind that that boy had heard it too. Perhaps that was the reason why he was here in the first place; to rescue to the princess from the clutches of the wizard.

The soldier felt a small smile form on his lips. He looked towards the horizon where he saw the clouds begin to dissipate. Perhaps this was the silver lining in the storm.

After giving the double doors another brief glance, the solider turned back around and took back his post. He decided to not give the boy away, but instead decided to spend the rest of his shift sending prayers to the Goddesses above to protect the boy and the princess and for there to be a way to rid Hyrule of Agahnim once and for all.

If anyone had a chance of saving the Princess and Hyrule, that boy did.
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Hello, it's me again with a new chapter for Authors of Our Own Fates! I planned on getting this one out earlier, but my laziness prevented it from being so. Anywho, without further ado, here's the latest addition!

Please read and review!

Chapter: The Lust of Battle
Character: The Ball and Chain Trooper
Summary: ALttP. He had fought many a man who could never defeat him. So who did this green clad boy think he was to defeat him?
Disclaimer: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

~Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story!~


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 3: The Lust of Battle

By: knowlee


The dark knight stared straight ahead as he stood guard over the Princess of Hyrule. The young girl was locked in a cell with no means of escape save for the key attached to his belt that wrapped around the waist portion of his black armor. He had been given orders by the Great Wizard Agahnim to keep watch over her and to prevent her from escaping.

He huffed at this thought. He spared a glance over to the aforementioned girl and saw her sitting upon her knees looking downwards with her hands folded as if praying. He smirked. She could certainly try to pray to her so-called precious goddesses, but it wouldn't help her any. There was no way she was getting out of here. At least not until Lord Agahnim sent for her to be escorted to his chambers to perform the ritual. And even then she would still not be free.

He watched as the guard in front of him patrolled the area that lay before the stairs leading to the upper levels of the castle. He vaguely found himself wondering if any poor sap would come wondering down those stairs. Lord Agahnim had warned of the potential that someone may come and attempt to rescue the princess. Hence why he was now guarding said person.

He found himself laughing at the thought. Whoever dared to challenge the might of Lord Agahnim was a fool. Not to mention that if anyone ever made it this far into the castle, they would still have him to deal with. And he would give them no quarter.

He loosely pulled the handle that was connected to his weapon: the ball and chain. He had yet to have an opponent that was able to best him in using it. Most never dared to challenge him due to the mere sight of it. Underneath his helmet, a smile formed on his face. It felt good to be feared.

Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps climbing down the stairs. At first he thought it to be another guard coming down to change shifts with the other guard nearby, but those thoughts were dashed when he saw said guard suddenly start running towards the noise.

An intruder.

He gripped the handle of the ball and chain tightly and prepared himself to lift it above his head to swing it around should the guard fail.

Sure enough he did as he saw the intruder, a green clad boy, slay the soldier and came running quickly towards him in an effort to save the princess.

He smiled as his thirst for blood increased within him. That effort was never going to reach fruition as he wasn't going to allow it.

The knight yanked the chain with a grunt and began to twirl the ball around above his head, quickly gaining momentum. As the ball began to spin faster, he saw the boy falter in his speed and stop before him as if he was trying to find an opening.

He smirked. 'Good luck finding one', he thought.

The spiked orb above him continued to spiral as he continued to keep up the momentum. Suddenly without warning he quickly slung it towards the boy with a speed that he could tell shocked his opponent. It didn't appear to shock him completely into fear though as he narrowly managed to dodge the attack and left the ball to crash into the stone floor below them.

Before the boy could strike his sword against him, the knight quickly pulled the chain once more and slung the ball back to his side. When this was done, he once again began to put into the motion the orbit of the ball.

As this was going on he could vaguely see the gears working in the boy's head. Apparently he believed to have found a weakness in his plan of attack. Hah! Even if he had found something, he had an extremely low chance of actually landing an attack on him.

Once he felt confident enough to attempt to hit the boy again, he let the ball fly. Once more the boy narrowly dodged but this time instead of staying put, he quickly lunged towards him and slashed his sword against a small opening in his armor.

Blood gushed out from the wound, but instead of stopping to attend to it, he quickly yanked the chain back and readied another attack. He felt angry that the boy managed to strike him. He had no chance of doing so and yet he did. He glanced over at the imprisoned princess whose eyes were now open and watching the battle with a hopeful expression. Perhaps she had something to do with this?

He quickly looked back at his opponent and saw that his eyes were diligent searching for another chance to strike. He thought for a few moments as to how he should direct his attack and keep the boy from hitting him again.

After a few moments of deliberation, he decided on his course of action. With adrenaline coursing through his veins, he slung the ball towards the boy but left the chain with more slack than the previous times. After the ball landed, the child again lunged towards him and brought out his sword to strike, but as the boy got closer the knight quickly took his slacked chain and wrapped it around his throat.

He heard the princess gasp when she saw what had occurred and the boy immediately dropped his shield and brought his right hand to his neck to grab the chain and attempt to loosen it. The knight laughed as he knew that there was no way that the boy could succeed. He watched as the boy's face slowly started to turn blue due to the lack of air. He grinned at the sight.

Suddenly he saw a bright blue light emanate from the blade the boy held. He was both shocked and curious to see it. Then he noticed that the boy had a grin on his lips. It took him a few seconds to realize that the boy had a trick up his sleeve. Before he could react though, the boy quickly spun around full circle and struck him with the mysterious blue energy that he saw before.

He screamed in pain as the energy cut through his black stained armor and dug a wound deep into his body. He dropped to the ground as he slowly felt the life start to drain out of his body. He had been bested by a mere child!

'No, I shall not die here…' He refused to believe that he had lost. He attempted to lift his body up and try and attack the boy when he least expected it. To his regret, his body refused to comply with him. Was his life truly going to end this way?

The last thing that registered in his mind was the boy grabbing the large key from his belt and walking over to the cell that held the princess. He watched as the young woman stood up and said something to the boy. Her words escaped him though as he found he couldn't hear anything. Then he saw the couple run away from the cell and away from his dying body.

'Lord Agahnim, forgive me, for I have failed you…'
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Holy crap! *faints* This is probably one of the longest chapters ever in this story. Course the part of it may be really short in terms of gameplay but when you’re trying to transition it to writing, it gets a lot longer.

