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Are There Any Silent Hill Fans Left?

Silent Hill was always the psychological answer to Resident Evil's survival horror, but since the series moved out of Japan after SH4: The Room, and into America, the series has dwindled in quality quite spectacularly with Homecoming, Origins, shattered Memories and Downpour, all of which were poorly handled and fundamentally misunderstood by the western developers who produced them.

Add to that Akira Yamaoka stepping down as a producer and the genius behind the music which gave the SH series so much flare and you have a burnt out husk of a franchise with a terrible movie (talking about the second one) and now a game with the SH title slapped on in order for it to sell (talking about the Vita's Book of Memories dungeon crawler) to add insult to injury.

So, is Silent Hill a franchise that has sank too far? Are there too many underwhelming installments as opposed to good ones now?
Do you still consider yourself a Silent Hill fan if ever you were one?
Do you think the series could come back stronger or do you see the end in sight?

Hsien Ko

Thread murderer
Dec 12, 2012
I remember Silent Hill as a little kid.... one thing that I didn't know that my cousin actually played that game. I can still remember being amazed from the fog while trying to find Harry's kid.
I have to admit that Silent had changed after the third installment. Seriously, they've been so many PH around in those games that it became more of a fan service than an actual game. For the series feels really stiff the only game that actually feels like Silent is Siren Blood Curse (which is made from the person who made Silent Hill).
I don't really consider myself as a Silent Hill fan since I only played half of the first game, chickened out and stopped playing for a while but I'm going to start playing it again.
I do hope that Silent Hill return into it's glory days, if not let it end.


将軍 ジタン
Jan 10, 2012
Stock Pot Inn in the Knife Chamber
I hate it when people say that Resident Evil strayed too much as it went on but Silent Hill... Really? IMO Silent Hill 1 was WAY scarier than any Resident Evil. I know this isn't a comparison thread but c'mon they are the fathers of the survival horror genre. But Silent Hill after 4 is just a joke when compared to the older titles, I still liked Origins, Shattered Memories and Homecoming(never played Downpour) but they do not match the chilling fearful settings of the originals. Yes I am still a Silent Hill fan but I am pretty sure like Resident Evil, the series will never be the same. :(


May 10, 2012
Silent Hill was one of my favorite games as a teen. It scared the crap out of me. The subtle creepiness, characters, and music were amazing in the first 3. Silent Hill 4: The Room was it for me. Parts of it were really scary and cool, but I got so bored with the linearity of it all. Then once Team Silent disbanded it seems they have gotten worse and worse. I am a fan for the sake of nostalgia, but in all honesty the new ones don't do it for me.

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