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Are You Excited About Spirit Tracks?

Are You Excited?

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Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
There I can finally say it! I'm officially excited for spirit tracks and here's why, i dont have a ds anymore having sold it after playing through PH along with a few other titles but im glad to say that my enthusiasm has returned for the handheld zelda series. I mean i never had a problem with OoX or even LA for that matter but PH just ruined what could have been a very compelling high seas adventure.

Now i dont mind so much because instead of some unknown unnamed stretch of ocean, he have hyrule to look forward to! another twist on a familiar landscape. but will it be creative and original to its former counterparts? thats what i would like to know, if it is an even worse version of hyrule i am still interested to see what it all looks like. Cant wait for December and i cant wait for spirit tracks.
Oct 28, 2009
I voted yes! It's only a month away and the excitement is starting to get to me. I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass, but not as much as the other entries to the series. My main problem with it was I wasn't exactly a fan of the story, and the dungeon designs weren't very creative to me.

But I've told myself that PH was more test run game to see how touch controls would work, and that Spirit Tracks will have the controls and gameplay of PH, along with better dungeons and story. I hope I'm not setting myself up for a disappointment, but I'm staying excited anyway! Definitely going to buy ST as soon as possible.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I voted yes, but I wouldn't have a month or so ago.

Y'know, I was when it was first announced, but then after watching the trailer for the umpteenth time my interest dwindled. It could be because I had recently played PH, I'm not sure.

So, for months i was interested, but not excited. I wasn't dreading it coming by any means, but I wasn't getting that pumped feeling when talking about it.

Now that we are in the home stretch though, my excitement level has peaked. I think the official box art reveal did it, along with the further thoughts on plot with the European box art reveal. It just made me think "yes, here we go, it's coming!" and it got me jazzed.

Of course, I'm keeping my excitement in check because with any fandom if you get too excited, you will most likely be let down. So, I'm as excited as I'm letting myself get right now. This was the case for TP and PH as well, and I wasn't disappointed by either of them.

So, for now, and most likely up until I'm actually placying the game, I'm saying "Yes, I'm excited!" but it's a controlled excitement! :)


Jul 15, 2009

I was really excited when I eventually heard the announcement (stupid coursework meant I missed the actual announcement :c)... but over the summer my excitement level slowly dwindled. But now there's loads of new information been released and now everyone's talking about it I'm just so excited now. Lol I'm always like this before a new Zelda game :3 I love the time just before it... it seems so real now, the prospect of playing it. ANd they're running adverts now and omgoshfhguhsa Even if it's very similar to PH I don't mind- more PH style gameplay is fine by me!

But same as Basement, I'm trying to keep my excitement in check... but I can't help but feel slighly giddy every time it's mentioned :3
Although I may be setting myself up for disappointment, I figure if I'm not excited about any specific part then I can't be disappointed if they change it or something.

So I guess that means I'm generally really excited about it xDDD :)


Heck Yes, when ever there is a new Zelda game coming out I will always be excited about it

Dungeon killer

Dungeon's Shall Fall!
Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
I can't wait till St comes out, it comes out 2 days before my birthday some I think my parents will get it for me or for christmas, but anyway the fact that they say it's harder than Ph and you get to customize the tracks get's me all fired up about this new zelda.:nerd::D

Waker of winds

Finally playing PH!
Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
I haven't played PH, so think I must play it first.

I'm very excited, but I don't think I'll be able to play it...at least not in a while. First I'll play PH.

I still remember the expectation from the first day it was announced. I really, really want to play it, but unfortunately, I can't:(.

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
YES YES YES!!!! KOKIRI EXCITED!! (lol I quoted the hulk!:lol:) But yeah I'm very excited for ST. I love how it looks so far what with an actual Hyrule to explore that isn't sunken at the bottom of an ocean like Atlantis, the Phantom's return, and a train! I'm so excited! And on top of that it looks like it has even more story than PH (but then we know nothing about the story thanks to Nintendo's quiteness). Just so many factors that I'm excited for that my mind is going to melt......... *becomes slackjawed and begins to drool*


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I was not so great on the ship in PH, so being on a set track with a train can't possibly be worse, can it? :P That will probably backfire in my face, but I am looking forward to it. I won't get to play it till Caleb's done, but that's ok. :)
Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Well, I'm always excited for a new game, but this one seems too much like Phantom Hourglass for me, but Nintendo did state they'd make it harder for us, but since when did they tell the truth about their games?

However, when it comes right down to it, I have to pick it up anyway if I want it or not to work on guides, so I guess I have to want it, don't I?
Nov 26, 2008
I vote yes. I was actually kind of excited about this from way back during the game's first announcement. Mainly, something about the game seemed intriguing, and I had hope that they would do it right this time, improve on the mistakes in Phantom Hourglass.

So far, from all the new info cropping up, my hopes for the game have only been reinforced. I think this game will definitely improve on PH's faults, but I think it's also going to provide new ideas and a new experience.

And I hope that Miyamoto's statements about it being hard are true. I would love to finally have a challenging Zelda game for the first time in fricken' years. However, last time they claimed a Zelda game was going to be hard I believe was Twilight Princess, which was pathetically easy. So we'll have to see. Here's hoping! ^^
Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
I cant see why anyone on this forum wouldnt be excited. This is probably the most wanted game I ever wanted. I cant wait to buy it on the first day it comes out :)
May 25, 2008
In my house
Well, I'm always excited for a new game, but this one seems too much like Phantom Hourglass for me, but Nintendo did state they'd make it harder for us, but since when did they tell the truth about their games?

An opinion is an opinion, whether it's slightly altered or not.

I am. And with each new detail I find out about the game, I want it even more. No Temple of the Ocean King dungeon thing, no sailing, no nothing. The only problem I have with it though, is it DOES seem like an exact copy of PH without the sailing.


Jul 13, 2008
Heck yes!

I have the biggest Zelda fever ever. This game and everything in it seems so great. The music, the new game play, characters, the plot, and the new areas and places to travel. Everything seems GREAT! Although this is how I am whenever a new zelda game is coming out, Spirit Tracks seems different. Perhaps its the fact that it seems a lot like MM. Either way I can't wait for it.:)

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