Just to give you guys a bit of perspective this chapter is over 5,000 words! The previous ones (other than the prologue which was just over 2,000) were a little over 1,000. So understandably I’m a little exhausted from writing this one, but at the same time I’m proud of myself for getting it done. I stayed up until at least 4 am last night finishing this one up because I knew that if I didn’t, it would’ve sat on my hard drive for at least another day until I finally finished it. So yeah, now time to have a party! *throws confetti*

Anyway, you may notice that I put a few references for other Zelda games in this one plus also reiterated where this game stands in the whole Zelda timeline (had to break out Hyrule Historia for that one to make sure), so if you guys notice those, you get bonus points! :D

Well, I’m not going to hold you guys back anymore from reading this, so without further ado, please enjoy the story and leave a review telling me what you think and if there is any need for improvements! Thank you!

Chapter: Divine Judgment
Character: Princess Zelda
Summary: ALttP. She had called for help and had received it in the form of a young man wearing green wielding an old sword and shield. She knew she had been praying and asking for help, but was this what the goddesses had sent her?
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

(Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story!)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 4: Divine Judgment

By: knowlee


She knew that she shouldn’t have thought the way she did towards her rescuer, but honestly he was not what she was expecting. She supposed that she could have blamed it on her nannies for telling her bedtime stories when she was younger that depicted powerful and handsome Heroes coming to save the Princess and Hyrule. So when she had that particular image in mind instead of a small, dirty green-clad farm boy who was wielding hand-me-down weapons, she felt that she had a right to be disappointed. This certainly wasn’t what she had asked for.

Still she found herself thinking that she ought to be ashamed of herself considering that in other stories her nannies told her about the goddesses they tended to answer prayers to them in unorthodox ways. This situation would be a good example. Even though she had these thoughts in mind, she still felt as if she had been jilted.


She had been sending out her thoughts telepathically for the past few hours. She had made sure that it wasn’t just anyone was receiving her calls though. She had purposely hidden her thoughts from Agahnim and those who were under his control. She couldn’t risk the chance of having him discovering her intentions.

She took a small break from her calls and looked up at the guard that Agahnim had posted at her dungeon cell. He was a tall man who was encased in black armor that possessed red adornments. Although she couldn’t see his face behind his helmet, she could tell by the stalwart and intimidating aura he was giving off was that he was a man who was fiercely devoted to the foul wizard and wouldn’t give her any hope for escape.

She remembered when the wizard himself was standing in front of her just a few hours ago telling her how she was about to sacrificed in order to finally open the seven wise men’s seal. She remembered watching two guards take a young woman from the other cell next to hers and escort her away. From that action, she could only assume that she was about to be sacrificed as well. She knew that just like the girl before her, she too was a descendent of the seven wise men or sages as they were known during the time period they existed.

The sages were a powerful group of individuals who used their powers to seal away the great evil in the sacred realm after the Hero of that time failed to stop him. Over time their descendants dwindled until only very few remained. Agahnim must’ve spent quite a while researching their ancestry in order to track them down. Because of that, she had a suspicion that he was working with the great evil that was sealed away in the realm. If the seal were to be broken…

Hence why now she was desperately sending out her thoughts for help. She didn’t want the wizard to achieve his evil goals and plus she didn’t want to see her land of Hyrule suffer.

As she was about to return back to her prayers, the sound of feet shuffling down the stairs nearby caught her attention. She also noticed that it didn’t just catch her attention, but the other soldiers who were in the dungeon with her. She watched as the knight posted at her cell gripped his weapon. Could it be-?

She felt hope swell within her breast as she thought that maybe the person was in the dungeon now was the person who had heard her thoughts. She smiled as the realization hit her that she was about to be saved.

Sure enough, she watched as the knight started using his weapon to attack her rescuer. She silently cheered the hero on as he finally landed a blow on the man. But just as she thought that he had figured out the man’s strategy, the knight had tricked him and proceeded to wrap his weapon’s chain around his neck. She gasped in fear. She began to send prayers to the goddesses that he wouldn’t die.

The goddesses had apparently heard her prayer too, for the hero had suddenly called upon a strange power and used it to strike the final blow onto the dark knight. She watched as the man fell to the ground.

After her rescuer was sure that the man was no more, she saw him walk over to his body and grab the key to her cell. Then he turned to her and began walking towards the bars separating them. It was only once he unlocked the door and walked into the light coming from the small barred window above her that she was finally able to put a face to the man who had saved her.

She found herself shocked to realize that he didn’t look exactly how she had pictured him. She quickly glanced over at the remains of the knight he had just defeated and found herself wondering how someone as scrawny as him could have defeated him.

But before she could go any further with those thoughts though, her inner voice told her that she had no time to dawdle and that she needed to leave quickly before word got to Agahnim about this. So she decided to wait until she knew they were safe to continue her thoughts.

“Princess Zelda, I presume?”

Zelda looked back at the boy as he quickly bowed and made a quick apology for his appearance before her. With a slight smile, she confirmed his question and made him rise from the ground.

“Ah, so it was your voice I heard. My name is Link. My Uncle and I were coming to help you, but…”

She heard the sadness that was in his voice and immediately knew what had happened. The downcast expression that appeared on his face also gave her clues as to where his Uncle now lay. She felt sorry for Link and hated to brush off his sadness, but she knew that they had no time to lose.

“Thank you, Link. I had a feeling you were getting close.”

Link looked back up at her and gave her his full attention. He apparently also knew that this was no time to mourn his loss.

“Link, listen carefully. The wizard is magically controlling all the soldiers in the castle.”

A look of comprehension came over Link’s face. “So that’s why they were attacking me…”

Zelda nodded and immediately found herself thinking of her father. She hadn’t heard anything from him for the past couple of days since she’d been captured by Agahnim and brought to the dungeon.

“I fear the worst for my father…”

Link gave her a look of sympathy. He apparently could understand why she would be worried. Most of the kingdom knew how close the two royals were to one another. Ever since her mother died the two had become quite close. Not to mention that he could certainly understand her fears especially after he had recently lost a family member himself. Once more she hated feeling so, especially since Link couldn’t feel the same, but she found herself hoping that her father had not met the same fate…

Zelda quickly stifled the thought before she found herself wallowing in sorrow. If Link could put aside his feelings of sadness, then certainly could she. It was then though that she found herself feeling anger towards the wizard for putting them both in this situation. If it wasn’t for him, then none of this ever would have occurred.

