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Zelda Masta
Nov 4, 2011
Canada EH
maybe i had my hopes a little to high but man...this game is a real let down. There was nothing new in the game execpt the ability to make bombs (which are totally useless, i think i only used one throughout my playthrough) and the story doesnt tell us anything at all. Its way to complicated and the ending was just terrible. I have a feeling that ubisoft made this game to please the hardcore AC fans because the story doesnt progress at all. after i completed the game, i felt like i wasted my entire weekend playing this game. I was expecting the best AC out of all 4 but it was just a real letdown overall. did anyone else felt like i did after completing it?
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Sep 25, 2011
There's 4 but it's part of the Assassin's Creed 2 Franchise you could say, that is, the part that addresses Ezio.


Jul 15, 2009
There was nothing new in the game

Desmond sections? Altair missions? Expanded multiplayer modes? The improvements made to Eagle sense? Defending Assassin dens? The improved sequences to recover Altair's seals? Hookblade?

execpt the ability to make bombs (which are totally useless, i think i only used one throughout my playthrough)

Granted, I found them pretty useless but only because I decided to forgo experimenting with them in favour of moving fowards with the story. I'ma go back and try to incorperate them into my attack style next.

and the story doesnt tell us anything at all. Its way to complicated and the ending was just terrible.

May I ask... since when has the AC series story ever been simple? It's not like the series has a reputation or anything for having "wtf" cliffhanger endings that make no sense or anything and make you shout at the screen "YOU CAN'T END IT THERE!"... oh, wait. AC, AC:II, AC:B anyone?

I have a feeling that ubisoft made this game to please the hardcore AC fans because the story doesnt progress at all.

So harcore fans aren't interested in the story? You assume they're in it for the gameplay then. But wait, you just claimed there were no improvements made to gameplay... so by your definiton, why d'you think Revelations would make the "hardcore" fans happy? Surely they're (assuming 'they' exist and are a separate to the rest of us AC fans) the ones who'd want to see the series expand and improve the most, since they're "hardcore" and have likely invested the most time in playing it?

Also... Ezio's and Altair's stories progressed quite a bit, didn't they? I mean, I guess if you were under the impression the modern day story was going to progress then you'd've been disappointed.

did anyone else felt like i did after completing it?

You can probably tell, I was fairly satisfied with it. That isn't to say I don't have any criticisms... I think it's far from perfect, if I'm honest. I'd've liked the modern story to have progressed a bit further, I couldn't believe they ended it where they did... so close, and yet so far from a resolution. But I think they did Altair's story justice, and I think they did Ezio's story justice... and looking at it, I'd much rather have had closure on that first before moving on, than leave it where we did at the end of Ezio's part in Brotherhood and got a bit further with the modern storyline. I mean, it makes sense that the game where Desmond prevented/tries to prevent the 2012 disaster was going to be one that actually came out in 2012... if anything, that'll make it more exciting.
I love the Desmond's Journey part as well, they fleshed Desmond's character out a lot in that... I guess in some ways, I've always felt closer to Ezio because we'd seen so much of his life, seen the things that made him who he was, understood his motivations... we never had that closeness with Desmond, we knew very little of his life before Abstergo, and I liked that Revelations bridged that gap. I feel like I understand Desmond better too, now. I'm sad I can't say the same for 16 though... I was really really hoping we'd learn more about him it this one, it seemed the perfect chance... but eh. Maybe Ubisoft's still keeping that one up their sleeve? And while the Desmond sections were awesome, I still don't think they fully explored the concept of being in the guts of the Animus... I think they could've done a lot more with that opportunity. But again, maybe that's something they're going to do later. Who knows.

I'm not so enamoured by the series that I can't see what you're saying... but I think maybe you did let the hype get the better of you. Maybe you should judge and enjoy the game for what it is, not how well it holds up against what you wanted it be :\ In any case, Revelations was intended to be a bridge game, a purpose which it more than fufills. And maybe it's just me, but Constantinople is probably my favourite city so far. I loved the way it blends together the atmospheres of AC:I and AC:II/B... I could wander the city for hours (in fact, I have~) and not require any actual missions to keep me occupied :3

But again, maybe that's just me.
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Feb 25, 2010
RE: RE: RE: RE: Yogurt

This just in:
iMadMax is a Templar.

In all seriousness though, I don't agree. I actually see ACR as the best of the series.

maybe i had my hopes a little to high but man...this game is a real let down. There was nothing new in the game execpt the ability to make bombs (which are totally useless, i think i only used one throughout my playthrough)
Hook Blade, Assassin's dens, den defense, Memory Seals, all sorts of stuff.
and the story doesnt tell us anything at all. Its way to complicated and the ending was just terrible.
We learn about Desmond, altlair, and Ezio more. we learn how Altlair dies, and what happens to Ezio. We learn about Desmond's life. We learn what happened to Lucy ;_; It wasn't complicated to me.


