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Are You Misunderstood?

Feb 23, 2011

I have been misunderstood for nearly my entire life. My facial expression is a cross between a scowl and a deadpan expression. Most people misinterpret that alone as a variety of negative things. I've been mistaken as a "stoner," a "druggie," a "mean person," a "psycho," a "weirdo"... you name it. Tie in the fact that I barely ever talk and a whole new dimension is added to my misunderstood persona. Apparently, being quiet automatically makes you a psycho-weirdo-creepy-person with a hidden, malicious agenda, like planning to blow up a school or something. People fear things they don't understand, and most people are afraid to get close to a loner... 9_9


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May 26, 2010
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I'm not misunderstood. I'm an idiot. I'm very impulsive - so I say what comes to mind whenever I get to talking. So I make a fool of myself then I start sulking. It's life; meh I'll deal.


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Nov 12, 2007
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I think I am a bit, and it's more a problem with people's perceptions more than anything else, which is probably my fault though. I've always felt people don't take me seriously is all, and think I'm dumb. I feel I get judged by my looks and my accent, a quite thick Northern accent, and my behavior's rarely serious and it's rare I actually try, but, yeah, when I do try and talk about something or a topic that's more sort of high brow and intellectual I've always felt people glaze over and think I'm some dumb blonde who's an idiot and doesn't know anything. Has kinda irked me a bit at times since I've worked hard to try and not be. Makes me a bit upset sometimes.

I'm not really intelligent or anything like that, I've always had trouble articulating my thoughts right and tend to not really describe what I think well, and most people are quick to lash out at mistakes I make, but I feel like I don't get the chance to most of the time. It's a bit better on the Internet since it's just typing, and it's easier to sit and think and type better, but not perfect. But yeah. I don't consider myself thick as hell but it's kinda how I've felt treated most of my life. I'm at University and stuff now, I hope when/if I get a more professional full-time job maybe it'll stop.


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Jun 18, 2011
I think most of us are "misunderstood" by some people. I probably don't help my own situation by embracing words with typical negative connotations, like "freak", "weirdo", etc. and openly reject words with typical positive connotations, like "normal" or "ordinary". I've lost track of the many times where I've described myself as "strange", "weird", "freak", etc. and honestly meant each of them in a positive way only to have some stranger instantly come to my "aid" by saying I seemed "perfectly normal" to them (which clearly demonstrated that they didn't understand me even the slightest...)

My own sisters have probably given up on understanding me, and I've given up on them ever understanding me (and to be frank I don't understand them most of the time... we're just night and day in so many ways...). Thankfully my mom is more willing to understand, she listens, is willing to let me explain, introduce her to aspects of my life, and is the only close family member who I feel actually manages to understand me and my life.


Jul 1, 2012
Depends on the people who judge. My friends know me more than anyone really, I've known a lot of them since I was 11, one or two even before that -- we know each other inside out and even though as of late I have been moving away from them, we still hang out. To be honest a lot of other people judge me on my friend group. My friends aren't the nicest people in the world and I will admit that, a couple being the so called "toughest" in school. That's the sort of reputation I get, people sometimes judge me based on this, a lot tend to be reluctant to talk to me, when reality is that I'm probably one of the most laid back and friendliest people.

Sometimes it annoys me a lot, I like to talk to a lot of people, I don't care about social dynamics or hierarchies, I can generally get along with most people and I think that's one of my best traits, but it can also be my downfall in a way. So yeah that probably one misconception about me and it's not even about people judging me, but instead judging who I hang around with.

Another thing would probably because I'm quite common, as in my accent. I don't live right in the city or on the outskirts but I was born there and my most of my family were born there. So I do have quite a "common" accent. Now I go to college were we have a lot of different types of people (I've left now), but a lot judged many of us on our accents and whatnot. This kind of links into my above point as well, but after a few months a lot of people realised the kind of guy I was and now I speak to most people.

A bigger problem linking into my above point, would be when searching for jobs. Now city jobs are very rare so you have to expand your search somewhat. A lot of times in interviews I feel like I get judged on my accent, that should not be the case in my opinion. I'm not perfect but people often judge me on this, when in fact I'm rather intelligent, friendly, outgoing and I have a good sense of humour.


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Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
Oh H-E- double hockey stick yes!!! lol!
when I'm walking around I could be so happy and my head is hanging to the ground and I look as if i'm in pain. And sometimes i do stuff that I don't mean to, like really mean things and I won't know why and I'll try to explain but people wont give me the time of day.
but then some other times people look at me and say that I look so happy all of the time and that they are confused as to why i'm not married or with someone!
needles to say that I am so misunderstood that I'm confuse as how people perceive me and I'm not sure of how I really carry my self anymore lol...


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Apr 26, 2012
I am a really misunderstood person. But mainly because I don't understand myself. I just... I just don't know what to do w/myself man....


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Oct 23, 2012
Understanding is a very interesting thing...

I'm understood if I decide to let myself be understood. I'm not when I choose not to be.

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Aug 15, 2011
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I hate tossing around "misunderstood" when it comes to describing myself because damn, does it ever sound "teen angst." But when talking about my relationship with my parents, it fits pretty well. Everybody else understands me (or what they think is me, depending on how well they know me) except for my parents.

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