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Are you happy about an ARMS rep as the first fighter of the second pass?

It was announced in today's Nintendo Direct Mini that the next fighter in Super Smash bros Ultimate (as part of the second Fighters Pass) will be a representative from ARMS.

When asked in the past about an ARMS rep in Smash Ultimate, Sakurai said that the roster was finalised before ARMS had finished development.

So perhaps this was always inevitable.

But are you happy about it?

Were you looking forward to an ARMS rep?
Who do you want the rep to be?

Or are you not happy about it and would rather have had a third party character/character from another Nintendo IP?

Bowsette Plus-Ultra

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Mar 23, 2013
I mean, I always prefer the inclusion of more third party characters, but at least it isn't another damn Fire Emblem sword fighter.


The Artist Formally Known as Deku Shroom™
Jan 21, 2011
Fun Guy
Very happy to hear it, and it gives me faith that Nintendo is still willing to give the Arms series the chance it deserves. I'm curious on who will be the fighter they pick since Spring Man is already an assist trophy, and it'd be sort of interesting if they fleshed out his assist trophy into a full character.... I have a few assist trophies that I'd like to be turned full fledged fighters..... *cough* *cough* Zero *cough*

All Might

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Feb 8, 2011
It's a far better announcement than the last one, but the character will need to be revealed before passing judgment. Arms just feels like a good match all around, though, and no matter who gets in it'll make for a some engaging match ups. Something tells me that, with the two/three additional months of development, they could pull a DQ Hero stunt and unveil four Arms reps each with their own gimmick. That would be the icing on the cake for people who are fans of the untapped potential of the series.
Never played ARMS, as I got my Switch after it already sort of got absorbed, but I am very content with this announcement. ARMS deserved a fighter in the base game if you ask me, and I think it's a great first party series to select for opening a fighter's pass.

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