“The wizard is an inhuman fiend with strong magical powers! … … …”

She had seen him use some of his magic on the soldiers when he took control of them. With the way he used his powers for evil, he was a monster! There was no telling what he would do to the rest of Hyrule if he was allowed to succeed in his plans.

“Do you understand?” she asked Link. She wanted him to understand all of this before they went any further. He needed to know what he was getting himself into.

She smiled as he nodded his acknowledgement. “All right, let’s get out of here before the wizard notices. I know a secret path, but first we have to go to the first floor. Let’s go!”

Link nodded once more and the two quickly took off to begin their escape.


Princess Zelda brought herself out of her memories. The two had now finally reached the first floor and were now trying to bypass the guards without them noticing. This would certainly require some skill and luck to do.

They had taken the doorway on the left since with the way the palace was designed that route would be the easiest to sneak through. The two crouched in the doorway watching the guards closely waiting for an opportunity to run for it. Once they saw it, the two quickly ran up the stairs to the upper ledge in the northern part of the room.

Zelda let go of the sides of her dress to allow the hem to touch the floor. She had to lift the hem earlier during their sprint up the steps otherwise it would’ve increased her chances of falling and tripping. Then their sneakiness would’ve been for naught. Once the couple was sure that they were not spotted, they began to follow the path that the upper ledge led them all while hugging the wall and crouching low to ensure that they wouldn’t be spotted.

They reached the next doorway and once more quickly glanced in the room to see what the situation was like in there. From what she could see, there were a total of three guards in this room; one wearing blue armor and the other two wearing green. The blue one patrolled the upper ledge portion, while the green ones were on the lower level.

She wasn’t quite sure how they were going to get through this one and during her despair she spared a glance towards her rescuer. She watched him as he sized up the guards, trying to figure out their way of patrolling. As she watched his stare, a fleeting thought came to her about some stories she had heard about the Hero using his stealth skills to sneak into places that were thought to be impenetrable. Even though she had yet to fully wrap her head around the idea, if he was the Hero that the goddesses had chosen to save her and Hyrule, she hoped he was gifted with this ability.

The princess quickly diverted her gaze when Link looked back at her. She didn’t wish for him to know that she was staring. She chanced a glance back at him to see him smiling.

“I think I’ve got it. There’s a small chance we’ve got to get passed them. Hopefully the goddesses are on our side on this one.”

She nodded as she quickly sent a prayer up for the odds to be in their favor. She then felt Link grab her hand. She quickly looked down at her hand and then back up at him.

“Now when I say go, run for it.”

Once more she nodded and used her free hand to grab her dress to lift it enough to allow her run freely without fear of tripping. She sent up another prayer.


She ran. She ran faster than she ever thought was possible. They sprinted down the stairs while the upper guard was putting his glance towards the doors leading to the outside wall. Once they were down the stairs they quickly made a run for it while the other two guards were looking away from them.

She didn’t- couldn’t - look back otherwise she knew they’d be caught.

Finally they passed through the doorway. Once they entered the main foyer, they quickly ran up the stairs leading to that room’s upper ledge. They stopped only to catch their breath and to listen to see if they’d been caught.

They hadn’t.

Zelda let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. She sent up a prayer of thanks to the goddesses for letting them get through the room safely. She looked over at Link to see him doing the same as she. She allowed herself to briefly smile as she quickly looked around the room to see where they were. It was then that she noticed the stairs leading to the throne room. They were almost there.

She looked over towards Link and spoke to him. “There is a secret passage in the throne room that leads to Sanctuary. I’m sure the old man there will help us.”

She heard the rain pelting down outside as she thought of the priest. She remembered meeting him many times when he came to the palace to officiate funerals or offerings to the goddesses. He was a nice man and she knew that if he knew that she was in danger that he wouldn’t hesitate to help her.

She saw Link nod at her words. He let go of her hand and asked if the stairs led to the throne room. She returned his nod and the two walked over to the steps while making sure that the guards below didn’t see their ascent. Once they reached the top the stairs though, they ran into trouble.

There were two blue armor clad soldiers patrolling the lower section of the throne room. Her eyes widened as she realized they were about to be caught. Sure enough at her thought the two guards saw Link and her and began running after them.

Link was the first to react. “Princess, run to the upper platform! I’m going to distract them down here!”

“But Link-“


Seeing that he wouldn’t budge on his stance she ran straight ahead towards the stairs leading to the upper level. True to his word, Link charged the two guards to distract them from her. Once she reached her destination she spun around to watch the ensuing battle and prayed that he would win.

She watched as one guard attempted to strike Link down with his sword only to be quickly dispatched by Link’s quick parry and thrust of his sword. The other guard wasn’t going down that fast though.

The other guard jumped and swung his sword at the young man at the same time. She watched as Link flipped back just in time and effectively dodged his attack. After a short while she saw that Link had seen an opening in the man’s attacks, and watched as he quickly counterattacked with a horizontal slice that ended the guard.

After sending prayers up to the goddesses thanking them for Link’s safety and to ensure that the possessed guards’ souls were with them, she watched as Link caught his breath, took a hard look at the guards’ bodies and then turned to walk to her.

Once he reached the top the stairs and was standing next to her, he spoke, “I’m sorry I had to kill your guards. I… Once this is all over I’ll find some way to pay respects to them. They didn’t deserve to die like this.”

It was in this moment that suddenly she saw why the goddesses had chosen him. Even though he knew that he would have to kill her once loyal soldiers, he felt sorry about it. He didn’t taste or experience bloodlust like the knight guarding her had, nor did he feel that their deaths were justified due to their possession. He felt genuinely sorry about the entire ordeal. And that was what made the goddesses chose him to be the next Hero.

Due to his humble upbringing and the positive influence of his uncle no doubt, Link had grown up to be a kind and brave young man. A man, who despite what people could say about him for listening to strange voices in the night, listened to that voice because he believed that he had to help to the owner. And it was this man who the goddesses had decreed by their divine judgment that would save their land from Agahnim.

The goddesses certainly did answer her prayer in an unorthodox way.

“True, they didn’t deserve it, but I’m sure that their souls are free now. In their normal mind, they would never have thought to lift a sword against me, but with Agahnim in control, they no longer had control. I know they would feel better knowing that their bodies will no longer be used for his evil deeds. You’ve set their souls free, Link. Don’t despair over it. You did what needed to be done.”

