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Are You Independent?


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Since I'm just me, my parents help me out a bit with my morgage (advance on my heritage), the plan is to try to get my morgage down to a more manageable amount until I fully take it over in a couple of years, when my parents both retire (by then I will have gotten a raise at my job). The housing market over here is near impossible if you don't have a partner to share the costs with and since both my sisters are settled down, they didn't want me still renting a spare bedroom.

Other than that I would say I'm pretty independent. I moved away from home at 16 and learned on the go how to take care of myself. I love my family dearly and I'm really close to them, especially my mom, but loving and depending on people are two different things. I am very open about me and my life, but I've learned that I'm also very capable of handling the things thrown at me. If people can and want to help, I won't deny them the chance to do so, but at the same time if no one wants to or can help, I manage to find my own way.

I don't believe independent means never accepting a hug, or never letting someone help you move a couple of boxes. I believe independent means being capable to do what you need to regardless what support you have or don't have. Last year I had to move to my new place, no one was able to help me out (my family was on the other side of the country to celebrate my nephew's birthday, and my friends were either pregnant or away for the summer), so I had to organize, pay for and do the work myself. And I made it work. That is what independent means to me. Not crumbling under the pressure when I have no one that can help me.


Jul 1, 2012
Hm hard to really tell, I would like to think I'm independent in some aspects but I don't think I fully am yet.

To be honest I can do lots of things on my own and I do a lot of things on my own, but I still rely on the mother for certain things. I want to get more independent and that's why I can't wait till University this September, have to rely on my personal funds/student loan as well as living without a parent figure, and truth be told I can't wait. Give it a couple years and I'll be regretting ever saying that ;)


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Feb 16, 2013
being totally in-depended is not a good thing as opposed to the common thoughts
humans are by the nature depended to others. we need a community

Only the almighty creator Allah is totally in-depended


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May 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada.
I think I'm very dependent. I can't do much things myself. I don't have a job, so my life relies on my parents. They give me a food and shelter. I may be told to get a job soon. But I'll still be dependent on them for a lot of things.

I think most of my dependency is because of how lazy I am. If I have to make myself breakfast, I grab a slice of bread and a glass of milk. I'm too lazy to actually make something decent for myself :P When I move out, my life would be a mess :xd: The house would only be cleaned once a month, I'll eat snacks all day, and do nothing else. I should try and not be so lazy :sweat:

Other than basic needs, I'm not that dependent. If I have a question in my homework, I try to figure it out myself. Asking someone is a last resort if I have no idea. Maybe that's because the best person to ask if my father, but whenever I ask him 1 question, he gives me 50 to solve. So I try and avoid asking him things :P I also do work in class independently. I prefer to be alone. That may be why.

I think that I am more dependent than independent. But I would like to see how I would change - if I do - when I move out.


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Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
I'm financially independent all the way, got my own apartment and car, buying the furniture for my place putting food in my fridge and all that jazz.. Even if i'm struggling I refuse to take a dime from my family or loan places if i can help it. I hate having to borrow money.

Emotionally I am for the most part. I still have to call my mom one or more times during the week to talk to her and get her support and help when I'm feeling down or when I'm afraid or lonely.

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I'd say yes and no. I depend on my parents for food, clothing, and shelter, but I know how to cook for myself fairly well, and once as I get a job, I'll be able to pay for my own things more often. I already have a week of experience with living away from home without my parents' support, from when I went to senior week (even if I was staying with friends). I'm kind of on the border between dependant and independent, I guess.

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