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General Art Art from Portfolio Class & More

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
My Senior year in high school, I took Art Portfolio the first semester. I have no plans to major in art; if anything, it'd be minoring in Photography. With that said, here's a simple lead pencil medium that I made for the first assignment in the year!


Here's another one. I started off with pencil medium, then used dye paint for the effects. I never got around to finishing it unfortunately.


This wasn't from my the class I took. I was bored in my room and I attempted to draw my profile and add a couple features as well.


Any tips from other artists on here would be great! ^^ I just thought I'd showcase a couple on here :P

Lord Death

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Jan 1, 2011
Chicago, IL
Woah, these are amazing! I really really like them! Unfortunately I'm no artist, so I can't give you tips. But I can tell you what I like!

The first one is awesome because you really got the eyes down. I always have trouble with eyes, but you drew them flawlessly! The shading on the eyebrows and the eyelashes is impressive too, and the design of the eyes themselves is quite cool.

The second one is my favorite. Chilfo, I feel like I could have seen this in a museum! To start, the hand is drawn perfectly, no questions asked. But what makes this piece really special is the multicolor lines. They appear to be emerging from the palm of the hand, swirling up, but then falling back down through the center. That's how I see it, anyway. But man, this is such a piece of eye-candy! I would legit buy this. And you say you didn't even finish it, so I can only imagine the ultimate image you had in your mind. ;)

The third one is the most abstract, but really great nonetheless. Your method of profiling is masterful (I could never profile anything in my life :xd:). I'm gonna take it you don't actually have blue hair and elf ears, but then again that's what makes this art. Great job!

Wow, Chilfo, I had no idea you were an artist. That must have been one hell of an art class! Well, bravo to you. :clap:
Apr 16, 2010
My god that's great. Honestly, when I first looked at it I thought it was a picture. The wood and the grass - and of course the wolf - look amazing and very realistic. Excellent shading and use of various colors. It reminds me of Twilight Princess in a way, too, which is awesome.


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Mar 22, 2012
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But that aside, bro, you're like... awesome. Dude, I faith this art trade is going to awesome! damn, now I have to work harder...

Honestly, I love the one with all the colors, and I really like the one with the wolf! Man... you put my landscape to shame, bro XD

Even if you don't go anywhere with art, i'd hire you as my concept artist, LOL.


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Your stuff looks great. Sometimes traditional artists can shy away from adding color because it adds another level of complexity or they are afraid of "ruining" their picture, but you have a real talent for how to use it. :J

Good luck with photography if you plan on going that route (which I highly recommend- Minors or double majors help a ton in filling up those pesky elective requirements. Better to choose sooner than later!) And even though your not going to be a fine arts major, a lot of the stuff you'll learn in your photography classes can be used to improve your artwork- especially with composition, which is something a lot of artists that don't have formal training underestimate the importance of.

Wish I could see that fox painting in person! I bet there is some real interesting texture quality to it because of the layer of pastel over the acrylic that's lost in the scanned version. >: Very nice regardless, keep up the good work. <3

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