After she said this to him, she gave him a smile to help reassure him. She watched as he slowly returned the smile.

“I know, but still, I don’t prefer to do it.”

She nodded in acknowledgement. She knew that if she were in his position, she’d be the same way. She wanted to continue the conversation with him, but she knew that they needed to get moving soon. She knew shortly that some guards would notice those bodies there and knew that something was going on. She turned around to see the ornamental shelf that stood behind the two thrones. Behind that laid the secret pathway.

“That ornamental shelf should open.” She said while pointing to it. She turned to Link, “Do you have a light? Its pitch dark inside and you can’t see without one.”

Link nodded as he pointed to his lantern. She nodded in return. “If you’re ready, let’s go! Help me push it from the left!”

Link nodded again and the two walked over to the left side of the shelf. Using all their might, the two pushed against the shelf until they felt it budge. They continued with their efforts until it was all the way open. Afterwards the two walked inside.

Once inside the passageway, they both heard a low rumble and turned to watch as the shelf moved back into place. This would ensure that no one would follow them. After the shelf was closed, the darkness enclosed on them and Link quickly fumbled around to find his lantern and matches.

He must’ve found them for the next thing she saw was a tiny flame appear from a match Link had struck against the wall. He quickly lit the candle inside of the lantern and closed the glass to prevent it from going out. Once he put out the match, he motioned for her to keep close and he grabbed his sword just in case the two ran into something.

With the light out in front of them, the two took cautious steps forward while trying to find their way. As they continued to move forward they saw a pathway leading to the right. She urged him forward as she could remember that this was the way to Sanctuary.

As they got closer to the pathway, she heard a squeaking noise. Her eyes widened as right in front of them a rat came into view! She shrieked in fear once she saw it. Apparently she must’ve frightened Link as he jumped slightly from the noise. The rat must’ve been scared as well because it took off away from her.

After the ordeal was over, she saw Link turn back to her and raised his eyebrow as if he was asking her, ‘And what was that all about?’

She blushed and responded out loud to him, “What? It just came out of nowhere!”

Apparently he decided not to push the issue and just shook his head and motioned for her to keep on moving. She pouted slightly, but at the same time she was glad that he hadn’t said anything else regarding the incident, and followed behind him.

At the end of the pathway they took they came across a flight of stairs leading down. They walked down those stairs and came across a room filled with Ropes. Zelda was surprised that she didn’t die in fright. Compared to the rat, this was worse!

The Ropes charged towards the two and seeing no alternate, she watched as Link drew his sword against the creatures and killed a few that charged towards them. The others, seeing their brethren fall, opted for a retreat instead and decided to leave them alone.

Zelda watched as Link closed his eyes briefly as he looked at the Ropes’ bodies and then began to press on. She did the same and quickly caught up behind him. The two took a right and followed the walls of the room until it came to another flight of stairs that led to another lower floor.

Once they reached this room, Zelda could no longer hear the rain outside. She knew now that they were below ground level. As they walked further into this room, she saw two Ropes immediately came running at them. Perhaps they wanted revenge for earlier?

Either way, she saw Link quickly dispatch them and afterwards the two began to walk further into the room. She knew that the doorway ahead was locked and that there was a key located in a chest in the right most part of this room. The reason for this was to slow down potential pursers just in case there were any behind them. Plus the key and door were enchanted to return to their previous positions once they passed through the doorway into the next room.

She told Link where they needed to go and they walked over to the right to get the key. Suddenly a keese appeared before them and attempted to attack them. But just as before with the Ropes, Link quickly put a stop to it.

With the key in hand, the two made their way to the doorway ahead. Sure enough after they opened the door and passed through the doorway, the door and key returned to the way they were before they removed them.

They walked into the next room and with the light glowing from the lantern, Zelda could see that they had reached the sewers. They were getting closer!

“After passing through these sewers, we will be very close to Sanctuary! Let’s be careful!” she told him as he nodded in response.

She too definitely wanted to be careful. Now that they were in the sewer portion of the passageway, there was sure to be more rats. She shuddered at the thought.

The two walked along the southern wall and through the water to reach the doorway going left. Zelda tried to control her urge to scream at the squeaking sound of the rats as she lifted the hem of her dress to prevent it from getting wet.

Once in the next room, the two continued to walk through the water to reach the door that she knew was located in the northern wall. She heard the squeaking sounds increase as she sent a prayer up to the goddesses to ensure her strength. Due to this she barely heard the dying sound of a keese that Link had struck in front of them.

After entering the door, Zelda finally found herself shrieking. The entire room was filled with rats! Trying not to hyperventilate at the sight, she let Link lead her to the right side of the room. She saw the door ahead and remembered that it was locked. Her throat constricted when she recalled where the key was hidden.

After dispatching the two keese in front of the door, she saw Link turn to her. Apparently he noticed the locked door. “Where’s the key?”

Taking a deep breath to steel her nerves, she quickly told the young Hero where it was at. He gave her a quick glance and told her to stay next to the door while he went to retrieve it. She felt glad of his consideration, but at the same time she felt terrified knowing that she was going to be left alone in the dark and possibly with a rat next to her. She knew that it’d be better for her and her nerves that she’d be with him as he got the key.

When she gave him her answer, he quickly asked if she was sure, and when she nodded, he allowed her to follow. She stayed close though as they got closer to the rats. The two watched as the rats ran around in the tight left portion of the room. They needed to find the one that had the key.

Zelda felt shivers go up her spine as she watched the group of rats run around, but she knew that she needed to do this. Either it was this or sitting in the dark where she couldn’t see where they were. As she continued to keep her focus on the rats though, she gasped as she saw the light from the lantern hit something that sparkled.

Link must’ve heard her gasp because he looked towards her, “What?”

She quickly pointed at the rat that had something golden on it. “That one must have the key!”

She watched as he followed her finger and when she saw recognition appear in his eyes, she knew that he saw it too. He looked back at her, “Wait here while I get it.”

She nodded. As much as she wanted to be near the source of light, it would be much easier for him to retrieve it without her standing right next to him. Not to mention that she’d probably faint with all of those rats surrounding her.

Zelda watched as he gave her the lantern to hold as he went to get the key. She thanked him for his small deed of kindess and held the light up for him to help with his weakened sight in the darkness. She watched amazed as he managed to get the golden device without getting bitten or having to strike the creature with his sword.

