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Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History


I has four half days left of school. What am I gonna do with my notebooks? FLAAAAAAAMES!!!!!!!

Speaking of last day of school, in elementary a kid tripped when getting off the bus on the way home on my last day of fourth grade. The everyone chanted "trip! Trip!" to everyone getting off the bus.

And on Friday since it was the last full day of school the mornin announcements were extra long with a whole bunch of random stuff and towards the end there was a mock version of this:


I went bike riding wih my friend on Sunday
I had my head turned
I looked back and…
Then the chain on my bike fell off

Anyway... I can't breed the stupid pearl dragon in DragonVale. I tried at least 20 times. That's probably the only way I'm gonna be able to get the Panlong dragon before the end of the year. It won't breed either. And the pearl dragons gonna get me gems, which I need for the Panlong. You can only get the Panlong in the year of the dragon, and apparently this is the year of the dragon. MUST HAVE PANLONG. :kawaii:

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