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Are Keabora Geabora and Rauru associated with one another?

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Recently on a different forum I was in a debate about Keabora Geabora, people on the forum were telling me Keabora Geabora is a host body Rauru uses to watch over Link in Ocarina of Time. I personally never found any similarities between the two characters so I never associated one with the other. Apparently it's been a theory long accepted by theorists before Hyrule Historia confirmed it.

Basically I'm wondering how this theory came into being, and if it's true it was popular in the past. Was it something you thought prior to Hyrule Historia, or did you fail to see a connection like I did?


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I mainly connected the two because they both essentially look over link in the two different times that and the interaction at the spirit temple gave him away, that owl always seemed to wise you know. How exactly could he have known of a time traveling child if you are returned to the exact point you pull the master sword? And in the future no one recognizes him so the two wouldn't be linked.


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Are Zelda and Sheik associated with one another? :confuse:
does that mean navi is connected as well??
Does this mean that Fi is connected to Headmaster Geapora also???

I am unsure as to whether such a connection between the characters exists, and while both our owl friend and the sage of light harbor tons of wisdom and like to hear themselves talk sometimes, I don't recall any pieces of evidence supporting their connection. I know a few of you mentioned that the Sheikah Stones may have hinted at such a connection, but I unfortunately never found the stone myself!

If anything, the only thing that I can think of relates to WordSword Sky, since Gaepora essentially has the same name as Kaepora Gaebora and harbors the extremely large eyebrows as well. While I don't have any real evidence to support that, I used to assume that Gaepora was indeed the Kaepora Gaebora in a form that he adopted or something along those lines. Rauru looks humanely similar to Gaepora, too; but enough of my rambling about another game! What concerns me in the end is that Kaepora Gaebora still appears after the timeskip, if my memory serves me right, unless he and Rauru share a similar connection like the King of Hyrule and the King of Red Ocelots in Wind Waker.

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