When he walked back with the key she found herself asking, “How did you manage to get the key without getting bit?”

She found her heart skipping a beat as he smiled at her and retrieved the lantern back from her. “Simple. I just traded the beef jerky I had left in my pocket from last night for the key. I don’t think the rat minded the trade.”

She felt her eyebrows rise at this reply. She watched as his expression changed into that of disappointment. “What? You don’t believe me?”

She shook her head, “No, it’s not that. It’s just that I’ve never heard of that situation occurring before…”

The smile on his face returned. “Well, I guess it’s a first time for everything.”

Once the short conversation was over the two walked back over to the locked door and placed the key into the keyhole. After walking through the now opened doorway, just as before with the last locked door, the enchantment activated and returned the door and key back to where they were before.

In the next room, the room brightened considerably due to the fact that they were reaching the higher floors. They were getting closer.

After they extinguished the candle in the lantern and Link returned it back to its spot on his belt, they pressed on once more. There were a few more rats running around in this room, but they didn’t seem interested in them. Instead the two keese before them came after them and just as before, Link stopped them from attacking.

Continuing to run ahead, they came to a series of polished blocks blocking their path. After studying it for a few seconds, she watched as Link pushed the block in the middle forward until it allowed them to get further. Once that was out of the way, they proceeded at ascend the staircase.

The next room had wooden walls and just as before in the previous rooms, had rats running around. Once more quelling her urge to scream, she followed Link as he quickly crossed the room all while dodging the pots and rats and entered the doorway to the south.

Once they entered the room, Zelda remembered that there was a switch that needed to be pulled in this room in order to open the door ahead. “Sanctuary is just beyond that door. Pull on the switch over there.”

She pointed over to the right side of the room. Link followed her instructions and after dispatching the two rats running around the room, he walked over to the switch.

“You have to pull the lever to open the door.”

He nodded and she watched as he pulled the lever with all his might. Suddenly she heard a dull beeping noise and instead of opening the door, a bunch of Ropes fell from the ceiling!

What? That wasn’t the right switch?’ Zelda watched as Link gave her a glare and quickly set about getting rid of the Ropes. If that wasn’t the switch then, where was the other one?

She glanced about the room as she tried to avoid the Ropes that were attempting to attack her. When she looked over at the left side of the room, she saw another switch. That one must be it.

She looked over at Link to tell him, but then she saw that he was busy trying to keep the Ropes from attacking him. Zelda looked over at the other switch. She’d have to get it then.

Zelda sprinted over the other switch and began to pull on it with all her strength. She silently prayed that this switch wouldn’t bring any more Ropes with it or goddesses forbid: rats!

Once the lever was completely pulled she heard a chime sound and turned around to see that the door had opened. She grinned and called over to Link to make a run for it.

Link nodded and the two began to run towards to the door with the Ropes in quick pursuit behind them. They quickly passed through the doorway and collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. But she and Link leaned back up in a sitting position when they heard the Ropes hissing at them as they came closer.

elda saw the door that they just exited through begin to close again and prayed that it would close in time before the Ropes caught them. She found herself thinking that the goddesses must’ve been on their side today for soon after she thought that, the door quickly came to a close.

She and Link let out a sigh of relief. She was glad that ordeal was over. As she finally let her nerves relax, she heard the sounds of a choir reach her ears. She smiled in realization when she remembered that they had finally reached Sanctuary. They were safe now.

“Princess Zelda?!”

Zelda turned around behind her and saw the Priest looking at both her and Link with shock evident in his features. Apparently he wasn’t expecting to see them, or her anytime soon for that matter.

She glanced over at Link as he looked up at the man and quickly stood up. He then turned to her and offered her his hand. She smiled and accepted it and he helped her to her feet. The couple then looked back at the Priest.

She certainly had some explaining to do…
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Hello again! Once more I have a new chapter for this story. I hope you guys are enjoying this thus far because I'm enjoying writing it. :)

Also small note here: for the next few chapters after this one, I will be posting them in groups of at least 2-3 at a time. The reason for this is because as I've mentioned before in the prologue that I'm writing each chapter from each characters' point of views and since the following chapters consist of characters from Kakariko Village you guys can probably figure out why I'm doing this.

So when I upload these bulk chapters I will have written in BOLD letters at the top which part of the bulk upload it is. (Example being: Part 1 of 2 for upload on ??/??/??)

This way you guys can easily keep up with it and won't accidentally miss any new chapters that I've uploaded. Plus another reason why I'm doing this is so that way I can speed up the time it'll take for me to finally get to the chapters where the story will actually start moving forward (ie: meeting Sharashla and the Easter Palace, etc.).

Oh, and also before I forget, you guys might notice on here that in this chapter I did find a way to use excerpts from the 'prologue' screen that shows in the SNES version of ALttP (it also appears in the GBA version too, but as you guys may have noticed, I've been going with the text from the SNES version since it's the original). I got the idea of doing that the other day when I was fact-checking stuff for this chapter and found a way I could incorporate it into the story. Not to mention it also helps give the story/game a more solid placement of where it is in the LoZ timeline.

And now that that's out of the way, without further ado, here's the new chapter! Enjoy! :)

Chapter: Silver Lining
Character: Priest aka “Rauru”
Summary: ALttP. He was but merely a priest. He was called to preach the goddesses’ message to their people and to help guide them. Apparently that wasn’t the only thing he was called to do. The goddesses have another task for him to partake in. One that involves helping to save what was left of the Royal Family and to help give the new Hero a starting point.
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda nor its characters. They belong to Nintendo.

(Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story!)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 5: Silver Lining

By: knowlee


Priest Rauru watched as the disheveled Princess and the young lad that was with her stood up from where they had landed after their escape from the secret passageway. For a brief few moments he found himself thinking that the young man had snuck the Princess inside just have his way with her, but then he had noticed that the entrance to the secret passageway was closing. If he didn’t just witness that himself, the poor man would’ve found himself having an earful. Luckily though his common sense came back to him before he could allow himself to react as such.

As he watched the young lad help the Princess to her feet, he found himself examining him closely. He suddenly realized that he looked very familiar, but where had he seen him before?

After a few moments passed he finally remembered where he had seen the young lad. It was Link. He recalled seeing him many times with his uncle when he was in Kakariko Village visiting with his parishioners.

