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Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History


The Unknown
Jun 18, 2011
Its kind of a long story. Well, in my business class, we got assigned a project to make a commercial that was meant to stop a fake business from destroying Native American village remains. And for this project, me and my unreliable partner had to do voice overs for it. We ran out of time in class, so the teacher signed us each passes to go there during our study hall to record our voices for the project. I showed up to record, but my partner didn't. Now I got an F on the project.
Haha, I know how you feel man, although it was never as serious as that. This morning I had a partner who was not necessarily unreliable, but wasn't just able to focus that well. The assignment wasn't that bad that I needed him for it, so I just decided to leave class for my instrumental lessons. I thought it was worth it. That just stinks that you failed the project though. :(
omg you changed your username ._.

Well, anyways... wahahaa~ I think I found a perfect idea for an AMV--yes, anime this time =). Too bad it'll involve downloading a bunch of episodes and... well, that's my least favorite part of making montages... so, it'll be quite a long time before I even start it... ;/
And perhaps this new anime may hepl me tame my insanity as it begins to kick back in gear. x)

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