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attack on titan review [spoilers]


Jan 19, 2018
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this thread has attack on titan spoilers

attack on titan is a manga about some people who are trapped in a walled city and outside the city there are man eating giants and eventually they break through the wall and a lot of people die. The first half of the manga is a struggle for survival within the walls and an effort to reclaim the lost land, and also examines the political struggles of a people pressed against the brink. The first half mostly introduces the setting and the characters and then shows a lot of action. There are some interesting themes but for the most part not a lot happens. Halfway through the manga a major plot shift occurs and we are told what is going on far outside the walls. It turns out that the man-eating giants and the walled city are both on an island and that the rest of the globe is technologically modern (the people on the island seemed to have ~1800s level technologies for the most part). The story then becomes primarily about fascism and racism as it shifts to being about a country called marley. Within this world there are a race of people called eldians who, when injected with the spinal fluid of titans turn into mindless titans. Eldians have traditionally been abused in this way and used as human weapons and for that reason are feared and supressed through most of the world. The plot shifts to being about how to free the eldian people from their subjugation and a lot of conflicting characters and factions act as vehicles to examine ideas of fascism and racism and the ways to combat them from different perspective. It seems like the author feels that racism, fascism, and violence are cylical and close to inevitable. The ending is pretty depressing and also a little confusing. The main character ends up killing 80% of the human race because he's some sort of magical timeslave and then some other characters think he's a hero for some reason and eldians stop turning into titans but racism and war still continue. Ultimately, despite being interesting in the topic personally it felt like the author was conflicted on how they wanted to present it and in the end there wasn't really anything like a concrete message. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing and it was enjoyable to read, although i feel the ending could have made a more meaningful or impactful statement.

I give attack on titan a 4/5 because i enjoyed reading it and it was a little interesting.

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