Rauru smiled at the memories that came to him from the times he interacted with the two. He definitely knew now that he had nothing to fear from this young man and that it seemed that he had been the one to answer the Princess’ calls that she had made earlier. He quickly sent a prayer up the goddesses, thanking them for this young man and for the courage he had to delve into the castle fortress to help the young maiden. He also prayed that this courage would continue to serve him well into the future, for he had a strange feeling that Link would need it.

Rauru quickly shook away the remaining thoughts that threatened to distract him further and focused fully on Link and the Princess.

After adjusting his glasses, he spoke to the princess with a relieved smile evident on his face, “Princess Zelda, you are safe!” He then looked at the young man, “Is this your doing, Link?”

He saw Princess Zelda nod and detach her hand from Link’s and walk to stand beside him. Then she turned to face Link. Even though she was looking directly at the young man, he knew that she was directing her next statement towards him.

“Yes, it was Link who helped me escape from the dungeon!”

He wasn’t for sure which emotion he saw briefly flash within the Princess’ eyes as she spoke her words, but he could tell that she held some sort of admiration towards Link. When he turned his gaze towards said person and saw him looking towards the Princess with the same look of admiration, he could tell that the two had apparently become attracted to one another during the short time they had been together. He felt a smile form on his face at the thought.

He then cleared his throat though to stop his thoughts from going any further and to also bring the others’ attentions back to the problem at hand. As much as he hated to spoil the party, he knew that it was only a matter of time before the wizard caught wind of her majesty’s escape.

It seemed that the Princess had understood his intentions and he watched as she removed her gaze from Link and looked off to the side as if recalling a horrible memory. “When I was captive the wizard said, ‘Once I have finished with you, the final one, the seal of the wise men will open.’ … … …”

Rauru gasped at her words. Surely, the wizard wouldn’t want to do that! He knew that the man had made questionable and not to mention horrible decisions before (including that of imprisoning the Princess), but this - this was unheard of! He found himself remembering passages that were written in scripture telling a story from the olden days about the Great Seal War and how the seal was never to be released or else Hyrule would fall to ruin. He felt a shiver run down his spine as he thought of those words.

This was probably a sign telling him that the apocalypse was soon to be upon them…

He took a deep breath to steady his nerves. No, he couldn’t afford to lose them now. If this truly was the sign of the end times, then he would need to be a stalwart priest that the people could look to. He couldn’t afford to be afraid when the people would need him now more than ever.

After Rauru felt that his little panic attack was over with, he turned his attention back to the Princess and her rescuer only to find that Link had a look of confusion etched upon his face.

“Is there something wrong, Link?” he asked the youth.

Link looked over at him with an embarrassed expression and answered, “Forgive me, Father, but I keep hearing about this ‘seven wise men’s seal’ and I honestly have no idea what that is…”

He looked over at the young man and gave him a smile to ensure that he would not judge him. He knew that many people nowadays did not know much about the history of the seal since it had occurred such a long time ago. The only people who knew much of it were himself and the Royal Family.

“Ah, I see. Well, perhaps I ought to explain it to you first or else the rest of the conversation may be lost on you.”

After Link nodded his consent, Rauru began to quickly search his memory for the passage he read in the old texts that told the tale and history behind the seal. Once he remembered the words, he began to speak, “’Long ago, in the kingdom of Hyrule surrounded by mountains and forests… legends told of an omnipotent and omniscient Golden Power that resided in a hidden land.’”

“The Triforce.”

He and Link looked over at the Princess and waited for her next words. “The Golden Power is the Triforce. You’ve probably seen the emblem before, it happens to be on your shield there.”

At her words, Rauru saw Link take the shield that was latched on his right arm and tilted it horizontally in front of him to see the emblem she was mentioning. Sure enough, right above the blazing red bird was the symbol of both the Royal Family and of the Triforce. The Golden Power that was left to Hyrule by the goddesses.

“I see. So that’s what it represents? It’s not just a random symbol?” Link asked him and the Princess as he lowered his shield to once again rest against his side.

He and Princess Zelda both nodded. The princess spoke again, “The Triforce helps keep balance in our world and was left to us by the Golden Goddesses in a realm separate from ours known as the Golden Land.”
He watched as the Princess took a deep breath and continued to speak, “When the Triforce is together as one it has the power to grant whoever touches it one wish. No matter what that wish represents, be it good or evil, it must grant it.”

Rauru nodded. “And as you can imagine that little bit of information also made it quite desirable.” He then began to quote the ancient text once more, “’Many people aggressively sought to enter the hidden Golden Land… but no one ever returned.’”

He saw Link’s eyes widen at the knowledge he just revealed. “’One day evil power began to flow from the Golden Land…’”

Princess Zelda spoke again. “My father said that this was because a great evil known as Ganondorf had taken control of the Triforce and was using it to spread his wickedness. According to what I’ve heard, he had already obtained one piece of the Triforce when he first entered the land. He eventually gained the other two pieces when he was able to defeat that era’s Hero and Princess of Hyrule.”

Rauru watched as Princess Zelda nodded at him to finish the scripture. So he finished, “’So the King commanded seven wise men to seal the gate to the Land of the Golden Power.’”

Rauru saw Link’s face change to a pensive expression as he apparently was trying to make sense of the story. “So, that’s what you’re referring to when you say the ‘seven wise men’s seal’? It’s a seal that was designed to seal, I presume, Ganondorf and the Triforce into the Golden Land?”

Both he and the Princess nodded at his comprehension. Then her highness spoke, “Yes, Link, with the Triforce at his command, Ganondorf was simply too powerful for them to defeat on their own. They would need to help of the Hero to do so, but unfortunately as I mentioned he fell in battle against the evil man so my ancestors had to do what they could.”

Rauru nodded and then grew concerned. “That seal should remain for all time…”

He felt the stares of both the other people in the room as he continued speaking his thoughts, “… … But, when those events were obscured by the mists of time and became legend…”

He looked up at the Princess to see her nodding in understanding. “Yes, I’m afraid this made people too complacent and only think of the story to be just that: a legend. But it’s as my father has said many times, ‘To prepare for the future, you must learn from the past'. And I believe that even things such as stories and legends need to be considered at times when doing that.”

Rauru agreed. “Yes, that is true. Whether it be stories or not, it should be considered especially if this land has a history of having such things happen like this. And it seems that Agahnim believes those stories, since from what you mentioned about him wanting to open the seal, it looks as if he’s trying to achieve it. But how-?”

