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Are you a doing it yourself kinda person?


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Jan 31, 2010
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When something is broken, do you fix it yourself or do you ask for help? Let's say if you got a flat tire do you fix it yourself? If you buy something (closet, table etc) and you got the manual, some screws and of course all parts needed, do you assemble it yourself or do you ask someone to help you/do it for you?


Oct 24, 2012
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No. I prefer to let my good looks and charm do all the work. :bubsy:


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Jul 5, 2017
I’ll try to do things within my abilities myself. I don’t have an issue calling for help especially when it has to do with electrical work, **** that lol.


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Jun 18, 2011
If it has anything to do with wiring or plumbing, I will always have a professional do it for insurance purposes. Not sure what I'd do with a car since I haven't owned one yet myself, but I do suspect I would probably rather take the easy way out with that as well.

However with a lot of other stuff, like assembling furniture, doing light maintenance and such, I will more or less always do it myself unless it absolutely require power tools I do not own myself (like I asked a neighbour who owned an electric drill to help me out when I had to put up a new smoke detector, since I felt it was unnecessary to buy an expensive power tool for this one simple job). If it's heavier stuff I might ask someone to help me do it.
Jan 1, 2019
It depends.
I'm not a DIY-guy at all: I can put together something from Ikea, change a light bulb, but that is about where it ends. If I need to paint, install equipment in the kitchen, do sanitary works, etc. then I happily pay the professional to do it properly for me.
About flat car tires:the one time I had one I was in a rental car in Italy, they have garages everywhere (because the roads suck) and for 10€ I got it fixed. The rental company told me that i needed to change the tire first but I did not know how to do that... Even fixing a tyre from a bicycle is something that I would rather do by the pro.

But other things I like to fix myself. In particular electronics: I opened several desktops, laptops and phones before to fix them.

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