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Are Some Races Gone Forever?

Sep 10, 2011
Whoa . . . I haven't posted in SO LONG.
Anyways, I was playing Ocarina of Time the other day and was just thinking, are some of the most beloved races we were introduced to early on in Zelda gone forever? As sad as this sounds, it seems to be the case so far for a select few.
For me, a huge bummer has been the Kokiri. We've seen different evolutions of the race overtime, such as the Koroks and arguably the Kikwi. But we haven't scene the human forms, the ones we fell in love with years ago, in any game since Ocarina of Time. They didn't even receive a Terminian counter-part in Majora's Mask. Skyward Sword, I felt, would've been the perfect scenario to re-introduce our green forest friends! It's timeline placement as well as including a wooded area made perfect sense and practically spelled out Kokiri. But, they remain absent.
The Gerudo are another mysterious race that we haven't seen in a 3D game for years as well. They're rich in culture and definitely have an interesting theme and add a lot to the Zelda universe, even they're desert remains a locations in certain games. But they remain absent . . . why?!
Perhaps it's the series way of staying fresh and new, and perhaps I'm too emotionally attached, but I genuinely would love to see some races using current day graphics and different art styles, and I'm afraid we may never!
What races would you like to see make a miraculous return in the world of Zelda? Which is your favorite race? Do you prefer older ones, or newer ones in every game? Do you think it's possible to revive a seemingly lost race such as the Kokiri in the future? Discuss!


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May 26, 2010
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It does seem that Nintendo is just trying to keep things fresh, but the Gerudo and the Kokiri (along with the Hylians) are my favorite races in Zelda universe. Especially the Kokiri, but that's for character reasons (Saria <3 ). I don't think said races are going to be lost forever, but I also don't think Nintendo wants to touch upon them anymore than what they have already done, which is sad to me. I don't want to see parella and kikwi and mogmas. I want to go back to the simple days of Kokiri/Goron/Zora + Humans (Gerudo/Hylian).
Nov 24, 2011
This reminds me of how sad I was when I first went to the Sacred Grove in Twilight Princess and thought I was going to meet Saria or atleast some different Kokiri...but nope. ): I also wish for more Sheikahs, I was certain we'd see a few in Skyward Sword but there was only one.


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
Yeah, I've noticed that some races are seemingly gone, namely the Kokiri, Deku Scrubs, the Rito, and the Gerudo. While I doubt the Rito will ever return, there is a possibly that we'll see the Gerudo and Deku Scrubs again, since they are arguably hinted at in SS (with Groose and the Grass Octoroks). I really don't know about the Kokiri, though; we might never see them in their human forms again as far as the timeline is concerned unless we're lucky.


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Sep 27, 2011
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i miss the good ol' guys. you know, zora's and gorons, and the kokiri. nintendo can't stop fitting this stuff in. they've already explained through MM that the zora's and gorons and scrubs go beyond hyrule. they go to termina too. the only other game i can think of that appear in other games, are TP and WW. unless gorons are in SS i don't know i don't have it yetD: anyways, gorons and zora's are in TP, and the last time i saw the kokiri, was in WW. so the kokiri haven't taken the stage since 2003..... or whenever WW came out. I do hope they return though.
Nov 28, 2011
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My favourite race has to be the Zora's (hate their temples though). And I am glad the Gorons made a re-apearance in the most games.

I don't want to see parella and kikwi and mogmas. I want to go back to the simple days of Kokiri/Goron/Zora + Humans (Gerudo/Hylian).

For me the same, I fell in love with the races of Oot, in my opinion there is no need for replacing these with (in my opinion stupid) other races.

I also wish for more Sheikahs, I was certain we'd see a few in Skyward Sword but there was only one.

Me too actually, when I first saw the trailer and saw Impa. I had the feeling we finally got to see some things about the origins of the Sheikah (because of SS's placement in the timeline). But...no.
Feb 25, 2011
i really like the races in SS. a agree that the mogmas wehre kinda creepy, but i do want to see the desert robots and the Kiwis make anther appearance. i think that we seen to much of the Gorons and i don't want them to appear in the next game, but then return of curse. i do want to see the Rito from WW return and some new races as well
Nov 26, 2008
I agree that Zelda has had a lot of cool races and many of them should definitely have the opportunity to appear again sometime. However, most of the time when this topic comes up, it's taken way out of perspective.

People (including myself, in the past) have the tendency to regard the Zelda races as major aspects at the core of the Zelda universe and think it's some kind of injustice that Nintendo has been ignoring them. But that's completely false. The only race that is at the core of the Zelda franchise is the Hylians. It wasn't really until Ocarina of Time that another race was truly established at all, and OoT went crazy with it. The Oracle games re-used many of them, but those games were almost entirely built off OoT and MM's casts of characters, and are side-games. The Wind Waker was the next main game after Ocarina of Time, and it changed those races. Only recently, with Twilight Princess, has Nintendo really been taking its "established" races seriously.

The fact is that nearly all the Zelda games aim to not only establish unique, stand-alone gameplay experiences, but they also aim to establish unique worlds as well. The geography is different in every Zelda game, but so is the wildlife and the inhabitants of the land. This allows Nintendo to invent new ideas within the franchise, and while they do make timeline connections, each game is still meant to be enjoyed on its own. This still applies to the races.

I myself enjoy seeing new races, and I especially loved the ones in Skyward Sword. That said, returning to the question in the title, yes, a handful are. There are a few races that were totally crafted for the plot of a specific game, like the Minish or the Twili. These are not races that should be expected to appear again, and when you think about it, they probably shouldn't, anyway, as any appearance outside of the plot they were designed for would likely be awkward. Plenty of the other races, though, I'm sure we'll see sometime, in some form, but fans seriously need to stop considering each new race an important part of the Zelda universe, because they tend to only be very important to the game they originate in, for that's the game they're designed for.
Dec 11, 2011
I think we can all agree we need to see the Zora again in the next 3D title, not those stupid squid things in SS. While I agree that races only play major roles in their respective games, and that they are not staples of the series, the reason we fell head-over-heals for the races of OoT were that they were so well designed. I have no problem seeing new races in the series, however, they must be interesting or visually appealing. The new races of SS were visually repulsive, the only exclusion being the robots in the desert (which were also the most interesting). The other races should have really just been designed better or had some crazy thing to them but they didn't. They were stupid-looking and boring. Bleh.
I liked other races such as the Minish and the Twili. The Minish were very interesting and they were everywhere. The evolved forms of the Kokiri in WW were adorable. I just hope we never, ever, ever, ever see monkeys ever again.
Dec 22, 2011
Its kinda hard to say that the races are gone for good with the split timeline and the races evolving and humans being added to the races. My favorite race are the korrians because they are pure of heart.
Dec 19, 2011
Well not too many races are really meant to be permanent. I think the Kokiri, Koroks, etc. were temporary, while the Gorons, Zora, (Gerudo?) are permanent.

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