Apparently the Princess knew where his trail of thoughts was headed, for she answered his unfinished question. “Agahnim has been sacrificing the last descendants of the seven wise men. He says that that is the key to its undoing. And apparently I’m the final one. My ancestor, the Princess of that era where the sealing took place, was one of those seven wise men.”

“Ah, so I had heard from different people around Hyrule that young maidens were disappearing. I had no idea that that was the reason behind that, but it does make sense now.” Rauru looked directly at the Princess with his next sentence. “And it seems that the time of destiny for Princess Zelda is drawing near.”

Princess Zelda sighed and nodded as she agreed with his observation. Then he watched as she quickly turned to Link and began to speaking to him. Link slightly jumped at the sound of her voice for apparently he was just waiting for them to finish the conversation that they had unintentionally excluded him from. He found himself chastising himself for that and gave Link an apologetic look.

“Link, you must not let the land of Hyrule fall into the wizard’s clutches. If he releases the seal of the seven wise men, evil power will overwhelm this land. Before that happens… before it’s too late… destroy the wizard before he destroys all of Hyrule! You can do it! You can…” Princess Zelda spoke to Link with a great strength and conviction in her voice.

He felt his eyes widen as he realized that she truly believed that Link could save Hyrule. He looked over at the young man and studied him briefly. Could it be that perhaps he was the Hero of this time come to save them? The stories did say that a Hero would appear in Hyrule’s time of need. Was this him then? If it was, then perhaps this was the silver lining and sign that the goddesses had sent him telling him that everything would be alright.

He found his thoughts shift to Agahnim now. He knew now what the wizard was up to and wanted more than ever for him to be stopped. But he had a strange feeling that there was more to this plot than met the eye. He had a feeling that somewhere, Agahnim had some sort of help in this situation and if his feelings were correct then Link would need to gain more power, knowledge and help in order to succeed in helping to save Hyrule.

Rauru looked over to the chest that was sitting next to altar. He decided that he would help the possible Hero in any way that he could. He walked over to the chest and felt both Link and Princess Zelda’s eyes upon him as he did so.

Upon opening it, he saw a rolled up piece of parchment that contained a map of Hyrule and a small glowing heart-shaped rock that was said to help make one stronger. Items in hand, he turned back around to face Link and handed him the rock and explained to him what it could do. Then he quickly walked over to his desk that was in the corner of the Sanctuary and used his quill to quickly mark a house located in Kakariko Village. He knew that the man there would be able to help Link on this quest.

With that done, he turned back to Link and began speaking to him, as he walked over to hand him the map. “I sense that a mighty evil force guides the wizard’s actions and augments his magical power. The only weapon potent enough to defeat the wizard is the legendary Master Sword.”

He saw Link’s eyes widen as he heard the name. Apparently he had heard of the powerful blade and instantly knew that this quest was a dangerous one due it being required.

Rauru continued, “It is said that the village elder is a descendant of one of the seven wise men. Maybe he can tell you more… I will mark his house on your map. But watch your every move! I am certain that the castle soldiers will be looking for you now! … … …”

At those words, he handed him the map which Link took and unfurled to see where he marked. After studying it for a few moments he wrapped it back up and tucked the map into his belt. Then he looked at him, “I will be careful, Father. Thank you.”

Rauru smiled at Link’s thanks and watched as the young man looked briefly at the Princess and spoke to her, “What about you? Where will you go?”

He answered quickly before the Princess had a chance to. He knew that it would be suicide to try and sneak her out now that it was more than likely possible that Agahnim knew now of her escape. “I will hide Princess Zelda here.”

Link looked back at him with a questioning look upon his face. Rauru smiled once more in order to quickly avail his worry. “Do not worry! Seek the elder! Do you understand?”

Rauru watched as Link’s face relaxed and his head nodded in acknowledgement.

Rauru nodded in return. “Then go! Hyrule depends upon you!”

He watched as the boy nodded once more and after briefly bowing to the Princess, he quickly made his way to the double doors that stood at the entrance to the Sanctuary.

Rauru went to walk over to stand next to the Princess and found himself shouting words of encouragement to Link. “Meet the elder of the village and get the Master Sword!”

Princess Zelda apparently followed his lead and shouted to him as well. “Link, be careful out there! I know you can save Hyrule!”

Rauru and the Princess watched as Link opened the double doors before him and began to walk out into Hyrule. Rauru then noticed that the rain had stopped since now beautiful rays of sunlight came streaming in through the opened entryway.

The sunlight was short lived though, for after Link closed the doors behind him, the light disappeared along with him. Rauru wasn’t worried though. He smiled as he found himself thinking that Link would be the silver lining to the land’s despair and that like the sunlight that came after the rain, so too would peace come to Hyrule.


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Hello! I know that I had mentioned that in the previous post that I was planning on bulk uploading the next few chapters in batches of two or three, and I’m still going to do that, but I decided that I’d go ahead and post this chapter since it had been such a long time since the last upload.

The reasons for my unusually late update on this was a combination of work, binge-watching Harry Potter movies with my brother, a small dose of laziness, and me just generally being really tired from being busy. With all of that combining into one, you guys can see why I was a little late on updating.

Plus I found myself having to rearrange what I was planning on doing with these next few chapters and eventually found a way that would make more sense in the grand scheme of the story-telling and plus would make more sense that way. That also contributed to a small part in this chapter’s lateness.

Anywho, I’m going to go ahead and just let you guys go ahead and have at reading this chapter. It’s not much in terms of story or advancement in the plot but it does follow what happens in the game. The next few chapters will be the same since the setting is taking place in Kakariko Village and will just consist of him meeting a few people in his search for the elder as well as obtaining items for his journey. Plus I plan on having him go through a bit of character growth when he finally is able to express his feelings towards his Uncle’s death (bit of a spoiler I suppose I should call this).

Course all this is told through the other character’s POVs and not Link’s so all of this will be told as how they see it. Well, now I’m officially done with my rambling and I hope that you guys enjoy this new found chapter and look forward to the next ones!

Please read and review!

Chapter: To Have Faith
Character: Sahrashla’s Wife or “Impaz”
Summary: ALttP. She sorely missed her husband. He had fled the village in an attempt to prevent Agahnim from finding his location and to protect her and the other villagers from the evil wizard’s wrath. She didn’t know when she would see him again, but she prayed to the goddesses that it would be soon.
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda nor its characters! They belong to Nintendo.