Nov 12, 2010
Alright, before I really dissect this entire post, I just want to point out this game is actually at around the high second favorite Assassin's Creed game for me, below II. I felt Jesper Kyd outdid himself once again with his music; I think he has surpassed even Koji Kondo in musical talent. He managed to blend Middle Eastern instruments with the Gaelic Italian music we're so used to in Ezio's portion of Assassin's Creed. The graphics greatly improved as well; it was far more immersible than Brotherhood ever was. I also greatly appreciated the better flow to actually fighting; I felt as though I was actually Ezio, doing each move in a fluid motion one after the other.

iMadMax said:
There was nothing new in the game execpt the ability to make bombs

There were plenty of new things in Assassin's Creed. It seems like you're only looking at the gameplay aspect of the game, but you're greatly overlooking even that. The addition of the hookblade allowed Ezio to bound up buildings that would have taken much longer in mere seconds - and adding a few cool assassination animations. The Den Defense was also new; this added a bit more variety. I never suspected the possibility of it being like a Tower Defense-style mini-event. I expected to defend it like you would yourself in any battle; hand-to-hand (or sword-to-sword) combat. This also created a need to create powerful recruits; the Master Assassins. Protecting your Dens from the pesky Templars, the Master Assassins were probably a necessity for any speed runner who didn't want to bother with side fights in restricted areas (such as myself).

There were also the addition of an "Animus inside the Animus" type effect with Ezio where he relived Altair's final memories. This was quite an interesting concept, and although I'll admit I was hoping he'd see Altair randomly like he did in the E3 Trailer, I still found the memories themselves to make up for any misconceptions and disappointments. We learned a lot about Altair's final years following the end of the first game. And Ezio himself even learned a thing or two; despite everything he went through, Altair had it just as bad in his life, if not worse.

But we don't just learn about Ezio and Altair, we also learn about Desmond. Desmond's Journey created a sidequest that brought us into the past of Desmond, leading to his capture by Abstergo. This journey through his past wasn't just endless cutscenes; it was puzzle-like sequences that tested your ability to continue forth through the level and complete what that sequence had to show you.

There are so many new things that were added to Assassin's Creed Revelations, but you just have to look a bit harder if all you found was bomb crafting.

the story doesnt tell us anything at all

Well, I already stated that it talked about Ezio, Altair and Desmond's journeys, but we also learned about a few others. We met Subject 16 - and watched him go. I was skeptical of him from the start, questioning if he was truly a friend or not. However, his end just showed me what I always thought of him; good or bad, the guy was really amazing. You have to respect him no matter what side he ended up on; he had been through a lot. He lost his mind in Abstergo, then his body, leaving what was left of him in the safe parts of the Animus - Animus Island.

Aside from him, we also learned about the People That Came Before. Unfortunately my mind is fuzzy on that part (I think it showed the end of their civilization as Minerva said in the end of II) we see that they too lived in a society much like ours; Godly or not, they were very much like we are now. To learn what we thought to be Gods were just people who lived before us (although this was said at the end of II, we just got a better idea at the end of Revelations) was nearly mind-blowing for me - even though it's just a game.

the ending was just terrible.

I... don't think I've ever disagreed with a statement more in my life. The ending to Assassin's Creed Revelations was so amazing to me. At least Ezio and Altair's were. I think they should have put the People Who Came Before's part before Ezio's final speech. Altair's final memory was heartbreaking, but Ezio's almost left me crying. The only thing that kept me from doing so was my father watching it with me; I couldn't bare to let him see me cry. NorthApple knows just how much I loved the ending, no matter how sad it was. I found the ending to be so heartbreaking and yet, I understand why Ezio did what he did. It was time he did so, his life was based on vengeance, and he finally had it. Altair's ending was also saddening, but he too lived a bad life. Abbas deserved what he got and Altair deserved to rest in peace forever. I don't think there will ever be a game ending that will bring tears of sadness to my eyes but a smile to my lips. I never really liked Altair in the first one, but he is one of my favorite characters now. Ezio has easily secured my #1 favorite spot and I doubt I can ever see another character take his place.

I think you might need to replay Assassin's Creed Revelations, the two of us got very different reactions out of it, and I hope you can see it my way next time.
Sep 17, 2011
Revelations is one of the best ACs.

First of all: it tied loose ends, created some new questions but answered few of the biggest ones (exactly what happened to Altaïr? What about Subject 16?) while leaving something open. It was more meaningful - story-wise - to Assassin's Creed universe than, say, Brotherhood, while making the story take some new, huge steps. If you felt that the story didn't progress at all how much you really were following it? AC's story always demands some extra attention, what with getting a load of names, possible families - or in ACR's case, finding out just who is Byzantine and who is Ottoman. Brotherhood's story might have been a bit easier to follow, but that's because it only had one thing happening: re-establishing Assassin Brotherhood in Rome and using that to deal with the Borgia.

ACR on the other hand had several things happening, we get to see much more mature Ezio on a personal quest with motives other than revenge (pretty much the primary motive during the first half of ACII, or pretty much the entire reason he even became an assassin), ending up in Constantinople with one agenda - finding Masyaf keys, but gets also caught up in helping/re-building Assassin Brotherhood. At the same time we also find out what happened to Altaïr and what was Desmond's life like pre-Animus.

The ending also made me love Ezio even more - he was now this wise old man, not the impulsive youth we saw in II. Altaïr had grown into a leader, though we saw some of that in the first game this time it was different. It was so sad, Altaïr's last moments, followed by Ezio's last words - it was the best way to finish Ezio's story gamewise. Having him leave his life as an assassin behind with Altaïr.

Desmond's endings are always cliffhangers, which is exactly how I like them. Entire ending was amazing, just suddenly switching to an entirely new era would have been stupid decision narrative-wise as it would have left far too much open.

May I ask, who are these hardcore AC fans? Because Revelations was meant to tie some loose ends - Ezio and Altaïr - before moving on to telling a completely new story. Yet Revelations had some of the most emotional moments in the franchise.

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