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General Zelda Are You a Liberal or Conservative Zelda Fan?


Oct 24, 2012
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Most fans want the series to change back to how so-called "classic" Zelda was. The Zelda series has already been altered to resemble something slightly different. Nintendo has been all about subtle tweaks and creative experiments that, while commendable, have turned more recent Zelda titles on their ears a bit. To me the series has lost sight of itself and lost many of its defining characteristics in favor of some minor alterations that Nintendo has only pursued half-heartily.

So I personally want the Zelda series to change back to the more traditional state that it was founded on. So I guess that makes me conservative. I suppose a liberal perspective on the Zelda series would be in favor of further changes, but I don't want the Zelda series to stay how it is now... it's too dissimilar from what I prefer it to be.


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Feb 6, 2013
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Thematically conservative, but liberal in terms of gameplay and design. I agree that the overworld/dungeon pattern has become too predictable, and the recycling of OoT's template over the years has made the games too easy to progress through (imo) if you are familiar with the franchise. The epic feel of the early games, and the challenge, was largely due to not knowing what was coming, but since OoT the basic game progression has hardly changed at all, taking a lot of the joy of discovery out of the game. Some recycled elements are great because they help connect the games and establish that special feeling of playing a Zelda game, but I feel that there really needs to be some new innovation to make the games more challenging again.
Feb 14, 2012
I'm kind of in the middle. I would buy the next game either way. Though I think it would be nice with some radical changes, I don't want it to change too much at one time.

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Dec 8, 2012
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I'm liberal but not in the extreme. I like Zelda to experiment and push the boundaries a bit but not so much that it no longer feels like a Zelda game. There are some things in the Zelda series that fans expect and should stay like a story arc revolving around banishing evil forces from the kingdom with some medieval elements, dungeons, and certain items (the sword, bow and arrow, heart pieces, etc.)

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