(Please click on the spoiler 'show' button to read the story.)


A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Authors of Our Own Fates

Chapter 6: To Have Faith

By: knowlee


Impaz dipped her hands down into the warm water and pulled up a piece of clothing. She grabbed the brush that she had sitting in the water with her right hand and began to use it on the cloth to help scrub out the stains that were in it. After she was done with the piece she pulled it out of the water and laid it in a basket with some other wet clothes that she was planning on taking outside to hang after she was done with her chore.

She reached back into the container of water and pulled out another piece of clothing to repeat the process again when she realized that she held one of her husband’s shirts in her hand. Her eyes misted up slightly and she sighed as she rubbed the shirt lovingly with her hands. How she missed her husband…

Impaz put the shirt back down into the water and began to clean it as she mulled over her husband’s absence. Her husband, Sahasrahla, had been gone for more than two moon cycles. He had fled the village upon learning that Agahnim, the King of Hyrule’s adviser at the time of his departure, had been mysteriously kidnapping people related to the seven wise men. Her husband was a distant relative of one of them so he feared that he would be next.

He told her briefly of his fears and mentioned to her that he would leave Kakariko to prevent his capture and to prevent Agahnim from harming neither her nor anyone else in the village in his search for him. He didn’t even mention to her where he was going to hide because he didn’t want to put her at risk.

Sahasrahla told her right before he left that he didn’t know when the time would come when it would be safe to return to the village, but he promised her that he would return. Until then, she would need to have faith.

She admitted that there were times when it was hard to keep that faith, but she trusted her husband and the goddesses above that things would turn out alright. Still, she thought as she reached over to grab a dry towel to absorb the water from her hands, she wanted to see him again, to know for herself that he was alright.

As Impaz placed the towel onto the table and began to walk back over to the basket of wet clothes, she heard a knock on the door. She turned around to face the door and wondered who would be at her door asking for her.

For a brief moment she worried if it was in fact Agahnim with his soldiers coming to ask her questions regarding her husband, but then she realized that he wouldn’t have bothered with knocking. He simply would’ve forced his way in. She decided that whoever was at the other side of the door must’ve been friendly due to this small bit of knowledge.

“Come in!” she called.

She watched as the door opened and in came a young man clothed in green with brown hair that had a slight tinge of pink in it. It took her a few seconds for her old eyes to adjust to the sudden light coming from the door, but after the young man closed it she realized who it was.

“Who? Oh, it’s you, Link! What can I do for you, young man?”

She knew Link from the times he and his uncle had helped her occasionally with some household chores of hers. He was a kind young man who certainly knew how to treat his elders with respect. Impaz found herself wondering why he was here. Perhaps he was checking up on her? Then her eyes finally noticed the sword and shield that was strapped onto his back.

Although she didn’t know much of what went on at the castle except for what had concerned her husband, she knew from what she had heard from other villagers that things were getting progressively worse for Hyrule. Now that she was seeing this young man wielding a weapon, she knew that those rumors were true.

Impaz watched as Link bowed his head towards her slightly as a greeting and asked her, “Pardon me for intruding, but do you happen to know where the elder is?”

Upon hearing the word ‘elder’ she automatically knew that he was searching for her husband. She debated for a few moments as to whether she should tell him what she knew, but in the end she decided that it would be alright to tell Link what had happened. From what she could tell from his posture and expression, he wasn’t planning on causing any harm to her, her husband, or to anyone else. In fact, she felt that he wanted to protect them from whatever that evil wizard had in store for them.

“The elder? Oh, no one has seen him since the wizard began collecting victims…”


“Was there something you wished to discuss with him, Link?”

She watched as Link shifted his weight to his back foot as he was pondering his next response. “Well, I was actually hoping to talk with him about some ancient lore and objects that I’ve heard about Hyrule. One item in particular I was hoping to hear more about was the Master Sword. I’ve heard few details about it from stories and other things I’ve heard as a kid, but other than that that’s it.”

Her eyes widened at the mention of the legendary blade and then she noticed his eyes look towards her with a questioning stare. “But since he’s not here, do you happen to know anything about it by chance?”

“What? Master Sword? Well, I don’t remember the details exactly, but…”

Impaz felt her eyebrows furrow together as she began to think on what her husband had told her regarding the blade. She could only remember little bits and pieces, but hopefully it would be enough to help him.

“Long ago, a prosperous people known as the Hylia inhabited this land… Legends tell of many treasures that the Hylia hid throughout the land… The Master Sword, a mighty blade forged against those with evil hearts, is one of them. People say that now it is sleeping deep in the forest…”

There was where her memory failed her. Other than that little bit of information she could recall, she couldn’t remember the other larger details regarding it. Her husband would know more since he had taken to diligently studying his ancestor’s history as well as that of Hyrule’s. Unfortunately he wasn’t here though to help Link in his plight.

“Do you understand the legend? I’m sorry that what I’ve told you isn’t much to go on. I don’t have a good memory in regards to old legends and lore. The elder is better with that than I am.” She apologized to the young man.

She watched as he simply smiled and shook his head in response. “I understood what you told me. It does help me get an idea of what the Master Sword is and where it’s located. Though I think it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit more about it.”

She nodded. She knew that the person he would need to talk to in order to gain more information would be her husband. But sadly she didn’t know where he was. She mentally sighed. Surely there had to be someone in the village who knew where he went off to. There had to be…

“Well, I won’t trouble you anymore more, ma’am. Thank you for your help.” Link’s voice brought her out of her thoughts and back into the present.

She smiled at him as she decided to give him some last bit of help before he left. “Anyway, look for the elder. There must be someone in the village who knows where he is.”

She watched as Link bowed his head to her slightly in response and turned towards the door. As he was reaching for the knob she found herself quickly sending up a prayer to the goddesses to help him in his journey and for him to find someone in the village that could help him find her husband. She also prayed for him to be safe. Impaz would’ve been upset to see him become just another one of Agahnim’s victims. She couldn’t go with him to prevent this though as she would only slow him down with her old age and lack of protection skills. The only thing she could afford to do was to pray and to have faith that everything would turn out for the best.

Before he completely walked out of her house, she quickly called out to him. “You take care now, Link…”

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